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The service began life in 1987, covering local races where cost was a major factor. The structure of the service is designed to provide a cost-effective results solution for the average road race or multi-discipline event. Initially designed to cover road races of any length, the service now extends to time trials, wave start road races, duathlon and triathlon type events and, most recently, quadrathlon (or any four-leg event). My speciality is the smaller event, where low cost of bought-in services is a major influence. My programs are designed, however, without limit to the numbers of competitors save that the number range is restricted to 1-9999.

Contact me to see if I can help you and take a load off your shoulders on race day, through your league or series, or both. Please bear in mind, though, that I hold down a full time job as well as doing this!! My associates VLA Events (Ramsbottom, Bury) and Sport Systems Ltd are also available to lend their expertise to your event. Contact me for availability.
This is me, courtesy of Steve Bateson
This is me at the Muller 10k 2008
Custom written solutions can also be provided for special events, such as road race leagues, event series and the like. There is a constant fine tuning of the computer programs themselves - each type of event has its own specialised program to avoid the pitfalls of trying to do too much in one package. As each race organiser requests additional features, these are programmed as quickly as time permits.

Charges for league and series results are quite flexible. There is no charge for the software development, only for the results production. All charges are negotiable and depend largely on the nature of the events, the numbers involved and the methods of calculation.

For many events, full results will now be posted on this site, with a link from the main event pages, which will summarise the event and organiser details where possible. There is no charge for placing any event information or results on these pages. Details for publication are accepted at my discretion!!

I am always receptive to your suggestions for any additions or changes to my programs. Please let me know if you have any comments (even if critical!).

Picture (left) is me at the 2004 Wesham 10k and is reproduced with the kind permission of Steve Bateson - visit his excellent web site at Runningpix.co.uk. The picture below is of my and my mate Vince Ashton at the 2008 Muller Market Drayton 10k where we took on the timekeeping, as well as the results, with 15 minutes to go before the race started! Thanks to Brian Smith of DK10k web site for the photo and the comedy caption!!