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Sidney & Andy's Birthday 5k, Rochdale, Lancashire

7th February 2015

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1B. McCartneyMSSalford Harriers17.08
2I. GrimeMV40Newham & Essex17.09
3D. SimpsonMSRochdale Harriers17.36
4S. JohnsonMV45Halifax Harriers17.40
5P. YargettMV50Fell Ponies18.46
6P. WolstenhulmeMSRochdale Harriers19.18
7G. MillarMSUnattached19.31
8I. DaleMV50Royton Road Runners19.54
9R. ButterwickMV40Todmorden Harriers19.58
10M. HodsonMV40Bramhall Runners20.17
11J. HalliganMV45Andems Runners20.41
12D. BuckleyMV40Unattached20.55
13Kirsty JohnsonFSGlossopdale Harriers20.59
14C. FergusonMSDarwen Dashers21.38
15J. RileyMV40Todmorden Harriers21.45
16S. VarleyMV40Unattached21.47
17Hazel CarruthersFSRochdale Harriers21.48
18D. AveryMSBury AC21.59
19India EdwardsFJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation22.25
20Sophie SasimowiczFSBury AC23.00
21M. SmithMV45Unattached23.15
22M. JonesMSUnattached23.24
23Siobhan HalliganFV45Andems Runners24.45
24S. LewisMV40Unattached25.27
25O. ConnorMJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation25.37
26L. AinsworthMV65Sale Harriers Manchester25.41
27S. JonesMV60Royton Road Runners26.03
28D. SharpMSGlossopdale Harriers26.06
29C. McCartneyMSUnattached26.11
30A. KasprowiczMV45Andems Runners27.10
31M. EdwardsMJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation27.53
32Alix GreenFV35Unattached28.08
33T. KasprowiczMV50Road Runners Club28.54
34Yvonne WickhamFV50Clayton le Moors Harriers29.08
35Rebecca InceFSUnattached29.30
36T. HunkingMV60Saddleworth Runners29.49
37J. McGuireMV55Clayton le Moors Harriers30.17
38R. HillMV75Clayton le Moors Harriers31.43
39R. McLeanMSRochdale Harriers31.44
40J. EdwardsMJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation32.23
41Myra WellsFV55Todmorden Harriers32.29
42Catherine UnwinFV45Rochdale Harriers32.43
43Barbara EdwardsFV50Diane Modahl Sports Foundation33.02
44N. EdwardsMJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation40.26
45Carlera EdwardsFSDiane Modahl Sports Foundation41.17
46Deborah EdwardsFV50Diane Modahl Sports Foundation41.18
47Chelsea EdwardsFSDiane Modahl Sports Foundation41.31
48Carol EdwardsFV50Diane Modahl Sports Foundation45.25
49Julie LathamFV55Walker45.28
50Doreen EdwardsFV50Diane Modahl Sports Foundation48.46
51Ann JonesFV55Royton Road Runners48.46
52Sidney EdwardsMV80Diane Modahl Sports Foundation48.55
53Georgia ModahlFJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation48.55
54Diane ModahlFV45Diane Modahl Sports Foundation48.57
55Giselle ModahlFJDiane Modahl Sports Foundation48.57
56H. EdwardsMV50Diane Modahl Sports Foundation57.48
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