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Lancashire Fire Service Relay for Teams of 3, Blackpool, Lancashire

22nd July 2016

Results courtesy of Dave Waywell
PosForenameSurnameCatTeam NameTime
1Joe MonkMSFast Lads13.52
2JackHindle MSFast Lads13.58
3ChrisDaviesMSFast Lads14.23
4Neil TattersallMSTwo Shes and a He 214.45
5MattRamsdenMJYoung Guns14.50
6Tom MasseyMJLittle Red Army14.59
7RichardSmithMSSalwick Hall Farm via Dune Lane Interclub Runners15.11
8LeonThomasMJYoung Guns15.32
9MatthewFlattersMJLittle Red Army15.36
10LukeBrindleMJLittle Red Army15.40
11SimonCollinsMSSalwick Hall Farm via Dune Lane Interclub Runners15.40
12SteveMyerscoughMV40You're the one for me FATTY!15.42
13JamieTeareMJYoung Guns15.47
14RobertSeddonMJMountain Men15.52
15AndyWhaleyMV40Salwick Hall Farm via Dune Lane Interclub Runners15.55
16LeoGebbieMS3 Amigos15.57
17DannyMaynardMSToo Many Cooks16.02
18JackKeighleyMSFollow the Signs16.13
19MaddieElliotFJGirl Power 216.20
20NathanLancasterMJMountain Men16.21
21GlynneLeverMV40Big Red Army16.24
22Toby MiddletonMJMountain Men16.35
23PeterCruseMV50You're the one for me FATTY!16.43
24JohnCooksonMSToo Many Cooks16.54
25StephenNeedhamMV35Follow the Signs17.03
26GrahamWebsterMV60Seaside Slugs17.18
27HannahCooksonFJGirl Power 217.29
28Ellesha CharnleyFJGirl Power 117.41
29StephenMortMV40Follow the Signs17.50
30CarmelSullivanFV70Albino Kenyan Running Team17.51
31CarlyEdwardsFSTwo Shes and a He 217.59
32AmyDaviesFJGirl Power 118.25
33EvanCook MSToo Many Cooks18.25
34MickSharpMS3 Amigos18.30
35LeahHooleFJGirl Power 118.38
36FreyaWhittleFJFell Runners18.48
37VladimitWigginsFJTwo Preston and a Wesham - Presham18.51
38TonyHeskethMV65Big Red Army18.54
39MillyLeverFJFell Runners18.54
40RickPinchesMV45You're the one for me FATTY!19.02
41DannyTeareMS3 Amigos19.06
42MickEdgeMV95Albino Kenyan Running Team19.11
43FreyaBlackFJGirl Power 219.49
44EmilyGreenhalghFJHorwich Girls20.29
45SimonMonkMSTwo Shes and a He 120.36
46LydiaJohnsonFJFell Runners20.44
47AlyssiaJacksonFJHorwich Girls20.47
48KateCooksonFSLadies First20.58
49Jason MiddletonFV45Big Red Army21.07
50DetteDickinsonFV60Albino Kenyan Running Team21.19
51SimonScarrMV552 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit21.20
52ConerMillwardMJ2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit21.27
53FinlayMcCalmanMV50Two Preston and a Wesham - Presham21.44
54LiviaSutcliffeFJHorwich Girls21.46
55Sarah MurphyFSTCRC - They can Really Canter21.48
56MickSutcliffeMSSeaside Slugs22.21
57VikkiWrigleyFV40TCRC - They can Really Canter22.48
58LornaSharpFSLadies First23.04
59RachelJonesFSTwo Shes and a He 223.04
60DerekWhittleMV50Thorn between Two Roses23.22
61DebbieHindleyFV40TCRC - They can Really Canter23.27
62NikkiHartleyFSTwo Shes and a He 123.31
63SueWickhamFV55The 3 Degrees23.45
64DaveJonesMV65Seaside Slugs24.02
65LindsayDaviesFSLadies First24.10
66BrendaHeskethFV60Thorn between Two Roses24.15
67HelenBoyerFV40The 3 Degrees24.23
68JanetMiddletonFV45Thorn between Two Roses24.58
69BobMasseyMV652 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit25.40
70OlgaWigginsFV35Two Preston and a Wesham - Presham26.44
71KariEdwardsFV45The 3 Degrees27.56
72AbbieBartlettFSTwo Shes and a He 136.12
Team results
PosTeam NameTime
1Fast Lads42.13
2Young Guns46.09
3Little Red Army46.15
4Salwick Hall Farm via Dune Lane Interclub Runners46.46
5Mountain Men48.48
6Follow the Signs51.06
7Too Many Cooks51.21
8You're the one for me FATTY!51.27
93 Amigos53.33
10Girl Power 253.38
11Girl Power 154.44
12Two Shes and a He 255.48
13Big Red Army56.25
14Fell Runners58.26
15Albino Kenyan Running Team59.21
16Horwich Girls63.02
17Seaside Slugs63.41
18Two Preston and a Wesham - Presham67.19
19TCRC - They can Really Canter68.03
20Ladies First68.12
212 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit68.27
22Thorn between Two Roses72.35
23The 3 Degrees76.04
24Two Shes and a He 180.19
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