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Rochdale 3 Day Event - Day 2 - Naden Valley MT Race, nr. Rochdale

10th June 2017

Results courtesy of Brian Moore
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Cat: Club:
150Callum DavidsonMJRossendale Harriers & A.C.00:37:50
243Ben CoopMBury Athletics Club00:39:51
333Andy SimpsonMV40Stubbington Green Runners00:40:47
449Danny BennettMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:40:50
59Joe WallerMRossendale Harriers & A.C.00:41:19
614Alan Lundberg-BuryMV50Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:44:19
7255David BentleyMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:44:56
8261Marwan KhoueiryMV45Wakefield District Harriers & A.C.00:45:58
9256John DeaseyMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:13
1019Kay WelsbyFRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:59
1131Mark WalkerMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:47:18
1223Rebecca GrayFHyde Park Harriers00:47:49
13251Carl ByrneMV45Holcombe Harriers00:48:16
1415Alex FrostMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:48:42
15252Peter ButterworthMV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers00:49:09
168Andy LeeMV45Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:49:37
17247Emma SharplesFV35Unattached00:49:42
1837Jill ButterworthFV40Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:50:07
19260Joanna AdamsonFV40Middleton Harriers A.C.00:50:39
2051Ian StainthorpeMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:50:47
21259John MayallMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:50:55
2210Richard LeachMUnattached00:50:57
23250Ian AitchisonMV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:51:03
242Louise WallerFRossendale Harriers & A.C.00:51:08
2526Daniel McDermottMV40Hyde Village Striders00:51:40
2646Simon RodgersMV50Hyde Park Harriers00:51:45
2753Neil BrockMV50Royton Road Runners00:52:19
2811Richard ChapmanMV35Unattached00:52:52
2920Anna BlomfieldFV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:52:57
3048Matt JonesMV35Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:53:07
3154Norman EamesMV65Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:53:33
325Lesley HeyesFV50Bolton United Harriers & A.C.00:53:54
3341Andrew ButlerMV40Unattached00:53:57
3417Stephanie HarrisonFRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:54:06
35253Martin SampsonMV35Middleton Harriers A.C.00:54:36
3652Tony ClarkinMV45Unattached00:54:45
37262Katy RothwellFRochdale Triathlon Club00:54:56
3838Emma GumbleyFRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:55:18
3939Frederick GetzMV60Unattached00:56:28
40258Jan NeedhamFV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:56:40
4127Simon ClarkeMV35Chorlton Runners00:57:26
4212Andrew MucharwaMV40Unattached00:59:04
4329Mike AtkinsonMV55Rochdale Tri Club00:59:24
4425Peter O'GormanMV55Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:00:07
45254David BostockMUnattached01:00:29
4634Stacey HoltFV35Hyde Village Striders01:00:59
474Cecilia WoodsFV55Bolton United Harriers & A.C.01:01:08
4821Elma FitzpatrickFV45Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:01:19
496Richard MasonMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:02:22
5013Jon ParamorMV65Manchester Y.M.C.A. Harriers01:02:39
5130Matthew GrayMHyde Park Harriers01:03:08
5216Chloe HirstFJRochdale Harriers & A.C.01:03:22
5344Henryk GetzMV65Unattached01:03:42
54249Liz HodgkinsonFUnattached01:03:57
5518Sarah GrayFV35Chorlton Runners01:05:06
567Daniel MerloMV40Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:05:09
571Kerry LomasFAstley & Tyldesley Road Runners01:05:15
5840Kieran LomasMV35Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners01:05:16
59257Annie HolmesFUnattached01:06:41
6022Catherine MurphyFV50Middleton Harriers A.C.01:07:04
6155Lorna HoltFV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:14:02
6245Anne LoweFV35Middleton Harriers A.C.01:14:07
6336Laura FittonFRochdale Harriers & A.C.01:14:57
6432William KnoxMV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:14:58
65248Catherine UnwinFV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:17:36
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