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1st October 2000

For those of you who took part, or just watched, or for those who have an interest in competing in the future, this year's race video is an absolute must! This is a very good quality video and well worth the fairly nominal cost. It captures the essence of the event and gives a very good insight into the difficulties of the terrain and the tremendous effort involved in just getting round. Having watched the video, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!!

Tag key: * = First attempt, FS/FD = Father/Son/Daughter, E = Espoir (U23)
J=16-17, E=18-22, V=40-44, SV=45-49, GV=50-54, MV=55-59, GMV=60-64, SPV=65+
LV=Lady Veteran
1214Rob Jebb  (1/163)Ron Hill RT02-59.35
2200Tim Gould  (2/163)Racing All Terrain Squad03-03.59
3253Ian Wilkinson E*(3/163)Team Y2K03-07.07
4250Christopher Young  (4/163)Team Marie Curie03-08.37
5186Richard Thackray  (5/163)Pace Racing03-13.57
6149Alexander Forrester  (6/163)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks03-14.00
7101Paul Oldham F(7/163)Helly Hansen - Giant - MBI03-18.40
8100Jamie Norfolk F*(8/163)Helly Hansen - Giant - MBI03-20.30
969Stuart Wearmouth *(9/163)
10251Richard Barrett  (10/163)Team Ride On03-22.10
11130Ian Taylor  (11/163)Keighley Road Club03-23.20
1230Lewis Craven  (12/163)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-23.54
13259Paul GilbertV (1/18)Universal RC03-24.08
148Shaun Snodden *(13/163)ACE RT - Northwave - TBA - Alan - X-Gear03-24.13
15210David Maloney  (14/163)Rutland CC03-25.22
16199Douglas Forrester *(15/163)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks03-26.05
17188Rob Thackray  (16/163)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-28.40
1890Dean Barnett  (17/163)Elmy Cycles03-28.48
1985John Wilkinson  (18/163)Dinnington RC03-28.58
20189Jake Stow  (19/163)Pearce Cycles RT03-29.27
21243Rob Cook  (20/163)Team Marie Curie03-29.35
22300Noel Clough  (21/163)Pete Read Racing - Caygill Frames03-29.49
23256Robert Enslin  (22/163)Twickenham CC - Evans Cycles - Stairmaster03-30.44
24194Geoff Beetham *(23/163)Prestige - Cellnet - Klein03-32.48
25255William Driver *(24/163)Twickenham CC - Evans Cycles - Stairmaster03-33.37
2650Dave Haygarth  (25/163)Cheltenham & County Cycling Club03-34.10
27209Richard Lewis *(26/163)Rutland CC03-35.32
28102Stephen Bottomley  (27/163)Helwith Bridge Alers03-36.11
29241Ben Patton  (28/163)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd03-37.15
3099Adrian Lansley *(29/163)Helly Hansen - Giant - MBI03-39.45
31167Paul Cook  (30/163)MTS Durham - Cycle Sport03-41.13
32247Johnny Ratcliffe *(31/163)Team Marie Curie03-41.44
332Roy HuntSV (1/22)Merlin Cycles/Rocklobster03-41.58
34105Ian FergusonV (2/18)Helwith Bridge Alers03-42.34
35296Thomas Randall  (32/163)Private Member03-42.35
3693Anthony Green *(33/163)GA Cycles03-43.01
37281Vin Cox  (34/163)WWW.cyclo-cross.com03-43.11
38190Jonathan Boothman  (35/163)Pendle Forest C.C.03-45.12
39162Jeremy MulkernVF(3/18)Milton Keynes Cycling & Triathlon Club03-45.22
40205Mark Ferguson  (36/163)Ruffyeds - Hanson - Thorpe03-45.29
41198William Wright  (37/163)Prickett/Atom Elite RT03-45.52
