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Ian Casey Memorial Cowm Reservoir Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

15th May 2014

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan. There are some unresolved queries - please email Andy if you can correct anything!
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Cat: Club:
1M. FlatleyV40Middleton Harriers16.32
2I. RobertsSMRochdale Harriers16.56
3R. InghamV40Royton Road Runners17.49
4P. JibsonV45Middleton Harriers17.59
5I. DaleV50Royton Road Runners18.09
6D. McBrideSMRoyton Road Runners18.16
7D. PeartV45Royton Road Runners18.25
8S. ReadingV40Royton Road Runners18.28
9O. FlageV40Oldham & Royton Harriers18.42
10   18.46
11G. FieldingV40Royton Road Runners18.47
12B. GoodwinV45Royton Road Runners18.47
13D. YarwoodSMRoyton Road Runners18.49
14D. EmanuelV50Royton Road Runners19.00
15M. TaylorV40Royton Road Runners19.03
16M. Y. ButtSMRoyton Road Runners19.06
17E. StoneV50Royton Road Runners19.12
18M. HarrisonSMRoyton Road Runners19.13
19D. MorleySMUnattached19.19
20D. HallV50Royton Road Runners19.22
21D. ThorpeV45Royton Road Runners19.25
22R. ButterwickV40Todmorden Harriers19.35
23Jennifer SmithFWarrington19.38
24N. BrookV45Royton Road Runners19.39
25D. FreerV40Royton Road Runners19.47
26   20.00
27M. ClawsonSMUnattached20.04
28A. LeeV40Rossendale Harriers20.05
29J. WilliamsonV40Royton Road Runners20.06
30J. KeastV45Royton Road Runners20.08
31J. LambeV50Royton Road Runners20.13
32Kirsty WhiteVF40Royton Road Runners20.16
33C. SykesV40Rochdale Harriers20.18
34   20.23
35D. EllisSMRoyton Road Runners20.24
36J. HigginsV60Royton Road Runners20.25
37P. TaylorV45Middleton Harriers20.33
38J. BeedmanV40Royton Road Runners20.34
39Jenny HansonFRoyton Road Runners20.47
40B. CassidyV55Royton Road Runners20.48
41S. McVeyV55Kesterl Super Flyers20.49
42R. HeneghanJMRossendale Harriers20.56
43   21.04
44N. FarrellV50Royton Road Runners21.08
45S. ShawV55Royton Road Runners21.11
46   21.15
47B. ZebrowskiSMUnattached21.20
48   21.26
49S. LakeV55Royton Road Runners21.28
50Debbie ShawVF50Royton Road Runners21.30
51C. EaversV60Royton Road Runners21.32
52   21.36
53S. LewisV50Middleton Harriers21.38
54Laura WaltersFRoyton Road Runners21.39
55I. McBrideSMRoyton Road Runners21.47
56M. KilburnV45Royton Road Runners21.47
57Rochelle EvansVF35Royton Road Runners21.49
58D. PhilipsV70Royton Road Runners22.01
59Val KilburnVF45Royton Road Runners22.12
60Jan NeedhamVF60Rochdale Harriers22.14
61G. SmithV50Royton Road Runners22.15
62R. QuinnV60Royton Road Runners22.16
63J. SweeneyV40Royton Road Runners22.21
64J. CashinSMRoyton Road Runners22.21
65Helen KnightVF40Royton Road Runners22.22
66Mary MurphyJFMiddleton Harriers22.40
67A. HayhurstSMRoyton Road Runners22.43
68R. UnwinSMMiddleton Harriers22.44
69G. Bower V40Royton Road Runners22.45
70Karen MatherVF50Royton Road Runners22.48
71J. HughesV55Blackburn Harriers22.51
72S. WildV50Rochdale Harriers22.55
73Jill ButterworthVF40Rochdale Harriers23.03
74Jayne RobertsFRoyton Road Runners23.06
75D. MoynihanV40Royton Road Runners23.15
76A. WalkerV40Vegetarian AC23.17
77Erin GrimeJFSalford Harriers23.17
78I. Grime V40Newham & Essex Beagles23.17
79Clare McKennaVF40Horwich RMI Harriers23.18
80S. JonesV60Royton Road Runners23.24
81Catherine MurphyVF45Middleton Harriers23.33
82S. TomlinsonV55Andems Runners23.50
83S. HowardV40Royton Road Runners23.51
84J. BowlingSMUnattached23.55
85D. SmithV55Royton Road Runners24.07
86C. Hardmanv45Unattached24.12
87S. SeniorV60Middleton Harriers24.33
88Nikki GreenVF45Royton Road Runners24.35
89I. HollowayV60Rochdale Harriers24.41
90   24.44
91Joanne WalshVF45Rochdale Harriers24.50
92N. DalyV55Fell Runners Association24.54
93KR PealinV60Middleton Harriers25.03
94Teresa HollinsVF60Middleton Harriers25.06
95M. BuckV65Middleton Harriers25.09
96P. HeneghanV45Rossendale Harriers25.11
97P. RobertsV65Rochdale Harriers25.35
98S. BassamV60Middleton Harriers25.37
99M. DoolanV60Royton Road Runners25.38
100A. BowcockV50Middleton Harriers25.48
101Fay RoyleVF55Royton Road Runners26.04
102N. BarkerV50Royton Road Runners26.07
103P. JepsonV70Rossendale Harriers26.14
104Sarah CollinsVF40Royton Road Runners26.23
105Diana HandVF35Royton Road Runners26.44
106Tricia NorthVF40Unattached26.54
107Cheryl HopleyFUnattached26.58
108Julie OrmerodVF40Unattached27.22
109R. HirstV60Clayton le Moors Harriers27.23
110R. McLeanSMRochdale Harriers27.48
111Anne JonesVF50Royton Road Runners28.02
112Katherine BrierleyVF40Royton Road Runners28.10
113Natalie Yates-BoltonVF45Royton Road Runners28.18
114Nikki MellorVF40Royton Road Runners29.11
115Myra WellsVF55Todmorden Harriers29.13
116June AllinghanVF70Royton Road Runners30.03
117Janice PughVF55Middleton Harriers30.19
118D. LeylandV45Royton Road Runners30.22
119Mary FreerVF40Royton Road Runners30.29
120Ann LeylandVF40Royton Road Runners30.37
121J. PayneJMUnattached31.09
122C. LarkinJMUnattached31.12
123C. HoltJMUnattached31.14
125Catherine UnwinVF45Rochdale Harriers31.38
126Sheila PhilipsVF65Royton Road Runners32.13
127I. StansfieldV70Todmorden Harriers33.45
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