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Cheadle 4, Staffordshire

13th July 2014

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Results courtesy of Mick Beardmore for Cheadle Running Club
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Cat: Club:
183B Gamble86AMTipton Harriers20.55
232C Moulton156AMBoalloy21.49
385L Boulton MUnattached22.00
491S Myatt611AMTrentham R.C.22.14
5150M Smith18AMV 40South Cheshire Harriers22.19
6153D Betteley184AMV 40South Cheshire Harriers23.20
751L Bailey272AMNewcastle A.C.23.24
840S Minshall MTrentham R.C.23.31
950M Blundell MCannock and Stafford23.33
1068P Hillsden165AMStafford Harriers23.37
11348R Mottram-Jones1MV50Unattached23.39
1287D O'Farrell MUttoxeter Road Runners23.41
1357G Dodd596BMWhitchurch Whippits23.52
14343P Swan76AMV 50Trentham R.C.23.54
1529M Davies339AMNewcastle A.C.23.57
1638A Durrant MSouth Cheshire Harriers24.00
1742S Zikmanis55BMTrentham R.C.24.02
1837D Pickstock68AMTrentham R.C.24.07
19258A Mayers313AMV 45South Cheshire Harriers24.10
2084N Hackett101BMSouth Cheshire Harriers24.11
21260D Allen MV45Cheadle Running Club24.12
2292R Hall MUttoxeter Road Runners24.15
2364M Taylor MSouth Cheshire Harriers24.18
2436C Taylor66BMTrentham R.C.24.19
2552S Naylor420CMMichelin A.C.24.32
26683R Harrison LV 35Cheadle Running Club24.39
2786N Rafiq MUnattached24.46
2854K House MBoalloy R.C.24.48
29338M Haire129AMV 50Boalloy R.C.24.50
30784D Donlain MV45Unattached24.55
3176F Caci98BMMichelin A.C.24.57
32161S Day278CMV 40Unattached25.02
33248P Clinton141AMV 45Trentham R.C.25.05
34144S Bailey320EMV 40Newcastle A.C.25.21
35246T Barker351BMV 45South Cheshire Harriers25.24
3672A Northwood MTrentham R.C.25.29
37159P Hancock MV 40South Cheshire Harriers25.37
38253P Burslem255AMV 45Trentham R.C.25.39
39437M Askey602CMV 55Newcastle A.C.26.03
40522M Oldham428BMV60Manchester Harriers26.06
4181L Plimley MCheadle Running Club26.08
42551J Corbett MV 65Trentham R.C.26.09
4370J Lake205BMCannock and Stafford26.09
4473S Powner411DMUnattached26.10
4531D Ford345CMNewcastle A.C.26.13
4639D Jones169DMN.S.R.R.A26.15
4749B Bewley189BMNewcastle A.C.26.18
48690M Buckle139LLV35Newcastle A.C.26.25
4995R Fain316DMStone Master Marathoners26.33
50435A Brookes215BMV 55South Cheshire Harriers26.39
5146T Everest MTunbridge Wells Harriers26.47
52611D Johnson LBirchfield Harriers26.48
53347I Wood356BMV50Stafford Harriers26.56
54618Z Worthington LNotts Trent Uni A.C.27.00
55623R Snekkenes LIk Tsalve27.04
56680S Wilson64LLV 35South Cheshire Harriers27.15
57263N Sigley MV45Unattached27.19
58247J Green137DMV 45Staffs Moorlands A.C.27.19
59439C Green MV 55Staffs Moorlands A.C.27.19
60345K Pilling MV 50Unattached27.24
6158A Rowley MUnattached27.31
62251B Smith260CMV 45Trentham R.C.27.33
6389D Morrey MStaffs Moorlands A.C.27.34
64442J Wood95DMV55Michelin A.C.27.35
65155D Weldon119EMV 40N.S.R.R.A27.37
66152H Porter11CMV 40Boalloy R.C.27.39
67737W Swift395LLV 40Newcastle A.C.27.42
68346K Bloor562DMV50Trentham R.C.27.45
69687J Day LV 35South Cheshire Harriers27.47
70257C Astley MV 45Cheadle Running Club27.50
71254G Astley MV 45Uttoxeter Road Runners27.55
72686M Fox625LLV 35Stafford Harriers28.08
73339N Payne143CMV 50Michelin A.C.28.16
7455D Hill MUnattached28.16