42211Justin Millichap *(38/163)Rutland CC03-45.53
43249Chris WilkinsonGV (1/14)Team Marie Curie03-46.27
44159Bob JohnsonV (4/18)Milton Keynes Cycling & Triathlon Club03-48.20
45248Bob TaylorSV (2/22)Team Marie Curie03-48.33
46173Paul Sleaford  (39/163)Norton Wheelers03-48.55
4756Steven Potter  (40/163)Cleveland Wheelers03-49.31
4818Alastair Martin  (41/163)ARDS Cycling Club03-49.57
49154Jonathan McBain *(42/163)Midlothian Race Team03-50.44
50279Gavin Poupart *(43/163)Worcester St. Johns CC03-51.24
5119Andy Birley E*(44/163)Arrow Cycles03-51.40
5281Cliff FeatherstoneSV (3/22)Derwentside Cycling Club03-52.08
53288Guy Andrews  (45/163)Private Member03-52.19
54157Adrian RochfordV (5/18)Mildenhall CC03-52.23
55170Nicholas DinsdaleSV (4/22)North Lancashire Road Club03-52.24
56147David Thorpe  (46/163)Macclesfield Wheelers03-53.14
57178Nick Elder  (47/163)Otley Cycle Club03-53.30
58216Sue ThomasLF(1/11)Scott UK03-53.31
59242John Philips *(48/163)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd03-54.42
6043Jon Wolff *(49/163)Brixton Cycles03-54.55
6141Carl McDonaghSV (5/22)Brixton Cycles03-55.31
62=226Steve ProudV*(6/18)Solihull CC03-55.42
62=32Philip Hinchliffe  (50/163)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-55.42
64285Peter HowarthV (7/18)Zodiac C.R.C.03-56.11
6524Matthew Hallam  (51/163)Beauvale Cycling Club03-56.12
6689Andrew Seltzer *(52/163)East Grinstead CC03-57.35
67150James Furniss  (53/163)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks03-57.46
6867Martin Gee *(54/163)Coventry Olympic CC/Squires Eng/Frameworks03-57.50
6911Robin Bradbury  (55/163)Aire Valley Cycles03-58.07
70122Andy Whitworth  (56/163)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications03-58.19
7166John AtkinsMV (1/7)Coventry RC03-58.31
72180Philip MasonV (8/18)Otley Cycle Club03-58.39
7357Mark Turrell *(57/163)Clifton CC - York03-59.01
74294Paul Mace *(58/163)Private Member03-59.27
75172Mick RowsonV (9/18)Norton Wheelers04-00.03
76136Peter WalkingtonMV (2/7)Lancashire Road Club04-00.18
77109Andy Holden  (59/163)Helwith Bridge Alers04-00.20
78292Robert Gallagher  (60/163)Private Member04-00.26
7914Ben Eedy E*(61/163)Alsys Bradgate CRT04-01.04
80155Colin Shearer *(62/163)Midlothian Race Team04-01.35
81171Darrell Bradbury  (63/163)Norton Wheelers04-01.49
82204Patrick S. Boyd *(64/163)Ribble Valley CRC04-02.33
8364Ian Wellock  (65/163)Condor Road Club04-02.36
84269Simon Scarsbrook  (66/163)VC Etoile - AMT - Reynolds Coachworks04-03.29
8517Matt Fuller  (67/163)Arctic 2000 - Fisher
86261Ronnie Batey  (68/163)VC Azzuri - Pashley - Cyclelogical04-03.53
87236Matt Bailey  (69/163)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd04-04.02
88114Chris OldhamGVF(2/14)Hope Technology04-04.23
89208Desmond ThorpeSV (6/22)Ruffyeds - Hanson - Thorpe04-04.26
9047Matthew Gallagher  (70/163)Catford CC04-05.49
91166Philip Burnett *(71/163)Mosquito Bikes Racing Team04-07.13
9284Eddie YarkerSV*(7/22)Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club04-07.23
93257Robert Holden  (72/163)Twickenham CC - Evans Cycles - Stairmaster04-07.32
9410Jason Hemsley  (73/163)Airedale Olympic04-07.41
