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Ian Terry Memorial 5k, Whitworth, Lancashire

16th July 2014

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. McBrideSMSalford Harriers16.08
2J. ReganJMUnattached17.03
3S. CarrollM40Royton Road Runners17.23
4D. EdmondsonM45Trawden AC17.49
5D. McBrideM40Royton Road Runners17.54
6C. LoweM40Royton Road Runners18.10
7O. FlageM40Oldham & Royton Harriers18.13
8P. MarsdenM40Royton Road Runners18.20
9S. ReadingM40Royton Road Runners18.40
10G. FieldingM40Royton Road Runners18.45
11I. DouglasSMRochdale Harriers18.48
12Christina SingletonSFTrawden AC18.53
13B. GoodwinM45Royton Road Runners19.11
14M. ButtSMRoyton Road Runners19.15
15A. FrostM45Rochdale Harriers19.19
16J. ThompsonM40Rossendale Harriers19.21
17D. EmmanuelM50Royton Road Runners19.22
18J. HoltJMOldham & Royton Harriers19.25
19J. WardSMRochdale Harriers19.28
20D. HallM50Royton Road Runners19.29
21M. TomanM45Rossendale Harriers19.44
22N. BrockM45Royton Road Runners19.46
23J. HalliganM45Andems Runners19.55
24D. FreerM40Royton Road Runners19.58
25A. HowardSMTrawden AC20.03
26Kirsty WhiteF40Royton Road Runners20.06
27B. LawtonM45Royton Road Runners20.08
28J. BeadmanM40Royton Road Runners20.11
29B. CassidyM55Royton Road Runners20.18
30J. KeastM45Royton Road Runners20.20
31S. McVeyM55Kestrel Super Flyers20.22
32A. ThompsonSMUnattached20.23
33G. CornsSMGM Police20.28
34N. FarrellM50Royton Road Runners20.32
35Jen HansonSFRoyton Road Runners20.34
36D. EllisSMRoyton Road Runners20.39
37Rebecca RobinsonSFRoyton Road Runners20.46
38R. ButterwickM40Todmorden Harriers20.49
39J. LambeM50Royton Road Runners20.54
40Anna BlomfieldF50Rochdale Harriers20.59
41S. CarterM60Keighley & Craven AC21.02
42S. RadcliffeM40Rossendale Harriers21.19
43R. GrahamM55Rossendale Harriers21.26
44M. NutterM45GM Police21.26
45Debbie ShawF45Royton Road Runners21.26
46C. EaversM60Royton Road Runners21.28
47B. GreavesM55Royton Road Runners21.30
48S. LakeM55Royton Road Runners21.35
49Z. WhitehouseJMUnattached21.38
50M. KilburnM45Royton Road Runners21.44
51D. PhilipsM70Royton Road Runners21.48
52Natalie FitzpatrickSFRoyton Road Runners21.49
53Laura WaltersSFRoyton Road Runners21.55
54G. SmithM50Royton Road Runners22.00
55N. AshcroftM45Unattached22.24
56M. HeaneyM55Unattached22.27
57D. WalmsleyM50Unattached22.29
58R. SmithM60Trawden AC22.37
59Davina RaidyF45Rossendale Harriers22.44
60S. HowardM40Royton Road Runners22.48
61Karen MatherF50Royton Road Runners23.03
62Val KilburnF45Royton Road Runners23.09
63G. BowerM40Royton Road Runners23.10
64Vanessa HamletF40Royton Road Runners23.13
65Clare McKennaF40Horwich RMI Harriers23.14
66Steph MonksSFRossendale Harriers23.23
67N. BoltonSMUnattached23.26
68D. HowarthM55Trawden AC23.33
69C. SmithM55Trawden AC23.34
70S. JonesM60Royton Road Runners23.38
71J. SmithJMRossendale Harriers23.56
72B. SmithJMRossendale Harriers24.00
73D. WoodM50Manchester Harriers24.03
74D. BurgessM45Royton Road Runners24.10
75Susan HeaneyF50Unattached24.24
76S. SeniorM60Middleton Harriers24.25
