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Listed in this section are additions and changes made to this site, or links on the site, in the last 2 months (or so).

The only items which will be omitted from this section are (as long as I remember to take them out) links which are no longer valid, such as to entry forms for events which have taken place.
Most events also have links in the relevant race calendar for the year of the event.

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June 2017
18 JuneResults added for Dunham Massey 5k (Ches, 15/6/17).
18 JuneResults added for Freckleton Half Marathon (Lancs, 18/6/17).
16 JuneResults added for Barrowford GP 5k Races and Junior Races (Lancs, 16/6/17).
15 JuneResults added for Gosforth 10 (Cumbria, 14/6/17).
15 JuneResults added for Billy Knox 65th Birthday Cowm 5k (Lancs, 14/6/17).
15 JuneResults added for Holcombe 2 Towers Fell Race (Lancs, 14/6/17).
13 JuneResults added for Everyone Active 10k (Cleveland, 11/6/17).
13 JuneResults added for Rochdale 3 Day Event (Lancs, 9-11/6/17). Results for individual races are linked from the overall results.
11 JuneResults added for Clumber Park Trail 10k (Notts, 11/6/17).
08 JuneResults added for Walsh Two Lads Fell Race (Lancs, 8/6/17).
08 JuneResults added for No Walk in the Park 5k (Derbys, 3/6/17).
08 JuneResults added for Ilkley Trail Race (W. Yorks, 29/5/17).
07 JuneResults added for Astley Park Senior Trail Race (2/4) (Lancs, 7/6/17).
07 JuneResults added for Astley Park Junior Trail Race (2/4) (Lancs, 7/6/17).
06 JuneResults added for Mulgrave Castle 10k (N. Yorks, 4/6/17).
06 JuneResults added for Birchwood Brook 5k (Ches, 2/6/17).
06 JuneResults added for Apperley Bridge Canter (W. Yorks, 1/6/17).
06 JuneEntry form added for Silverwood Miners Memorial Half Marathon (S. Yorks, 22/10/17) in Doc and Pdf formats. Online entry is open - Enter online.
06 JuneEntry form added for Sale Sizzler 5k Series (Ches, from 6/7/17) in Pdf format.
01 JuneResults added for Cuerden Badger Trail 10k (Lancs, 1/6/17).
01 JuneResults added for Darley Moor Duathlon (Derbys, 28/5/17).
May 2017
29 MayResults added for Wholan Nook Trail Race (Lancs, 17/5/17).
29 MayResults added for Harrock Hill Race (1/4) (Lancs, 24/5/17).
29 MayResults added for Burnley Lions 10k (Lancs, 26/5/17).
28 MayResults added for Northallerton 10k (N. Yorks, 28/5/17).
27 MayResults added for Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon (Lancs, 27/5/17).
26 MayResults added for Dunham Massey 5k (Ches, 25/5/17).
24 MayResults added for Comberbach Fete 5k (Ches, 21/5/17).
24 MayResults added for Sowerby Scorcher MT (W. Yorks, 20/5/17).
24 MayResults added for Aaron Ashforth Memorial 5k (Lancs, 23/5/17).
20 MayResults added for Kirkby Stephen 10k (Cumbria, 17/5/17).
20 MayResults added for Shining Tor Fell Race (Derbys., 17/5/17).
17 MayResults added for Askern 10k (S. Yorks, 17/5/17).
17 MayResults added for Roger Colson Brownhouse Reservoir 5k (Lancs, 16/5/17).
11 MayResults added for Ian Casey Memorial Cowm 5k (Lancs, 11/5/17).
11 MayResults added for Whitehaven Harbourside 5k (Cumbria, 9/5/17).
11 MayResults added for Mad Hatter's Trail Race (Ches, 10/5/17).
11 MayResults added for Locke Park Pie and Peas 5 (Cleveland, 10/5/17).
07 MayResults added for No Walk in the Park 5k (Derbys, 6/5/17).
07 MayResults added for No Walk in the Park 5k (Derbys, 1/4/17).
07 MayResults added for Wigan Trail 10k (Lancs, 7/5/17).
07 MayResults added for Great Hameldon Hill Races (Lancs, 7/5/17).
05 MayResults added for Wray Caton Moor Fell Races (Lancs, 1/5/17).
04 MayResults added for Astley Park Trail Race (Seniors) (Lancs, 3/5/17).
04 MayResults added for Astley Park Trail Race (Juniors) (Lancs, 3/5/17).
03 MayResults added for Troon 10k (Ayrshire, 3/5/17).
03 MayResults added for Geoff Doggett Memorial Cowm 5k (Lancs, 2/5/17).
03 MayResults added for North Wales 10 (Wrexham, 29/4/17).
03 MayResults added for Bolton 10k (Lancs, 23/4/17).
02 MayOnline entry is open for 36th Preston 10 Mile Road Race (Lancs, 19/11/17) - Enter online
01 MayResults added for Terry Nortley Memorial Relay (Manchester, 1/5/17).
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