95182Geoff BookerGV (3/14)Oxonian Cycling Club04-07.42
9674Martin Doddimeade  (74/163)Cyclone Cycles04-07.43
9744Allan Dyus *(75/163)Bromsgrove Olympique CC04-07.44
98222Stephen GathSVF(8/22)Selby Cycling Club04-09.01
99232John JohnsonV (10/18)Stratford on Avon Cycling Club04-09.23
100245Richard Hunt *(76/163)Team Marie Curie04-09.30
10153William MitchellSV (9/22)Clayton Velo04-10.19
102234Jonathan Parker  (77/163)Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-10.33
103263Keith Gibson *(78/163)VC Azzuri - Pashley - Cyclelogical04-12.04
104262Ian Gibson  (79/163)VC Azzuri - Pashley - Cyclelogical04-12.18
10528Steff Chandler  (80/163)Boneshakers - Ripon CC04-13.29
10673Sam Clutterbuck E*(81/163)Cyclone Cycles04-13.42
107221Craig Gath F(82/163)Selby Cycling Club04-13.43
108121Owen Mitton *(83/163)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-14.09
109177Ian Cullen  (84/163)Otley Cycle Club04-14.46
110206Dennis Fountain  (85/163)Ruffyeds - Hanson - Thorpe04-15.03
111297John ScholesGV (4/14)Private Member04-15.20
112145Adrian Dalgleish  (86/163)Lune R.C.C.04-15.47
11334Helen JacksonL*(2/11)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors04-15.52
114238Terry BeddisGV (5/14)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd04-16.00
115265Chris Mather *(87/163)VC Azzuri - Pashley - Cyclelogical04-16.53
11687Darren Stone *(88/163)Derwent Valley All Terrain Club/Samways04-16.54
117164Lawrence Richardson  (89/163)Milton Keynes Cycling & Triathlon Club04-16.55
118223Kevin HolmesV (11/18)Selby Cycling Club04-17.02
119196Chris Riley  (90/163)Prickett/Atom Elite RT04-17.14
120227Paul Goodburn F(91/163)South Pennine R.C.04-17.19
12170Colin Moses  (92/163)Helwith Bridge Alers04-17.57
122187Simon Charlton  (93/163)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.04-18.09
1237John NorthMV (3/7)ACE RT - Northwave - TBA - Alan - X-Gear04-18.19
12437Graham Berridge *(94/163)Brixton Cycles04-18.42
125152David WorthySV (10/22)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks04-19.03
12648Stuart Hemmings  (95/163)Central Lancashire CC04-19.50
127143Clive Asplen  (96/163)Liphook Cycles RT - Briko04-20.07
128203Dave TaylorSV (11/22)Ravensthorpe CC - Select Maintenance04-20.10
12925Mark MichelSV (12/22)Bicycle Trip04-20.31
13012Andrew Nicoll *(97/163)Aire Valley Cycles04-20.41
131124Michael Collins E(98/163)Huddersfield Star Wheelers04-21.07
13268Chris Steele *(99/163)Coventry Olympic CC/Squires Eng/Frameworks04-21.17
133277Malcolm WilsonSV (13/22)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC04-21.18
134140Phil NorfolkGVF(6/14)Leeds Mercury Racing Team04-21.25
135158Andrew Clarridge  (100/163)Milton Keynes Cycling & Triathlon Club04-21.28
13639Marc Burden  (101/163)Brixton Cycles04-21.44
137104John Egan  (102/163)Helwith Bridge Alers04-22.08
138289Daniel Butler  (103/163)Private Member04-22.17
139267Graham Bird *(104/163)VC Bradford - Pennine Cycles04-22.52
140218Lee Hazlewood *(105/163)Seacroft Wheelers04-22.58
141239Gerard Mallinson *(106/163)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd04-23.03
142127Graham Robson  (107/163)Hull Thursday RC04-23.29
