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Vera Hirst 5k, Littleborough, nr. Rochdale

27th March 2013

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. McBrideSMRoyton Road Runners15.50
2M. FlatleyM40Middleton Harriers16.35
3W. SmithSMKeighley & Craven AC16.56
4C. LoweM40Royton Road Runners17.36
5M. ChalfontM40Chorley17.40
6L. SpencerSMKeighley & Craven AC17.44
7A. ThomasM40Keighley & Craven AC17.45
8O. FlageM40Oldham & Royton Harriers18.06
9R. InghamSMRoyton Road Runners18.26
10A. MarsdenSMOldham & Royton Harriers18.40
11S. ArmstrongSMRoyton Road Runners18.47
12M. TomsM45Rossendale Harriers18.49
13R. ThompsonJMKeighley & Craven AC18.54
14M. SeedM45Salford Harriers19.04
15J. HigginsM55Royton Road Runners19.07
16D. BrookesSMNewburgh Nomads19.21
17D. EmmanuelM45Royton Road Runners19.23
18D. FreerM40Royton Road Runners19.25
19L. BestM60Stockport Harriers19.26
20S. ReadingSMRoyton Road Runners19.27
21B. CassidyM50Royton Road Runners19.28
22M. WildeSMRoyton Road Runners19.31
23Laura HeskethSFClayton-le-Moors Harriers19.32
24A. FrostM45Unattached19.36
25M. HarperSMTodmorden Harriers19.44
26R. KellettM45Royton Road Runners19.48
27M. TomanM45Rossendale Harriers19.51
28D. KennerleySMOldham & Royton Harriers19.53
29D. WilliamsM45Royton Road Runners19.58
30E. StoneM40Royton Road Runners20.02
31I. AitchisonM55Rochdale Harriers20.05
32I. DaleM45Royton Road Runners20.11
33B. WhittamM45Royton Road Runners20.13
34B. GreavesM55Royton Road Runners20.14
35J. NearlySMRossendale Harriers20.15
36J. HodgeM40Rochdale Tri20.16
37R. ButterwickM40Todmorden Harriers20.17
38Eleanor RobinsonJFKeighley & Craven AC20.18
39E. BrettJMKeighley & Craven AC20.25
40T. HartM45Royton Road Runners20.27
41J. ThompsonJMKeighley & Craven AC20.35
42G. OatesM40Royton Road Runners20.36
43C. SpenceJMKeighley & Craven AC20.48
44S. WellsM45Unattached20.52
45A. ReynoldsSMUnattached20.59
46Kirsty WhiteF40Royton Road Runners21.10
47P. ThompsonM45Keighley & Craven AC21.13
48B. LawtonM45Royton Road Runners21.16
49S. LakeM55Unattached21.22
50J. LambeM50Royton Road Runners21.31
51C. TaylorM45Unattached21.37
52D. HirstSMUnattached21.46
53Jennifer HansonSFRoyton Road Runners21.52
54Laura KnowlesJFKeighley & Craven AC21.54
55Debbie ShawF45Royton Road Runners22.02
56S. ShawM55Royton Road Runners22.15
57G. CoxonM55East Cheshire Harriers22.17
58D. ManningsM45Oldham & Royton Harriers22.18
59D. AthertonM55Oldham & Royton Harriers22.32
60R. QuinnM60Royton Road Runners22.42
61D. SharpSMUnattached22.53
62Nikki LavinF40Road Runners Club22.57
63Emma ThompsonJFKeighley & Craven AC22.57
64D. BostockSMUnattached23.08
65J. SweeneySMRoyton Road Runners23.32
66S. BrownM50Royton Road Runners23.40
67T. KaneM60Royton Road Runners23.42
68G. BeattieM60Sale Harriers Manchester23.44
69S. JonesM55Royton Road Runners23.45
70Rochelle EvansSFRoyton Road Runners23.46
71Jayne RobertsSFRoyton Road Runners23.47
72P. WolstenholmeSMUnattached24.12
73Rowan FinchSFUnattached24.25
74Helen KnightF40Royton Road Runners24.27
75Sara BottF45Oldham & Royton Harriers24.39
76Angie HartF35Royton Road Runners24.42
77G. LawlerM60East Cheshire Harriers24.46
78S. SeniorM55Middleton Harriers24.56
79Laura WaltersSFRoyton Road Runners25.13
80Nikki GreenF45Royton Road Runners25.16
81D. WoodM50Manchester Harriers25.20
82Jennifer AdamsF60Northern Veterans AC25.34
83P. JepsonM70Rossendale Harriers25.38
84I. DigweedM45Andems Runners25.43
85T. KasprowiczM45Road Runners Club25.45
86Yvonne WickhamF50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers25.46
87Lindsey RuddF40Oldham & Royton Harriers25.48
88R. ChappellM65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers26.12
89S. CarneyM50Unattached26.23
90Jayne ClarksonSFUnattached26.30
91Sam SwainF40Andems Runners26.36
92D. WhiteM65Unattached26.57
93R. CleggSMBolton United Harriers27.02
94A. BowcockM50Middleton Harriers27.16
95A. KasprowiczM45Andems Runners27.25
96P. BoardmanM50Horwich RMI Harriers27.33
97P. FlintM45Unattached27.45
98Abigail WebbSFOldham & Royton Harriers27.47
99T. FinchM70Vegetarian Cycling & AC27.55
100Myra WellsF55Todmorden Harriers28.38
101Anne JonesF50Royton Road Runners29.27
102Lou GilchristF80Valley Striders30.03
103June AllinganF65Royton Road Runners30.12
104B. SwindelleM60Royton Road Runners30.14
105P. JumoSMUnattached30.51
106Karen StuttardF45Royton Road Runners30.54
107Amy GeeSFUnattached30.57
108Mary FreerF35Royton Road Runners31.17
109Susan DavenportF45Unattached32.42
110Yvonne RidsdaleF45Unattached32.42
111Penny MeadowcroftF40Andems Runners33.12
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