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Padiham Greenway U8 Race, Lancs

27th July 2016

There are some queries relating to entries/finishers in this race so these results should be regarded as provisional until signed off by the organiser
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Cat: Club:
113001 George FitzpatrickM8(001/008)Barlick Fell Runners00:04:01
241002 Louie WoodruffM8(002/008)Unattached00:04:10
310003 Toby BirtwistleM8(003/008)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:04:21
431 001Chloe BoothmanF8(001/009)Barlick Fell Runners00:04:37
57 002Ellisia SmedleyF8(002/009)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:04:48
620 003Bella McCredieF8(003/009)Barlick Fell Runners00:04:49
715 004Charlie PlantF8(004/009)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:04:58
899 005Lottie HeskethF8(005/009)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:05:08
935 006Eva McIntoshF8(006/009)Trawden AC00:05:09
1025004 Seth Fenton-CloughM8(004/008)Unattached00:05:16
1114 007Ruby CleaverF8(007/009)Unattached00:05:18
129005 Liam RushtonM8(005/008)Unattached00:05:20
134 008Rosie AllenF8(008/009)Unattached00:05:25
1448 009Emily JohnsonF8(009/009)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:05:45
1540006 Francis WoodruffM8(006/008)Unattached00:05:45
1634007 Violet McIntoshM8(007/008)Trawden AC00:06:40
1716008 Olly PlantM8(008/008)Unattached00:06:43

Padiham Greenway U10/U12 Race, Lancs

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Cat: Club:
18001 Robbie SmedleyM12(001/007)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:07:36
237002 Finley StubbsM10(001/005)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:07:38
327003 Matthew JacksonM12(002/007)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:07:54
442004 William WoodruffM12(003/007)Unattached00:08:05
55 001Ella DorringtonF12(001/008)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:10
611005 Charlie BirtwistleM12(004/007)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:11
712006 Connor FitzpatrickM12(005/007)Barlick Fell Runners00:08:12
819007 Logan McCredieM10(002/005)Barlick Fell Runners00:08:13
918 002Summer HargreavesF12(002/008)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:18
1039008 Arran ByrneM12(006/007)Barlick Fell Runners00:08:24
1123 003Rebecca KermanF12(003/008)Wharfedale Harriers00:08:28
1232 004Jenna BoothmanF12(004/008)Barlick Fell Runners00:08:37
1347009 Jake AnforthM10(003/005)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:38
1444 005Keira StevensonF12(005/008)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:45
1528010 Thomas AshworthM10(004/005)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:08:48
166 006Georgia AllenF12(006/008)Unattached00:09:04
1724011 Euan Fenton-CloughM10(005/005)Trawden AC00:09:05
1830 007Lucille PicklesF10(001/004)Barlick Fell Runners00:09:17
191012 Benjamin GrundyM12(007/007)Unattached00:09:27
2038 008Hannah EcclesF12(007/008)Trawden AC00:09:33
2146 009Rachel StevensonF10(002/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:10:19
222 010Bronia OlszewskaF12(008/008)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:10:25
2333 011Clover EdwardsF10(003/004)Barlick Fell Runners00:10:27
2417 012Ella MortimerF10(004/004)Unattached00:12:26

Padiham Greenway U14/U16 Race, Lancs

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Cat: Club:
149001 Nick HennesseyM14(001/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:10:22
226002 Lennon JacksonM14(002/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:10:55
336 001Millie StubbsF14(001/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:11:06
443003 Jack VilliersM14(003/004)Barlick Fell Runners00:11:07
545004 Adam StevensonM14(004/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:11:08
622 002Isabel HartleyF14(002/004)Pendle AC00:11:48
73 003Natasha OlszewskaF14(003/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:12:12
829 004Sophie AshworthF14(004/004)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:12:13
921005 Aaron LundieM16(001/001)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:12:53

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