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26th September 1999

An excellent 45 minute wide screen, stereo, video tape of the 1999 event is now available - contact Fridge Productions for further details. An order form is also available on this site. They have a number of great action shots from various parts of the course on their web site which is well worth a visit. I can recommend the video, having watched it - for the effort involved in making this record of the event, it is value for money. Get a copy now.

Tag key: * = First attempt, F = Father/Son/Daughter pair, E=Espoir
1156Ian Cuthbertson *(1/158)Merlin/Rocklobster03-02.23
21Chris Young  (2/158)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-02.23
3196Richard Thackray  (3/158)Pace Racing03-08.53
4209Andrew Peace  (4/158)Science In Sport Racing03-10.10
596Ian Taylor  (5/158)Eric Burgess R.T.03-10.26
6102Jake Stow  (6/158)GA Cycles/Orange03-10.35
7250Gary Foord  (7/158)Private Member - Little Haywood03-12.42
850Phil Webster  (8/158)Bronte Wheelers03-13.12
92Rob Cook *(9/158)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-17.44
106Paul Oldham F(10/158)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-17.51
11205Richard Barrett *(11/158)Ride On03-18.40
1247Jamie Moston *(12/158)Brixton Cycles03-19.46
1322Alastair Martin *(13/158)ARDS Cycling Club03-20.11
14233Paul GilbertV (1/18)Universal CC03-22.39
15225Noel Clough  (14/158)Swaledale C.C./Arthur Caygill Cycles03-23.03
16185David Maloney  (15/158)Norton Wheelers03-23.23
17203Dean Barnett  (16/158)Raleigh Factory Racing/Raleigh03-23.35
18202Gavin Hardwicke  (17/158)Race Scene/Borghini03-24.44
1961Ben Patton  (18/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC03-25.57
205Donald MacGregorV (2/18)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-27.38
21247Peter Howarth  (19/158)Zodiac C.R.C.03-28.14
2265Gareth Morris  (20/158)Clayton Velo03-28.53
23176Paul Cook  (21/158)MTS Cyclesport Durham03-29.18
2436Thomas Randall  (22/158)Basildon Cycling Club03-29.38
253Reg HaighSVF(1/15)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-29.47
26164Jonathan Watson  (23/158)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-32.08
27249Paul Darlow *(24/158)Double A Cycles03-32.15
28214Dave Parker  (25/158)Seacroft Wheelers03-33.09
29157Tom Harper  (26/158)Mid-Shropshire Wheelers03-34.51
3058Nick Elder  (27/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC03-35.23
3181Guy Andrews *(28/158)Cycling Today RT03-35.27
3210Bob TaylorV (3/18)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-35.44
33106Stephen Bottomley *(29/158)Helwith Bridge Alers03-36.03
34201Alexander Forrester E(30/158)Race Scene/Borghini03-38.32
35146Peter Kench  (31/158)Liphook Cycles R.T.03-39.21
3668Steven Potter *(32/158)Cleveland Wheelers03-39.28
37171Jeremy Mulkern  (33/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club03-39.52
3889Cliff'd FeatherstoneSV (2/15)Derwentside Cycling Club03-41.45
39152James E Furniss  (34/158)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks03-42.19
40226Sven Wardle  (35/158)Swaledale C.C./Arthur Caygill Cycles03-42.44
41197Jonathan Boothman  (36/158)Pendle Forest C.C.03-43.05
42166Mark Booth  (37/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club03-43.39
43130Michael Collins E*(38/158)Huddersfield Star Wheelers03-43.50
44118Oliver CravenJ*(1/1)Holme Valley Wheelers03-43.55
45168Bob JohnsonV (4/18)Milton Keynes C&T Club03-44.36
46173Darren Smith  (39/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club03-44.44
