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Rochdale 3 Day Event - Day 2 - Naden Valley MT Race, nr. Rochdale

13th June 2015

Results courtesy of Brian Moore
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Cat: Club:
180Ashley HoltMV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:39:40
269Mike FlatleyMV45Middleton Harriers A.C.00:40:24
31Billy McCartneyMSalford Harriers 00:40:38
418John Lloyd MSalford Harriers/Calder Valley Fell Runners00:41:02
565Chris MerchantMV40Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:42:06
62Rob JacksonMV45Horwich R.M.I. Harriers00:42:41
771Al SmithsonMMersey Tri00:42:48
839Paul TimmsMRochdale Triathlon Club00:42:58
943John EalingMV45Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:43:16
1042Ian RobertsMRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:43:30
1162Jon TinmanMV45Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:44:29
123Richard ButterwickMV45Todmorden Harriers00:44:36
13199Kelsham HannaMV45Southampton A.C.00:44:47
1417John DeaseyMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:45:08
1561Carmen ByrneFV35Holcombe Harriers00:45:15
1664Chris WalshMV50Unattached00:45:17
1746Dave PeartMV45Royton Road Runners00:44:55
1836Daniel HitchingsMRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:02
1967Lorraine HopleyFV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:46:14
2011Paul BeckettMV50Bramhall Runners00:46:17
2160Matthew SmithMUnattached00:46:20
2266Paul BoardmanMV50Horwich R.M.I. Harriers00:46:29
2335Alex FrostMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:39
2478Paul WolstenhulmeMRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:42
2533Mark WalkerMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:46:51
2656Howard MayersMUnattached00:47:34
27393John MayallMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:47:42
2820James HalliganMV45Andems Runners00:48:05
29384Ian AitchisonMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:48:09
3063Barry WheelerMRed Rose Road Runners00:48:30
315Nick WalshMV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:48:56
324Andrew LeeMV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:49:16
33385Anthony McAndrewMRoyton Road Runners00:49:36
3447Adrian SellMSaddleworth Runners Club00:49:42
3524Ali AlsaadiMV40Belle Vue Racers00:50:19
3623Andrew TaylorMBelle Vue Racers00:50:30
3773Stephen LeakMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:50:33
3821Phoebe WallbankFBelle Vue Racers00:51:09
3952Gareth Williams MUnattached00:51:12
4034Norman EamesMV65Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:51:17
4138Kay WelsbyFRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:51:20
428Tony ClarkinMV45Unattached00:51:52
4354Michael BonsallMV50Unattached00:52:19
4477Kevin FoxMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:52:23
4528Emma BallFV40Middleton Harriers A.C.00:52:45
4626John ApplebyMV50Holcombe Harriers00:52:46
4719Rob FoxMUnattached00:53:02
4832Gina WilsonFV35Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:53:15
4974Matthew HoltMRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:53:17
5045Jason KeastMV45Royton Road Runners00:53:42
5155Danny ParrMUnattached00:53:57
5270Diane WinterburnFV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:54:09
5337Kevin McGilvrayMV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:54:32
5448Dominic EdwardsMV40Saddleworth Runners Club00:55:04
5530Siobhan HalliganFV45Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:55:13
56394David HailwoodMV50Saddleworth Runners Club00:55:21
57395Jan NeedhamFV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:55:38
58392Anna BlomfieldFV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:56:02
5976Jacob SmilesMChorlton Runners00:56:12
6022Vicky SmithFBelle Vue Racers00:56:23
6168Davina RaidyFV45Rossendale Harriers & A.C.00:56:24
626Matt JonesMRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:56:34
63382Damian DuffyMUnattached00:57:16
6453Ben ShakespeareMUnattached00:57:36
6549Colin SmithMV55Trawden A.C.00:57:44
6625Gary CoxonMV55East Cheshire Harriers00:57:49
67391Jenny PillingFRochdale Harriers & A.C.00:57:56
6831Jill ButterworthFV40Rochdale Harriers & A.C.00:58:19
6927Jon ParamorMV60Manchester Y.M.C.A. 00:59:22
7010Paul SmithMRossendale Harriers & A.C.01:00:24
71383Renee OmahonyFV35Holcombe Harriers01:01:11
7279Elaine Blades-JordanFV35Middleton Harriers A.C.01:01:18
7351Simon BeswickMUnattached01:01:36
7472Hilary FarrenFV50Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:02:50
7575Stephen WildMV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:04:22
767Richard MasonMV55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:04:24
779Emma SmithFRossendale Harriers & A.C.01:05:42
7812Nicola SmithFV40Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:08:01
7940Kathy BridgeFV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:11:44
8014Karen ConduitFV60Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:12:32
8129Jacqueline MasonFV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:12:34
8241Claire WhittakerFV40Rossendale Harriers & A.C.01:13:35
8316Catherine UnwinFV50Rochdale Harriers & A.C.01:16:36
8457Ben Richardson MV40Unattached01:18:33
8550Tanya Smith FV40Unattached01:20:33
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