7567A Deaville364CMSouth Cheshire Harriers28.16
76619C Ford LUttoxeter Road Runners28.21
77518N Stretton113CMV 60N.S.R.R.A28.37
7856P Lovatt MUnattached28.39
79353R Williams201CMV50Cheadle Running Club28.42
80262S Masterson MV45Unattached28.44
81256A Reeves-Jones51EMV 45Cheadle Running Club28.44
82703L Gordon LV40South Cheshire Harriers28.44
83168L Jones62CMV40Trentham R.C.28.51
84170P Lee MV40Stone Master Marathoners28.51
85350P Holdcroft MV50Stoke Fit28.53
86147P Phillips399EMV 40Stone Master Marathoners28.53
87432A Burt75DMV 55Chase Harriers29.00
8869B Miller MNewcastle A.C.29.04
89264C Bromley MV45Unattached29.04
90701T Jones171LLV 40Stafford Harriers29.06
91145P Jones349DMV 40Unattached29.10
92627G White LBoalloy29.11
9353J Stanfield162DMN.S.R.R.A29.15
94613S Griffiths609MLMichelin A.C.29.15
95250N Walton412DMV 45Newcastle A.C.29.18
96154K Mottram350DMV 40Buxton A.C.29.24
9779S Alder117DMN.S.R.R.A29.30
9890J Kelly MUnattached29.34
99336B Hardy403EMV 50N.S.R.R.A29.43
100603T Latham LUttoxeter Road Runners29.48
101516J Pearce310DMV 60Newport and District A.C.29.51
10271B Griffiths MNewcastle A.C.29.52
103440B Gregory419DMV 55South Cheshire Harriers30.00
10434J Alcock284EMNewcastle A.C.30.02
10562J Blount149EMNewcastle A.C.30.03
106351G O'Farrell MV50Unattached30.03
10780M Burley369DMTrentham R.C.30.03
108621J Rock410MLTrentham R.C.30.05
10965L Walker MNewcastle A.C.30.09
110779S Green LV 45Boalloy30.10
111157G Sheridan358EMV 40Trentham R.C.30.11
112776C Weller338MLV 45Newcastle A.C.30.12
113337M Bentley449DMV 50Stafford Harriers30.16
114608K Morris LNewcastle A.C.30.17
115736R Degg304MLV 40Newcastle A.C.30.24
11633O Clarke345EMNewcastle A.C.30.24
117261G Jones539CMV45Michelin A.C.30.38
118824C Skellern549LLV 50Stafford Harriers30.40
119163D Mattocks610DMV 40Stafford Harriers30.40
12059J Arrowsmith MUnattached30.45
121354K Holroyd MV50Staffs Moorlands A.C.30.48
122553A Jeavans MV 65Unattached30.53
123741L Stanyer232MLV 40Stafford Harriers30.57
124555J Stone MV 65Uttoxeter Road Runners31.00
125335C Martin5EMV 50Newcastle A.C.31.02
126748L Astley LV 40Uttoxeter Road Runners31.02
127148C Bourne16FMV 40Michelin A.C.31.25
12841J Bayley MNewcastle A.C.31.34
129954D Fellows179LLV 65+Cannock and Stafford31.36
13077A Marsland MManchester Uni R.C.31.39
13194M Ridout MUnattached31.39
132342I Allen131EMV 50N.S.R.R.A31.39
13363H Julian MTrentham R.C.31.40
134255D Pearce360DMV 45Chase Harriers31.46
135906P Davies107MLV 60 Stone Master Marathoners31.47
136344G Julian MV 50Trentham R.C.31.50
137554P Divall202EMV 65N.S.R.R.A31.58
138685C Atherton118MLV 35South Cheshire Harriers32.02
139156A Bourne MV 40Unattached32.12
140689L Corbett LV35Trentham R.C.32.20
14160S Chapman MUnattached32.25
142166P Glover MV40Unattached32.27
14378D Butt MManchester Uni R.C.32.29
144615M Rigby LUnattached32.29
145521E Smith342MV60Stafford Harriers32.29
146557R Marland385EMV65N.S.R.R.A32.29
147164A Worsey83GMV 40Newcastle A.C.32.37
148830T Brown LV50South Cheshire Harriers32.39
149165A Coates MV 40South Cheshire Harriers32.39
150744A-M Mountford182WLV 40Stone Master Marathoners32.46
151520K Goss336FMV 60Uttoxeter Road Runners32.58
152740T Ridings331XLV 40Stafford Harriers33.08
153749S Hall LV 40Unattached33.09
154607B Rogers LNewcastle A.C.33.13