47230Robert Enslin *(40/158)Twickenham CC03-44.56
4842Lewis Craven E(41/158)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-45.10
49113David Nuttall  (42/158)Helwith Bridge Alers03-45.16
50148Adrian Dalgleish  (43/158)Lune R.C.C.03-46.33
51134Andy Walker  (44/158)Hull Thursday RC03-46.51
52162Matthew Richardson  (45/158)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-48.45
53114Graham SchofieldV (5/18)Helwith Bridge Alers03-49.37
54183David Beresford  (46/158)Norton Wheelers03-49.44
55125Peter WalkingtonMV (1/3)Horwich C.C.03-49.58
56235Stephen JolleySV (3/15)Warrington Road Club03-50.20
5748Quentin TringV*(6/18)Brixton Cycles03-50.22
5837Matthew Hallam *(47/158)Beauvale Cycling Club03-50.25
59184Darrel Bradbury  (48/158)Norton Wheelers03-51.09
60181Matthew Carr *(49/158)Mint Sauce03-51.16
61111Andy Holden  (50/158)Helwith Bridge Alers03-51.22
62239Carl McDonaghSV*(4/15)Wheelie Serious R.T.03-51.45
6330William Wright *(51/158)Prickett/Atom Elite RT03-51.54
64217Kevin Holmes  (52/158)Selby Cycling Club03-52.30
65243Jonathan Newey  (53/158)Worcester St. Johns CC03-52.45
66172Lawrence Richardson  (54/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club03-53.05
6785Martin Doddimeade *(55/158)Cyclone Cycles03-53.30
6898Simon Scarsbrook  (56/158)VC Etoile M&J Cycles/AMT/Reynolds03-53.46
6940Philip Hinchliffe  (57/158)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-53.55
70160Adrian Rochford  (58/158)Mildenhall CC03-54.05
7123Philip Bedford *(59/158)Arrow Cycles03-54.12
72224John JohnsonV (7/18)Stratford on Avon Cycling Club03-54.33
7332Ronnie Batey  (60/158)VC Azzuri/Cyclelogical03-54.33
74188Andrew L Retter *(61/158)Okehampton CC03-54.33
75190Desmond Thorpe  (62/158)Oldham Ruffyeds03-54.45
7674Ian Wellock  (63/158)Condor Road Club03-55.09
77257Todd Stewart *(64/158)Private Member - Leeds03-55.09
78128Andy Whitworth  (65/158)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications03-55.09
7926Ian Drake  (66/158)Ashfield Road Club03-55.14
80206Steff Chandler  (67/158)Ripon C.C./Boneshakers03-55.39
81194Philip Mason  (68/158)Otley Cycle Club03-58.41
82124Mark Leyland F*(69/158)Horwich C.C.03-58.43
8329Christopher Riley  (70/158)Prickett/Atom Elite RT03-59.44
8435Stuart Clark  (71/158)Basildon Cycling Club04-00.38
8516Robin Bradbury  (72/158)Team Aire Valley04-01.01
86244Gregory Dodd  (73/158)Yorkshire Road Club04-01.16
87216Stephen GathSVF(5/15)Selby Cycling Club04-01.17
88229Nicholas Parker  (74/158)Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-01.18
8966Ian Payne *(75/158)Clayton Velo04-01.31
90193James Cullen  (76/158)Otley Cycle Club04-01.37
91195Geoff BookerGV (1/12)Oxonian Cycling Club04-01.59
92122Andrew Smith  (77/158)Hope Technology04-02.38
93103Clive Asplen  (78/158)GIOS/Primoria Sport04-03.13
9462Andrew Scott *(79/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-03.22
95147Lincoln Franklin  (80/158)Ludlow Cycling Club04-03.45
96142Stephen Goodwin *(81/158)Leeds Mercury RT/JB Cyclesport04-03.59
9793Bill Nickson snrSVF(6/15)East Liverpool Wheelers04-04.01
98163Dave TaylorV (8/18)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.04-04.28
99175Robert ColledgeV*(9/18)MTS Cyclesport Durham04-04.57
100126Andrew Bowett E(82/158)Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-05.14
101132Graham Robson  (83/158)Hull Thursday RC04-05.15
10217James W Wood  (84/158)Team Aire Valley04-05.16
103135Steve Shepherd *(85/158)Jorvik MTB Club04-05.24
10460Andrew Moxon  (86/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-07.12
