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Cuerden Valley Badger 10k Race 3, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire

2nd August 2018

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Some race numbers were mistakenly issued twice tonight so if you're not in the results, or you are shown in the wrong place, please email john at ukresults dot net and I'll get it sorted out. I have sorted a couple out but still outstanding are 96 which was issued twice and shown at positions 46 and 97 and also number 160 whose details we don't have.
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Cat: Club:
193001 Karl HodgsonMS(001/028)Preston Harriers00:36:54
2153002 Duncan AndersonMS(002/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:37:07
338003 Tom BelcherMS(003/028)Chorley Ath. & Tri Club00:37:30
463004 James JordanMS(004/028)Horwich RMI Harriers00:38:29
558005 James SimonMS(005/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:38:50
654006 Matthew HolmesMS(006/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:38:54
7152007 Stewart HarriersMS(007/028)Salford Harriers & AC00:40:02
862008 Graham StevensM45(001/016)Holcombe Harriers00:40:30
98009 Robert GarthMS(008/028)Penny Lane Striders00:40:38
1027010 Frank NightingaleM50(001/007)Red Rose Road Runners00:40:46
1164011 Martin QuinnM45(002/016)Chorley Ath. & Tri Club00:40:54
123012 Daniel PatonMS(009/028)Central Lancs Run & Tri00:40:56
1361013 Simon DennyMS(010/028)Bentham Beagles00:41:09
14101014 Neil TateMS(011/028)Lytham St Annes RR00:41:13
15177015 Stuart NixonMS(012/028)Unattached00:41:18
169198016 Jonathan MattockM45(003/016)Chorley Ath. & Tri Club00:41:34
1787017 Thomas HowarthMS(013/028)Lytham St Annes RR00:41:41
1831018 Neil TrottM40(001/011)Holcombe Harriers00:41:48
19107019 Ian DawsonMS(014/028)Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC00:41:57
2014020 Manolo MendozaM45(004/016)Red Rose Road Runners00:42:10
2199021 Barry WheelerMS(015/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:42:41
2213 001Catherine CarrdusF45(001/013)Lytham St Annes RR00:43:00
2394022 Marc PotterM40(002/011)Riversway Road Runners00:43:19
2457023 Steven WillettsMS(016/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:43:22
2550024 Tom StrattonMS(017/028)Unattached00:43:25
2690 002Sarah RidehalghF40(001/008)Accrington Road Runners00:43:29
275025 Stuart SmithM40(003/011)Red Rose Road Runners00:43:46
284026 Stuart TaylorM45(005/016)Unattached00:44:14
2937027 Stephen EastonM40(004/011)Unattached00:44:22
3076028 Pete BattersbyM40(005/011)Red Rose Road Runners00:44:23
31172029 Andrew AcklamM45(006/016)Preston Harriers00:44:37
3282030 Kris LoweMS(018/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:44:43
3333 003Melanie KothF40(002/008)Lytham St Annes RR00:44:51
346031 Michael OddieM40(006/011)Red Rose Road Runners00:45:08
35181032 Ian CroftM50(002/007)Red Rose Road Runners00:45:25
3626033 Steven MoonM40(007/011)Red Rose Road Runners00:45:30
37103034 Darran AmesM40(008/011)Lytham St Annes RR00:45:41
3815035 Christopher BridgeMS(019/028)Unattached00:45:47
391 004Fay MorneF40(003/008)Unattached00:45:51
40108036 Harry GodsonM45(007/016)Bentham Beagles00:46:10
41190037 Mark WarnerMS(020/028)Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC00:46:11
4265038 Michael ChalfontM45(008/016)Unattached00:46:15
43169039 Russell CoddM45(009/016)Preston Harriers00:46:18
4435040 Ben SmithersMS(021/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:46:23
4559 005Samantha EdwardsFS(001/012)Red Rose Road Runners00:46:31
46112041 David AtkinsonM55(001/005)Fylde Coast Runners00:46:34
4798042 Stephen BiscombM65(001/003)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:47:16
4818043 David BarnesM60(001/006)Horwich RMI Harriers00:47:19
4940 006Katherine BainesF35(001/006)Unattached00:47:29
5045044 Stuart McNairM50(003/007)Unattached00:47:37
5142045 Allan JohnsonM55(002/005)Red Rose Road Runners00:48:00
5284 007Melanie GibsonFS(002/012)Unattached00:48:05
5353 008Lisa FranceFS(003/012)Bentham Beagles00:48:16
54168046 Rob UnsworthMS(022/028)Unattached00:48:46
5592047 John BertenshawM60(002/006)Lytham St Annes RR00:49:03
5695048 Andy ClementM45(010/016)Riversway Road Runners00:49:29
5719049 David HullM55(003/005)Unattached00:49:45
58174050 Mark DilworthMS(023/028)Unattached00:49:53
5912051 Jon RoyleM50(004/007)Red Rose Road Runners00:50:36
6077052 James HughesM45(011/016)Red Rose Road Runners00:50:47
6122053 Jon BondM45(012/016)Unattached00:50:58
62104 009Michelle GolderF40(004/008)Unattached00:51:03
