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Geoff Doggett Memorial 5k, Littleborough, Lancashire

7th May 2013

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1R. HughesSMSalford Harriers16.41
2M. GraceSMSalford Harriers16.50
3D. HudsonSMSalford Harriers17.02
4D. LockettM45Salford Harriers17.15
5G. BillingtonSMSalford Harriers17.29
6B. McCartneySMSalford Harriers17.53
7C. MerchantSMRochdale Harriers17.59
8P. JibsonM45Middleton Harriers18.10
9P. BennettSMRochdale Harriers18.31
10S. ArmstrongSMRoyton Road Runners18.33
11C. FosterM40Salford Harriers18.38
12S. OwenM60Salford Harriers18.54
13G. ChestersM50Salford Harriers19.09
14J. O'ConnorM40Salford Harriers19.17
15Amy GreenSFKeighley & Craven AC19.20
16P. StephensSMSalford Harriers19.28
17S. CordellM40Salford Harriers19.39
18M. SeedM45Salford Harriers19.51
19I. DaleM45Royton Road Runners19.58
20M. HarperM40 Todmorden Harriers20.02
21I. AitchisonM55Rochdale Harriers20.03
22S. WellsM45Unattached20.06
23D. HirstSMUnattached20.17
24G. OatesM40Royton Road Runners20.18
25J. HodgeM40Rochdale Tri20.30
26C. CarterM45Middleton Harriers20.54
27J. HoltJMOldham & Royton Harriers20.57
28M. TomanM45Rossendale Harriers21.03
29S. CurranM65Salford Harriers21.15
30Donna RileyF45Clayton le Moors Harriers21.32
31N. CanhamM60Trafford AC21.48
32D. AthertonM55Oldham & Royton Harriers21.53
33Chloe LockettJFStockport Harriers21.55
34D. ManningsM45Oldham & Royton Harriers21.56
35Ruth BeresfordSFTrafford AC22.13
36G. ThomasonM55Salford Harriers22.20
37T. TempleM55Salford Harriers22.28
38Megan MurphyJFMiddleton Harriers22.37
39Mary MurphyJFMiddleton Harriers22.46
40R. RichardsJMUnattached22.57
41M. CatherallM55Rochdale Harriers23.02
42B. FairbrotherM65Middleton Harriers23.09
43P. WilliamsM55Oldham & Royton Harriers23.28
44T. HartM45Royton Road Runners23.29
45D. MoranM65Salford Harriers23.49
46S. seniorM55Middleton Harriers23.59
47D. BarnesM55Horwich RMI Harriers24.07
48D. WoodM50Manchester Harriers24.21
49Kyrinda H. MooreF45Middleton Harriers24.29
50A. KasprowiczM45Andems Runners24.53
51S. LewisM50Unattached24.57
52Sara BottF45Oldham & Royton Harriers25.01
53Eileen WadsworthF45Rossendale Harriers25.08
54Keith PealinM60Middleton Harriers25.20
55Sue ExonF60Trafford AC25.26
56Angie HartF35Royton Road Runners25.32
57Joanne WalshF45Rochdale Harriers25.34
58R. LawsonM70Clayton le Moors Harriers25.35
59L. RuddM40Oldham & Royton Harriers25.37
60Yvonne WickhamF50Clayton le Moors Harriers25.40
61Catherine MurphyF45Middleton Harriers25.50
62I. DigweedM45Andems Runners25.51
63T. KasprowiczM45Road Runners Club25.53
64F. MurrayM65Salford Harriers25.58
65B. TowellM70Salford Harriers26.30
66Sam SwainF40Andems Runners26.47
67Jackie KershawF40Clayton le Moors Harriers26.52
68Jennifer AdamsF60Northern Veterans AC27.00
69S. BaileyM55Deestriders27.09
70M. BuckM65Middleton Harriers27.12
71Myra WellsF55Todmorden Harriers29.05
72M. WalkerM60Unattached29.22
73Pat CurranF60Salford Harriers30.01
74B. HartleyM70Unattached30.29
75Linda RhodesF60Middleton Harriers30.48
76Bev RichardsF45Unattached31.53
77Penny MeadowcroftF40Andems Runners33.07
78I. StansfieldM65Todmorden Harriers34.30
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