Information about submissions to UKresults

This page contains most of what you should need to know about sending things to me or just getting in touch!

I want to add details about my race
That's no problem - it's a free service and offered without any obligation. Simply email me the details and/or send me an entry form. Please don't just send me a link to your site to get the information for myself. I simply don't have the time to do this. NOTE THAT THERE IS NOW ONLY ONE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU CAN SEND TO - IT'S DOWN THE PAGE.....

What race information should I send?
Have a look at the information already displayed for other events. If you can send it in a similar sequence, that would be most helpful. Please remember to ALWAYS supply a postcode for your race venue or somewhere close by - I'll then try to include a map link in the calendar for you and your entrants will also be able to locate the venue using satnav.

Where should I send it?
Please address race information emails to john at ukresults dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .)!

I want to submit an entry form for inclusion
Entry forms are preferred in Word or Acrobat pdf if possible. This is a free service for race organisers and runners. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you email your entry form, give it a meaningful name e.g. Bloggins 10k 2010 and not just Fun Run.doc or Entry form.doc! I get loads of these every day and if I get more than one and don't notice when saving it to my folders, it can overwrite an already saved one from someone else... Files saved in odd formats such as Publisher or even Powerpoint are no good to me as I don't have the facility to view these and neither do a lot of other people!

I'm not the race organiser but I want to submit a form I have as I think others will be interested in the event
That's fine if you can email it to me. Don't post it to me though.

My entry form file is bigger than 750Kb
I don't generally include files on my site which are bigger than 750Kb if at all possibly and only very rarely where they exceed 1Mb. This is because people with all sorts of connection speeds might want to download files. If possible, please make them smaller than 500Kb or (even better) as small as under 100Kb.

I can only send a scan of an entry form
A scan as a .tif, .jpg or even a .gif should be fine. BUT please don't scan at a higher resolution than 200 dpi using lots of colour or greyscale resolution as this will massively increase the file size and I may not be able to use it (see above). Generally, if you scan in black and white (not greyscale please!) at 150 to 200dpi, that should be fine. One good alternative is to keep your flash entry forms for the printer and physical distrbution but also compose a cut-down web-friendly version in Word or Acrobat.

What about online entries?
Online entries are now handled at by Phil Howard (not by me!).
Please don't contact me about any online payment you may have made as I won't be able to help. I don't take payment for ANY events!! ALL ONLINE ENTRIES ARE HANDLED BY BOOKITZONE.COM

Where should I send the entry form?
Please email your entry form to john at ukresults dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .). It will then drop into the correct bit of my inbox! Please don't just call it "entry form.doc" or "funrun.pdf" - whilst it means a lot to you, I get dozens of these all the time and if I don't remember to change the name when saving it, someone elses's form will get overwritten!

I want to send you some race results
All results submissions are very welcome - that's what the site was set up for! There is no charge for including your results. This is done as a free service to race organisers and runners.

In what format should I send the results?
Results etc. should preferably be in Excel or plain text/csv format, or with a unique character (e.g. #) separating the fields (from RaceMaster please save/export with .txt or .xls option OR send me your original meeting file as I can export from my master copy of RaceMaster). Please don't send pdf results if possible as they can be awkward to reformat successfully without a lot of extra work. I can't always do very much with them but if it's all you have, I'll give it a try! If you send plain text, please try to make sure that the data is in distinct columns and that the columns are separated by spaces rather than tab characters. Excel and/or csv and/or racemaster meeting files are my preferences as they will help me get your results done quickly and with the least amount of re-working.

Submission of archive results:
I am very happy to include older results for any race. However, I don't have the time to re-type any from scratch, so please don't send me scans or anything by post unless I specifically request them that way. Ensure the full location and title of the race and the event date are included in the body of the results if possible. If not, please make sure that you tell me this in your email!

Where should I send results to?
Please email your results to john at ukresults dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .). It will then drop into the correct bit of my inbox!

My race number hasn't arrived!
First, are you sure it was to be posted and isn't actually for collection? I only handle the issue of race numbers for a couple of events - they will be obvious as they have my address on the entry form! For all other races, PLEASE CONTACT THE RACE ORGANISERS NOT ME - I don't know where your number is either! Please remember, I don't do online entry forms any more!

Getting in touch generally:
If you want to email me about anything else, please send it to john at ukresults dot net (replace etc.... as above!). I'll try to help and to reply as quickly as I can. Please remember that I work for a living at a job outside this web site! I just do this for FUN!!

I much prefer to deal with enquiries by email as that will give me time to answer when it's most convenient to me. Please bear in mind that I'm at work most days and in bed most nights! Please keep your calls to between 6.30pm and 8pm weekdays and during the daytime on a Saturday. If you ring outside those hours, you may not get the response you expect! I'm usually helping someone at a race on Sundays so you'll have to make some allowances if I'm not there. Please don't ring me asking questions about any of the races featured in my calendar. If the information isn't there, I don't have it! If it is there, then please contact the race organiser by whatever method is indicated in the race details (if any). My home number is 01254 723029. Skype to ukresults. Please remember if you are contacting me about an online entry payment, it's probably NOT me that you need to be contacting so double check where your acknowledgement came from first. I won't reply to messages left on my answerphone about anything I don't handle!

If you really need to write
Finally, if you MUST write (e.g. for me to scan an entry form), send me an email and I'll let you know where to send things.