105143Ben Norfolk F*(87/158)Leeds Mercury RT/JB Cyclesport04-08.05
106192Ian Cullen  (88/158)Otley Cycle Club04-08.10
107120Chris OldhamGVF(2/12)Hope Technology04-08.30
108228Jonathan Parker  (89/158)Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-09.01
109231Robert Holden *(90/158)Twickenham CC04-09.26
110236Andrew Grier  (91/158)Warwickshire RC04-09.49
111189Robert Sharp  (92/158)Okehampton CC04-09.56
112144Phil NorfolkGVF(3/12)Leeds Mercury RT/JB Cyclesport04-10.10
113137Del Bolton *(93/158)Kent Valley R.C.04-11.23
114220Paul Goodburn F(94/158)South Pennine R.C.04-11.44
115208Christopher DevineSV (7/15)Salisbury Road Club04-13.46
116169Robert Knight  (95/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club04-14.04
11782Jason Nind *(96/158)Cycling Today RT04-15.26
11884Paul Byatt E*(97/158)Cyclone Cycles04-16.04
119237Paul Drinkwater *(98/158)Seacroft Wheelers04-16.28
12092Andrew Walsh *(99/158)Drighlington BC04-16.36
121139Sam Clarke  (100/158)Lakes Road Club04-17.11
12280Dave Peart *(101/158)Cyclesport International RT04-17.50
123167Robert ChaundySV (8/15)Milton Keynes C&T Club04-18.00
124117Sam Knight *(102/158)High Wycombe CC/Dees Cycles04-18.02
12556Terry BeddisGV (4/12)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-18.18
126246Steve ArtingstallV (10/18)Zodiac C.R.C.04-19.18
127145Brent Carr  (103/158)Leeds RRC/Perrys/AFS/Ciclismo04-19.39
128105Allan WatonGV (5/12)Hambleton R.C.04-20.24
12988John MiroslawV (11/18)Derby Triathlon Club04-21.04
13038Mark MichelSV (9/15)Bicycle Trip - Santa Cruz04-21.14
131149Gary Vose  (104/158)Lune R.C.C.04-21.42
13246Marc Burden *(105/158)Brixton Cycles04-22.24
133154David WorthySV (10/15)Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks04-23.11
13418Mark Perkins *(106/158)Airedale Olympic04-23.35
135174Andy Dickson *(107/158)Mosquito Off-Road Team04-23.38
13663Philip Wilson  (108/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-23.42
137199Philip Saul  (109/158)Pennine Cycle Club04-23.43
138161Peter Hodgson *(110/158)Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.04-23.46
139116Matt Woods *(111/158)Helwith Bridge Alers04-24.11
140138Paul Simpson  (112/158)Kent Valley R.C.04-24.32
141251Dennis Fountain *(113/158)Oldham Ruffyeds04-25.12
142178Vincent Stockwell *(114/158)MTS Cyclesport Durham04-25.18
143187Philip Haygarth  (115/158)Okehampton CC04-25.45
144100Ben Spurrier E*(116/158)Evans Cycles04-25.46
145254Denis Lancaster *(117/158)Private Member - Harpenden04-25.49
146245Jon Hairsine  (118/158)Yorkshire Road Club04-26.37
147129Andy BlanshardSV*(11/15)Huddersfield Star Wheelers04-27.17
14813Brian Stanley  (119/158)Ace Racing Team/Alan/Impsport/W-Cup04-28.12
14951Paul Milsom  (120/158)Calder Clarion04-28.17
150133Gary Thornton  (121/158)Hull Thursday RC04-28.22
15187Rickey Legg *(122/158)Cyclone Cycles04-28.39
15272Robert Horner *(123/158)Condor Road Club04-28.39
15357Simon Blashill  (124/158)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-29.28
154180Chris BriggsV (12/18)North Lancashire Road Club04-30.23
15549Richard LawSV*(12/15)Bronte Wheelers04-30.27
15671John GinleyMV (2/3)Condor Road Club04-30.49
157123David A LeylandGVF*(6/12)Horwich C.C.04-30.56
15899Peter Baxter E*(125/158)Evans Cycles04-31.37
159223Stephen Noble  (126/158)Stockton Wheelers04-31.55
160155Andrew Shore  (127/158)Melton Olympic CC04-32.16
161259John DowellGMV (1/5)Gainsborough Aegir C.C.04-32.20
16295Kali ExleyL (1/5)Eric Burgess R.T.04-33.03
163198Duncan ThompsonV (13/18)Pendle Forest C.C.04-33.27
16453Stuart Hemmings *(128/158)Central Lancashire RC04-33.54