6341 010Julie RobertsonF45(002/013)Unattached00:51:25
6443 011Ann CleaveF55(001/007)Red Rose Road Runners00:51:29
6532054 Cassim TillyM45(013/016)Unattached00:52:12
66166 012Hannah McCuskerFS(004/012)Red Rose Road Runners00:52:15
6797055 Bailey PatonMJ(001/002)Central Lancs Run & Tri00:52:18
68163 013Ruth TravisF45(003/013)Red Rose Road Runners00:53:04
69198056 Stephen WorbeyM40(009/011)Unattached00:53:22
7074057 Max CroftMJ(002/002)Red Rose Road Runners00:53:22
71170058 Simon WorbeyM40(010/011)Unattached00:53:23
72165 014Anneke CrosbyF50(001/009)Red Rose Road Runners00:53:24
7321 015Judi InghamF45(004/013)Red Rose Road Runners00:53:24
7424 016Katy CleeceFS(005/012)Red Rose Road Runners00:53:38
75106059 Bill WakefieldM60(003/006)Unattached00:54:05
762 017Michelle GriffithsF50(002/009)Red Rose Road Runners00:54:11
7728 018Sarah IngramF40(005/008)Bentham Beagles00:54:22
78179060 Ken McGrattanM45(014/016)Bentham Beagles00:55:06
7971061 Billy HargreavesM70(001/003)Southport Waterloo00:55:17
8079 019Lorna TaylorF35(002/006)Red Rose Road Runners00:55:22
81180 020Alicia CroftF45(005/013)Red Rose Road Runners00:55:43
8272062 Mike O'BrienM60(004/006)Manchester YMCA Harriers00:56:11
8351063 Richard FieldMS(024/028)Red Rose Road Runners00:56:28
8486064 Jason SpearM50(005/007)Lions Running Community00:56:31
85154 021Alison MercerF55(002/007)Red Rose Road Runners00:57:09
86157065 Chris HallMS(025/028)Unattached00:57:10
8725 022Zoe CainFS(006/012)Red Rose Road Runners00:57:14
8867066 David HollidayMS(026/028)Unattached00:57:34
8934067 Graham AinsworthM55(004/005)Unattached00:57:44
90116068 Steve TaylorM45(015/016)Red Rose Road Runners00:57:49
91178069 David PostlethwaiteM50(006/007)Lions Running Community00:58:01
9229070 Alan ChestersM65(002/003)Bentham Beagles00:58:10
9380 023Louise PinningtonF45(006/013)Unattached00:58:18
949196071 Anees ShaikhM55(005/005)Red Rose Road Runners00:58:20
95100 024Emily SinkinsonFS(007/012)Red Rose Road Runners00:58:44
96175 025Christine AcklamF45(007/013)Women on the Run00:58:57
9710 026Anne BerryF55(003/007)Wesham Road Runners00:59:30
98109 027Alison RileyF35(003/006)Unattached00:59:53
9985 028Caroline ClarkF40(006/008)Unattached01:00:07
10073072 David HindleM60(005/006)Red Rose Road Runners01:00:15
10117 029Sarah HaslamF45(008/013)Red Rose Road Runners01:00:20
10278073 Iain MitchellMS(027/028)Red Rose Road Runners01:00:45
103113074 Anthony PopeM60(006/006)Unattached01:00:54
10483 030Anna BarcroftF55(004/007)Blackburn Road Runners01:00:57
105151 031Emma CattermoleF45(009/013)Unattached01:01:20
106167075 Kieron JordanM45(016/016)Unattached01:01:26
10791 032Kirsty MartindaleF45(010/013)Women on the Run01:01:43
108105076 Jim RobinsonM70(002/003)Red Rose Road Runners01:01:59
10988077 Shane CollinsM50(007/007)Red Rose Road Runners01:02:14
110164 033Janet CureF50(003/009)Unattached01:02:23
111176 034Mary HardacreFS(008/012)Lions Running Community01:02:29
112159078 Chris CorriganMS(028/028)Red Rose Road Runners01:02:30
11369 035Jane RobinsonF50(004/009)Unattached01:03:26
114171 036Margaret WorbeyF35(004/006)Red Rose Road Runners01:03:41
115173 037Elouise S. PembertonFS(009/012)Trawden AC01:04:04
1169105 038Shelley BainbridgeF55(005/007)Unattached01:06:15
11796 039Amanda BerryF55(006/007)Red Rose Road Runners01:06:21
11870 040Emma AthertonF35(005/006)Unattached01:07:06
1199103 041Debbie RimmerF45(011/013)Unattached01:08:31
12020 042Carol HeatonF45(012/013)Red Rose Road Runners01:09:32
12181 043Hannah ClaytonFS(010/012)Red Rose Road Runners01:09:32
12244 044Lesley RenshawF50(005/009)Red Rose Road Runners01:09:39
12336 045Helen GrahamFS(011/012)Eden Runners01:10:30
12466 046Susan HeatleyF35(006/006)Red Rose Road Runners01:10:39
12555 047Ellen PopeF55(007/007)Blackburn Road Runners01:10:45
12656 048Siobhan GrimshawF50(006/009)Blackburn Road Runners01:10:45
127102 049Clare Feeney-JohnsonF45(013/013)Unattached01:11:18
128196 050Karen RoseF50(007/009)Women on the Run01:11:18
12916 051Ruth BuxtonF50(008/009)Women on the Run01:11:42
13089 052Tanya BushellF40(007/008)Women on the Run01:11:42
131162 053Sarah EcclesF50(009/009)Red Rose Road Runners01:13:37
13211079 Ron ChappellM70(003/003)Clayton le Moors Harriers01:14:25
13346080 Gareth FaireyM40(011/011)Red Rose Road Runners01:16:09
13468 054Gina BiggsFS(012/012)Red Rose Road Runners01:17:25
135199 055Anne SmithF65(001/001)Red Rose Road Runners01:21:07
136160   -unknown- (n/a) 01:22:26
137161 056Susan BeardsworthF40(008/008)Red Rose Road Runners01:29:22
13830081 Steve BullowsM65(003/003)Red Rose Road Runners01:29:23

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