77P. RobertsM65Rochdale Harriers24.31
78J. SweeneyM40Royton Road Runners24.36
79I. BellM40GM Police24.45
80Gill SimpsonF50Rossendale Harriers24.51
81G. ParrM65Rochdale Harriers24.52
82Diane AllinganF55Royton Road Runners24.54
83Jean BaistowF65Trawden AC24.55
84Sarah TomasiSFRoyton Road Runners24.59
85Teresa HollinsF60Middleton Harriers25.07
86P. CookeM45Royton Road Runners25.09
87D. SmithM55Royton Road Runners25.14
88Fay RoyleF55Royton Road Runners25.18
89Lisa HowarthSFRoyton Road Runners25.20
90M. OliverM45Royton Road Runners25.22
91I. DigweedM45Andems Runners25.35
92L. BellJMGM Police25.36
93T. GreeneM70Saddleworth Runners25.40
94Virginia LewinF60Halifax Harriers25.42
95Rose RowsonF55Royton Road Runners25.44
96P. SmithSMRossendale Harriers25.47
97P. WolstenhulmeSMUnattached25.57
98M. DoolanM60Royton Road Runners26.04
99D. SterlingSMUnattached26.05
100Elizabeth RobinsonF35Unattached26.06
101Julie TomanF45Clayton le Moors Harriers26.12
102R. ChappellM65Clayton le Moors Harriers26.15
103Nikki GreenF45Royton Road Runners26.23
104Sue HeywoodF65Saddleworth Runners26.47
105J. MitchellM45Unattached26.47
106G. MeynellM65Royton Road Runners26.49
107S. BatesonM60Rossendale Harriers27.11
108Sam SwainF40Andems Runners27.12
109Julie FeltonF45Royton Road Runners27.14
110G. NavanM70Rossendale Harriers27.20
111Emma SmithSFRossendale Harriers27.25
112Katherine BrierleyF40Royton Road Runners27.37
113Jane HughesF45Rossendale Harriers27.48
114Claire FrazerSFUnattached28.20
115Sarah CollinsF40Royton Road Runners28.27
116Myra WellsF55Todmorden Harriers28.32
117Emma KennedySFRoyton Road Runners28.38
118Nicola KaySFClayton le Moors Harriers29.00
119Eloise BartlettSFRoyton Road Runners29.07
120June AllinganF70Royton Road Runners29.28
121J. MutchJMUnattached29.41
122Brenda RobinsonF70Rochdale Harriers29.45
123Mary FreerF35Royton Road Runners29.50
124A. KasprowiczM45Andems Runners29.58
125R. McLeanSMRochdale Harriers30.00
126T. KasprowiczM50Road Runners Club30.03
127B. Earnshaw SMUnattached30.16
128J. McGuireM55Clayton le Moors Harriers30.17
129A. WalmsleySMUnattached30.19
130D. FrazerSMUnattached30.22
131Lorna TaylorF35Rossendale Harriers30.38
132T. HartM45Oldham & Royton Harriers30.54
133Chloe HartJFOldham & Royton Harriers30.54
134Angie HartF40Oldham & Royton Harriers30.58
135Claire WhittakerSFRossendale Harriers31.03
136Carina ThompsonSFUnattached31.03
137K. PotterM50Unattached31.31
138Lauren TerryJFUnattached32.02
139S. BowdenSMUnattached32.02
140Beverley F45Unattached32.09
141Jo TerryF35Unattached32.13
142Cath UnwinF45Rochdale Harriers32.18
143B. BaistowM65Trawden AC32.35
144Sheila PhilipsF65Royton Road Runners33.05
145Claire FarrellF45Andems Runners33.09
146Shelley HeneghanF40Rossendale Harriers35.06
147K. BurdahySMUnattached35.12
148S. BowdenM40Unattached35.18
149Suzanne BowdenF40Unattached35.18
150I. StansfieldM70Todmorden Harriers36.30
151Sarah CloughF40Unattached38.41
152M. SmithSMUnattached41.56
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