15593J Thornhill MUnattached33.26
15674C Carpenter311FMCheadle Running Club33.26
157162C Lake207DMV 40Unattached33.30
158151A Zammit233EMV 40Telford Harriers33.31
15988J Wood154GMMichelin A.C.33.35
160746S Brookes LV 40South Cheshire Harriers33.35
161519B Powell191FMV 60N.S.R.R.A33.44
16275J Taylor MTrentham R.C.33.53
16382G McLachlan359EMMichelin A.C.33.53
164583A Lewis563EMV 70+Trentham R.C.34.00
165517M McCoig275FMV 60Stone Master Marathoners34.13
166167T Shaw MV40Michelin A.C.34.22
167617K Sunderland LNewcastle A.C.34.34
168691R Ibbs197MLV35Newcastle A.C.34.53
169550C Earp146FMV 65South Cheshire Harriers35.23
170738C Lantsberry365XLV 40Trentham R.C.35.33
171556F Chidlow384CMV65Stafford Harriers35.39
172825S Davies140WLV 50South Cheshire Harriers35.44
173609V Pilling LUnattached35.44
174679E Baggaley-Clay LV 35Uttoxeter Road Runners35.52
175158A Miszkiel408FMV 40N.S.R.R.A35.55
176688C Cox LV35Newcastle Tri Club35.57
177259S Sheard MV 45Unattached36.04
178604S Nutter LUnattached36.06
179340J Green MV 50Boalloy R.C.36.18
18030A Fox MUnattached36.44
18166C Holland MUnattached36.50
182433C Pheasant382FMV 55Chase Harriers36.52
183822G Earp147WLV 50Stafford Harriers36.56
184826L Lymer317XLV 50Trentham R.C.37.13
185682S Gillick LV 35Unattached37.20
186523M Rushton475FMV60Trentham R.C.37.29
187777S Sutton38XLV 45Michelin A.C.37.34
188782W Deacon LV45Unattached37.36
189780J Burchell LV 45South Cheshire Harriers37.36
190146S Millward MV 40Unattached37.36
191858K Mellor216XLV55Potters Trotters37.40
192624Z Smith LUnattached37.40
193585T Goodwin380FMV70+N.S.R.R.A37.49
194601L Barker281WLSouth Cheshire Harriers37.57
195616R Lowe LUnattached37.59
196355M Ruiz Martin MV50Unattached38.23
197955J Edwards124XLV 65+Stone Master Marathoners38.23
198606Z Sorrell LUnattached38.26
199857J Loughhead LV 55Unattached38.27
200352D Morrey MV50Unattached38.38
201829K Sokolenko407WLV50N.S.R.R.A38.44
202612N Dunn LUnattached38.46
203610K Geary347WLUnattached38.48
204700A Thorley LV 40Michelin A.C.38.54
205349D Carter MV50Uttoxeter Road Runners39.03
206584M Jones584GMV 70+Stafford Harriers39.08
207743E Naden LV 40South Cheshire Harriers39.13
208783D Jackson LV45Stoke Fit39.26
209580J Hateley MV 70+Stafford Harriers39.39
210681E Fox LV 35Unattached39.40
211602C Byatt LUnattached39.40
212828A Griffiths LV 50Stone Master Marathoners39.52
213552C Baggaley373FMV 65Uttoxeter Road Runners40.09
214622N Mountford LUnattached40.10
215626S Hodgkinson LNewcastle A.C.40.25
216620L Hall300XLCheadle Running Club40.40
217581G Rowe159XMV 70+Newcastle A.C.40.51
218614C Lovatt LUnattached40.56
219625O Matthews LUnattached40.56
220905A Davies344XLV 60Potters Trotters41.53
221341W Clark MV 50Unattached41.59
222855M Burt7XLV 55Chase Harriers43.16
223586B Whitworth363GMV70+Stafford Harriers43.34
224434P Cooper MV 55Uttoxeter Road Runners43.58
22561D Morris MMichelin A.C.44.48
226702S Probyn LV40Unattached44.51
227600E Carr LNewcastle A.C.45.09
228827A Lymer LV 50Trentham R.C.45.50
229684L Macdiamid LV 35Uttoxeter Road Runners47.29
230747S Pointon LV 40Unattached47.55
231252S Pointon MV 45Unattached47.55
232742C Mark LV 40Unattached49.32
233441R Mace MV55Cheadle Running Club65.18

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