143220David Parker  (108/163)Seacroft Wheelers04-23.49
1444Martin EadonV (12/18)ACE RT - Northwave - TBA - Alan - X-Gear04-24.19
145290Peter Bromwich *(109/163)Private Member04-24.44
146133Paul Simpson  (110/163)Kent Valley R.C.04-27.08
14758Phil Reeve  (111/163)Coalville Wheelers CC04-27.27
148117Mark Leyland F(112/163)Horwich C.C.04-28.49
14921Ian Drake  (113/163)Ashfield Road Club04-28.58
150298Andrew Waddington  (114/163)Private Member04-29.21
151191Philip Saul  (115/163)Pennine Cycle Club04-29.22
152266Lee Sanderson *(116/163)VC Azzuri - Pashley - Cyclelogical04-29.23
153231Stephen Noble  (117/163)Stockton Wheelers04-29.24
154192Ted NorfolkGVF(7/14)Peugeot 406 - M I Racing Team04-30.06
155135Sam Clarke  (118/163)Lakes Road Club04-31.21
156179Tim Howcroft  (119/163)Otley Cycle Club04-31.29
157235Nicholas Parker  (120/163)Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-31.45
15845Robert Greenaway *(121/163)Bromsgrove Olympique CC04-31.56
159270Phil Wise  (122/163)VC Etoile - AMT - Reynolds Coachworks04-33.09
16059Ken BakerV*(13/18)Colchester Rovers CC04-33.17
161153Ian SpensleyGV (8/14)Middridge CRT/Middridge Engineering/Donahue04-34.47
162240Andrew Moxon  (123/163)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd04-35.07
163185Patrick Smith *(124/163)Oxonian Cycling Club04-35.08
164176Robert Sharp  (125/163)Okehampton CC - Okehampton Cycles04-35.47
16561Robert Horner  (126/163)Condor Road Club04-36.00
166237Tony BeddisGV (9/14)Team Chevin MBC - Chevin Cycles - NFS Ltd04-36.01
167115Dave Headon *(127/163)Horwich C.C.04-36.02
168116David LeylandGVF(10/14)Horwich C.C.04-36.04
169112Matthew Woods  (128/163)Helwith Bridge Alers04-36.07
170128Gary Thornton  (129/163)Hull Thursday RC04-36.10
171129Andy Walker  (130/163)Hull Thursday RC04-36.12
17246Paul Milsom  (131/163)Calder Clarion04-37.49
173131Kali TaylorL (3/11)Keighley Road Club04-38.26
174299Andrew Taylor  (132/163)Corridore CC04-38.27
17562John GinleyMV (4/7)Condor Road Club04-38.39
176229Nick WoodSV (14/22)South Pennine R.C.04-39.07
177212Chris DevineSV (15/22)Salisbury Road Club04-39.25
178293Richard LawSV (16/22)Private Member04-39.49
17994John DowellSPV (1/1)Gainsborough Aegir C.C.04-39.50
180141Brent Carr  (133/163)Leeds RRC04-40.29
181146Gary Vose  (134/163)Lune R.C.C.04-41.47
182224Dean SmithJ*(1/2)Sherwood Pines Cycles04-43.01
183161Derek MulkernGMVF*(1/5)Milton Keynes Cycling & Triathlon Club04-43.08
184169Chris BriggsSV (17/22)North Lancashire Road Club04-44.44
185252Paul Warrener  (135/163)Team Ride On04-45.12
18676Ricky Legg  (136/163)Cyclone Cycles04-45.25
18778John MiroslawV (14/18)Derby Triathlon Club04-46.09
1889Brian Stanley  (137/163)ACE RT - Northwave - TBA - Alan - X-Gear04-46.16
189=49Patrick Alexander *(138/163)Cheltenham & County Cycling Club04-46.32
189=175Philip Haygarth  (139/163)Okehampton CC - Okehampton Cycles04-46.32
191137Michael FarthingGV (11/14)Leeds Mercury Racing Team04-46.48
19279Richard Barnett  (140/163)Derwentside Cycling Club04-47.37
193126John Cawley  (141/163)Hull Thursday RC04-47.46
194120Sue ArmitageL (4/11)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-49.46
19527Paul Stockwell  (142/163)Bob Jackson Cycles RT04-52.19
