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Stan Curran Birthday Reservoir 5k Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

21st August 2014

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1S. BrutonSMSalford Harriers15.41
2J. BaileySMSalford Harriers16.14
3D. HudsonSMSalford Harriers17.03
4B. McCartneySMSalford Harriers17.13
5G. BillingtonM40Salford Harriers17.16
6S. PenningtonM45Salford Harriers17.35
7B. CrowtherSMHalifax Harriers18.08
8Hayley Kuter (Rec)F35Salford Harriers18.09
9M. SeedM45Salford Harriers19.04
10D. CottleSMPrestwich AC19.10
11A. FrostM45Rochdale Harriers19.12
12M. HodsonM40Branh19.14
13C. JonesSMSalford Harriers19.22
14I. NuttallM45Prestwich AC19.31
15D. GrimshawSMTrawden AC19.34
16R. CollinsSMPrestwich AC19.44
17J. SacksSMSalford Harriers20.03
18M. TomanM45Rossendale Harriers20.10
19S. HirdSMUnattached20.18
20L. EdwardsSMBarlick Fell Runners20.31
21G. WilliamsM45Salford Harriers20.38
22S. MarleyM40Unattached20.42
23J. CoswaySMSalford Harriers20.48
24Anna BlomfieldF50Rochdale Harriers20.51
25R. GrahamM55Rossendale Harriers20.52
26E. RadcliffeJMRossendale Harriers21.06
27S. RadcliffeM40Rossendale Harriers21.10
28K. RobinsonM45Rochdale Harriers21.22
29C. HillSMRochdale Harriers21.32
30J. RileyM40Todmorden Harriers21.41
31D. PhilipsM70Royton Road Runners22.03
32D. WalmsleyM50Trawden AC22.11
33Fiona HerbertSFPrestwich AC22.14
34Alison AllertonF40Prestwich AC22.14
35S. CurranM65Salford Harriers22.17
36M. BradyM50Clayton le Moors Harriers22.21
37R. DalbyM55Rochdale Harriers22.25
38R. BownessM65Salford Harriers22.27
39C. GreenJMRochdale Harriers22.45
40Jenny PillingSFRochdale Harriers22.46
41Siobhan HalliganF45Andems Runners22.49
42D. HodsonJMUnattached22.51
43Hayley Nuttall F40Prestwich AC22.52
44T. DanielsM65Salford Harriers22.55
45Roisin KaManaghSFPrestwich AC22.57
46T. TempleM60Salford Harriers23.07
47D. BarnesM55Horwich RMI Harriers23.14
48Jennifer HolmSFPrestwich AC23.16
49S. RegerSMUnattached23.22
50P. RobertsM65Rochdale Harriers24.09
51S. SeniorM60Middleton Harriers24.12
52D. MoramM65Salford Harriers24.24
53Eileen WadsworthF55Rossendale Harriers24.32
54S. SacksM70Salford Harriers24.46
55Kyrinda .H.MooreF45Middleton Harriers24.55
56C. CarterM45Middleton Harriers24.55
57R. MasonM55Rochdale Harriers25.29
58Angela HanilyF45Prestwich AC25.36
59M. BuckM65Middleton Harriers25.37
60S. DarlingtonM60Salford Harriers25.42
61R. HirstM60Clayton le Moors Harriers25.50
62Julie TomanF45Clayton le Moors Harriers26.09
63R. McLeanSMRochdale Harriers26.13
64L. AinsworthM60Sale Harriers26.22
65Jo HoughtonF45Prestwich AC27.00
66Nicola KaySFClayton le Moors Harriers27.03
67Pat CurranF65Salford Harriers27.08
68Brenda RobinsonF70 Rochdale Harriers29.00
69Andrea WalmsleyF45Unattached29.12
70Lou GilchristF80Malley Striders29.22
71J. McGuireM55Clayton le Moors Harriers29.26
72Catherine UnwinF45Rochdale Harriers31.03
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