16577Richard Barnett *(129/158)Cycle Force Durham04-34.11
166238Richard Edwards *(130/158)West Yorkshire Police CC04-34.44
16721Matt Fuller  (131/158)Arctic 200004-35.06
16844Philip HelliwellGV (7/12)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors04-35.36
169121Simon Sharp *(132/158)Hope Technology04-35.44
170115Paul SharplesV (14/18)Helwith Bridge Alers04-36.02
171110Johnny Gow  (133/158)Helwith Bridge Alers04-37.35
17255Anthony BeddisGV (8/12)Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-39.36
173191Nigel Brown  (134/158)Otley Cycle Club04-40.08
174159Simon Penson *(135/158)Mildenhall CC04-41.46
175242Malcolm WilsonV (15/18)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC04-42.14
176260Robin KyteSV (13/15)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC04-42.15
17745Mark Brown *(136/158)Brixton Cycles04-42.22
178252Robert Gallagher *(137/158)Private Member - Stockport04-42.30
179256John ScholesGV (9/12)Private Member - Bromsgrove04-42.55
180227David Miles  (138/158)Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-43.02
181213Duncan Humphreys  (139/158)Seacroft Wheelers04-44.14
182210Stuart Blackburn  (140/158)Seacroft Wheelers04-44.14
18370Richard BurnhamV (16/18)Condor Road Club04-44.21
18479Ruth GamwellL (2/5)Cycle Team 1904-45.21
18533Ian David Gibson  (141/158)VC Azzuri/Cyclelogical04-45.22
18690Ian BriggsSV (14/15)Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club04-46.50
187232Bob NorvillGV (10/12)Tykes C.R.T.04-47.59
188186Kevin Saville  (142/158)Norton Wheelers04-48.12
18975Neil Watts *(143/158)Coventry CC04-50.01
190255Chris Radcliffe *(144/158)Private Member - Leeds04-50.02
191104Lydia GouldLV*(1/2)Hargroves/Trant/Next04-50.58
192108John Egan  (145/158)Helwith Bridge Alers04-50.59
193207Paul Warrener *(146/158)Rossendale RC04-51.31
19494Martin Holland *(147/158)Ely & District CC - Tecnos Cycles04-53.53
19569Christopher LoweSV (15/15)Coalville Wheelers CC04-54.04
19678Scott Brown *(148/158)Cycle Force Durham04-55.04
19752Matthew Gallagher *(149/158)Catford CC04-55.18
19886Mark Henderson  (150/158)Cyclone Cycles04-55.39
19927Andrew Dilkes *(151/158)Prickett/Atom Elite RT04-57.58
20031Terry BeistyV (17/18)Axholme Wheelers05-00.04
201170Gary Lane  (152/158)Milton Keynes C&T Club05-02.44
202221Peter GoodburnMVF(3/3)South Pennine R.C.05-03.20
203107Paul BuckleyV (18/18)Helwith Bridge Alers05-04.12
20420David HalmanGVF(11/12)Altrincham Road Club05-07.04
205218Richard Fenn  (153/158)Silcoates School C.C.05-07.19
206258Andrew Waddington *(154/158)Private Member - London05-08.01
20773Michael Riley  (155/158)Condor Road Club05-08.51
208248Neil OrrellGMV (2/5)Zodiac C.R.C.05-08.57
2098Janine PickardL*(3/5)Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV05-10.02
210136James RosserGV (12/12)Keighley Velo05-10.57
21191Andrew Waller *(156/158)Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club05-13.33
21219Andrea HalmanLF(4/5)Altrincham Road Club05-17.59
213109Allan Greenwood  (157/158)Helwith Bridge Alers05-18.57
214200Jim ThomasGMVF(3/5)Prescot Eagle Road Club05-23.00
21541Ann HobbissLV (2/2)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-23.06
21643John RawnsleyGMV (4/5)Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-33.48
217165Philip AshbournGMV (5/5)Milton Keynes C&T Club05-40.45
218234Simon Murray  (158/158)Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club05-40.46
219101Jane WillmottL*(5/5)First Chard Wheelers06-12.54

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