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Geoff Doggett Memorial 5k, Whitworth, Lancashire

3rd May 2016

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1W. SmithMV40Keighley & Craven AC16.44
2G. BillingtonMV40Salford Harriers16.51
3B. McCartneyMV40Salford Harriers17.10
4R. BrookMV40Salford Harriers17.57
5C. DawsonMSSalford Harriers18.04
6L. SpencerMV40Keighley & Craven AC18.19
7J. ThomsonMV40Unattached18.54
8P. BirkettMV50Salford Harriers18.59
9C. SpencerMJKeighley & Craven AC19.12
10P. StephensMSSalford Harriers19.19
11A. FrostMV45Rochdale Harriers19.51
12J. CoswayMSSalford Harriers19.57
13A. MartinMSSalford Harriers20.14
14R. FiddlingMV45Royton Road Runners20.23
15J. WardMSRochdale Harriers21.10
16C. FergusonMSDarwen Dashers21.33
17Debbie FiddlingFV45Royton Road Runners21.41
18R. GrahamMV55Rossendale Harriers21.43
19Shelley TattersallFSBlackburn Harriers21.52
20Ruth OllerenshawFV40Salford Harriers22.00
21G. CoxonMV55East Cheshire Harriers22.14
22J. McDonaldMV50Trawden AC22.18
23Jan NeedhamFV60Rochdale Harriers22.23
24W. LordMSUnattached22.40
25W. SmithMSRossendale Harriers22.40
26F. McLoughlinMJUnattached23.17
27C. SmithMV55Trawden AC23.18
28T. TempleMV60Salford Harriers23.19
29R. BownessMV70Salford Harriers23.21
30C. SutherlandMV55Middleton Harriers23.30
31S. WildMV55Rochdale Harriers24.32
32Angie HartFV40Oldham & Royton Harriers24.36
33T. HartMV45Oldham & Royton Harriers24.36
34T. DanielsMV65Salford Harriers24.46
35Eileen WadsworthFV55Rossendale Harriers24.46
36R. TowellMV70Salford Harriers25.11
37J. PurdyMV50Rochdale Harriers25.22
38L. AisworthMV65Northern Masters AC25.33
39B. TullMV70Darwen Dashers25.49
40S. DarlingtonMV60Salford Harriers26.06
41Clare PowellFV40Trawden AC26.10
42K. MorleyMV50Unattached26.36
43Gemma LordFV45Todmorden Harriers26.47
44Catherine UnwinFV50Rochdale Harriers28.52
45D. DicksonMV75Rossendale Harriers30.39
46Grace McCartneyFJSalford Harriers30.39
47Andrea McGeeFV40Middleton Harriers30.41
48Isla McCartneyFJUnattached31.16
49M. ConnellMJDarwen Dashers33.10
50J. TaylorMV65Darwen Dashers33.10
51Gay DicksonFV70Rossendale Harriers33.10
52Louise DarlingtonFV35Salford Harriers35.13
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