196284Richard RowlandsV (15/18)Yorkshire Road Club04-52.23
197246Janine PickardL (5/11)Team Marie Curie04-52.36
198268Andrew Scarsbrook  (143/163)VC Etoile - AMT - Reynolds Coachworks04-55.04
19975Mark Henderson  (144/163)Cyclone Cycles04-56.08
20077Paul WarnerV*(16/18)Dartford Wheelers04-56.24
201111Paul SharplesSV (18/22)Helwith Bridge Alers04-56.33
20223Victor PosseGMV (2/5)Ayr Roads - Harry Fairburn Cycles04-56.49
203202Andrew Shore  (145/163)Racing All Terrain Squad04-56.57
204207David Saville *(146/163)Ruffyeds - Hanson - Thorpe04-57.52
20591Martin Holland  (147/163)Ely & District CC05-00.26
206260Chris SidwellsV*(17/18)Universal RC05-00.37
207258Bob NorvillMV (5/7)Tykes C.R.T.05-01.18
20815Andrea HalmanL (6/11)Altrincham Road Club05-01.53
209233David Miles  (148/163)Swansea C.C./Schmoos05-01.58
21083Ian BriggsSV (19/22)Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club05-02.28
211181Michael MuddJ*(2/2)Otley Cycle Club05-03.27
212291Heather DaweL*(7/11)Private Member05-03.55
213174Darren Crome *(149/163)Okehampton CC - Okehampton Cycles05-04.52
214107Johnny Gow  (150/163)Helwith Bridge Alers05-05.05
215230Kevin Barker *(151/163)Southend Wheelers05-06.21
216168Neil LewisGV*(12/14)MTS Durham - Cycle Sport05-07.28
217113Andrew Cook *(152/163)Holme Valley Wheelers05-07.44
21851Paul Meyer *(153/163)Cheltenham & County Cycling Club05-09.25
219286Neil OrrellGMV (3/5)Zodiac C.R.C.05-11.31
220193Jim ThomasGMVF(4/5)Prescot Eagle Road Club05-11.41
22133Ann HobbissLV (1/2)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-11.56
22265Sarah GillL*(8/11)Cottingham Coureurs05-13.25
22322Terry BeistyGV (13/14)Axholme Wheelers05-13.41
224=217Stuart Blackburn  (154/163)Seacroft Wheelers05-13.42
224=219Duncan Humphreys *(155/163)Seacroft Wheelers05-13.42
226280Jonathan Starkey *(156/163)Worcester St. Johns CC05-17.28
227183David BrooksV*(18/18)Oxonian Cycling Club05-18.04
228139Ben Norfolk F(157/163)Leeds Mercury Racing Team05-18.28
229119Deb ArdronL (9/11)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications05-19.37
230225Richard Fenn  (158/163)Silcoates School C.C.05-22.40
231103Paul BuckleySV (20/22)Helwith Bridge Alers05-23.30
23242Sarah NorthallLV*(2/2)Brixton Cycles05-25.50
233108Allan Greenwood  (159/163)Helwith Bridge Alers05-27.51
234273Simon Murray  (160/163)Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club05-31.27
235276Neil Stoddart  (161/163)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC05-33.17
236138Adam Norfolk EF*(162/163)Leeds Mercury Racing Team05-33.26
237184Stuart HathawaySV*(21/22)Oxonian Cycling Club05-34.35
23816Dave HalmanGV (14/14)Altrincham Road Club05-36.22
23936Barry AllenSV*(22/22)Brixton Cycles05-39.18
24082Derek McVickersMV (6/7)Derwentside Cycling Club05-39.21
24192Jane WillmotL (10/11)First Chard Wheelers - Highfive05-40.19
24235John RawnsleyGMV (5/5)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-41.54
243228Peter GoodburnMVF(7/7)South Pennine R.C.05-43.43
244142Sarah CollinsL*(11/11)Leicestershire RC05-49.24
24572Mark Bull *(163/163)Cyclone Cycles05-54.31

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