2012 Race Calendar

FR means full results now available on this site. RL means link to results. XL means Excel file available for download. Some may be zipped (ZIP) to compress them. INF means link to external site for further information and/or possibly an entry form. MAP means link to map of venue (Not got a map link? Send me a postcode with your race details). PIX means link to site with race photos (which may or my not retain photos for any length of time!).

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January (click column heading to sort) 
DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sun01 JanuaryJoe Salt New Year's Day Multi-Terrain Awakener Race, Whitworth, nr. RochdaleLancashire04.2 MultiFR/MAP
Sun01 JanuaryCleethorpes New Years Day 10kLincolnshire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun01 JanuaryBenfield Motors Morpeth Road RaceNorthumberland 11.0RoadFR/INF
Sun01 JanuaryVernon's "Limp Wrist" 5 Mile Run, StaffordStaffordshire05.0 MultiFR/PIX
Sun01 JanuaryBrooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10k & 3k Fun Run, Hyde ParkLondon 10.0RoadFR/INF
Mon02 JanuaryNew Year Relay, YorkYorkshire, North  RelayFR
Sat07 JanuaryNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun08 JanuaryHit the Trail 5, Reddish Vale, StockportCheshire05.0 TrailFR/INF
Sat14 JanuaryAshurst Beacon Race, Dalton, nr. SkelmersdaleLancashire06.0 HillFR
Sun22 JanuaryBrass Monkey Run Half Marathon, YorkYorkshire, North13.1 RoadFR/INF/PIX1/PIX2
Sun29 JanuaryMeltham 10k, nr. HuddersfieldYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat04 FebruaryNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat04 FebruaryThe Rauceby Ripper, South RaucebyLincolnshire08.5 MultiFR/INF
Sun05 FebruarySt. Wilfrid's Muddy Boots 10k (approx) & Fun Run, RiponYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/MAP
Sat11 February42nd Parbold Hill Race, nr. WiganLancashire06.75 HillFR/INF/PIX
Sun12 FebruaryNorman Matthews Winter Hill Fell Race, Rivington, Horwich, BoltonLancashire11.0 FellFR/INF/MAP/ PIX1/PIX2/PIX3
Sun12 FebruaryAndrew Steele Olympic Bid Race, LittleboroughLancashire05.0 MultiFR/MAP
Sun12 FebruaryMad Dog Seaside 10k Run, SouthportMerseyside 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun12 FebruaryLiversedge Half Marathon, RoberttownYorkshire, West13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun12 FebruaryAnn Johnson Absent Friends Trail Run, nr. BillinghamTeesside05.0 TrailFR/INF/MAP
Sat18 FebruaryStandish Hall Trail Race, nr. WiganLancashire 10.0TrailFR/INF/MAP/PIX1/PIX2
Sun19 FebruaryBlackburn "Winter Warmer" 10k & Junior 2.5kLancashire 10.0RoadINF/MAPPIX
Sun19 FebruaryCentral Lancashire 5k, BoltonLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX1/PIX2
Sun19 FebruaryWombwell SAC 5 Mile Road Race, BarnsleyYorkshire, South05.0 RoadFR/INF
Fri24 FebruaryMr. Sparkle's Dark 'Un, Tockholes, DarwenLancashire05.0 FellFR/INF/PIX
Sun26 February23rd Great North West Half Marathon, BlackpoolLancashire13.1 RoadFR/PIX
Sun26 FebruaryTerry Nortley 10 Mile Trail Race, RadcliffeGreater Manchester10.0 TrailFR/INF/MAP/PIX1/PIX2
Sun26 FebruaryThe Snake Lane 10, PocklingtonYorkshire, East10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun26 FebruaryMalcolm McDougall Memorial Netherhall 10, MaryportCumbria10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun26 FebruaryThe Huddersfield 10kYorkshire, West 13.1RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun26 FebruaryKnype Pool Charity Race & Fun Run, BiddulphStaffordshire05.0 MultiFR/INF/PIX
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat03 MarchStanley Park 10k, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sat03 MarchNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun04 MarchHaweswater Half Marathon, Bampton, nr. ShapCumbria13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun04 MarchHaweswater Junior Run, Bampton, nr. ShapCumbria01.6 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun04 MarchAlexandra Park 5k Women's SeriesGreater Manchester 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun04 MarchNorthern Veterans AC Cross Country, Victoria Park, WarringtonCheshire  XCFR
Sun04 March25th Cloud Nine Hill Race, CongletonCheshire09.0 HillFR/INF/MAP
Sun04 MarchCheadle 5 Mile Road Race, Cheadle, nr. Stoke-on-TrentStaffordshire05.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun04 MarchNorton 9, nr. DoncasterYorkshire, South09.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun04 MarchArbroath Footers Ladies Only 10 Mile Road Race, ArbroathScotland, Angus10.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun11 MarchBlackpool Marathon, BlackpoolLancashire26.2 RoadFR/PIX
Sun11 MarchBlackpool Half Marathon, BlackpoolLancashire13.1 RoadFR/PIX
Sun11 MarchRoddlesworth Roller MT, Abbey Village, nr. ChorleyLancashire06.0 MultiFR/MAP/PIX
Sun11 MarchDaffodil Doddle 2 Mile, Abbey Village, nr. ChorleyLancashire02.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun11 MarchSpring 5k Road Race, BlackpoolLancashire 05.0RoadFR
Sun11 MarchTrafford 10k, PartingtonGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun11 MarchSpen 20, CleckheatonYorkshire, West20.0 RoadFR/MAP
Sun11 MarchNewton's Fraction Half Marathon, GranthamLincolnshire13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun18 MarchUltrafit St. Annes 10 MileLancashire10.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX1/PIX2
Sun18 MarchJoe Ashcroft Memorial 5k Cowm Reservoir Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Sun18 MarchSouth Yorkshire Half Marathon, nr. BarnsleyYorkshire, South13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun18 MarchEast Hull 20, HullYorkshire, East20.0 RoadFR/INF
Sat24 MarchBodyfit Lorton School 10k, High LortonCumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun25 MarchGoal-Den Girls Women's 10k, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0RoadFR/PIX
Sun25 MarchMuddy Bottoms Off-Road 9 Mile Run/Walk, Bamber BridgeLancashire09.0 MultiFR
Sun25 MarchMuddy Bottoms Off-Road 17 Mile Run/Walk, Bamber BridgeLancashire17.0 MultiFR
Sun25 MarchThirsk 10 Mile Road RaceYorkshire, North10.0 RoadFR/INF
Wed28 MarchVera Hirst 5k, Littleborough, RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP
Wed28 MarchSouth Yorkshire Road League - Oxspring 5, PenistoneYorkshire, South05.0 RoadFR
Sat31 MarchBelle Vue House 10k, OrmskirkLancashire 10.0MultiFR/MAP/PIX
Sat31 MarchSilkstone Shuffle Multi-Terrain Race Series (1/4), BarnsleyYorkshire, South04.507.0MultiFR/INF
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sun01 AprilBent & Bongs 10k Trail Race, TyldesleyGreater Manchester 10.0TrailFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun01 AprilLancaster Three Bridges 10k Race, LancasterLancashire 10.0RoadFR
Sun01 April5 Mile Run in the Park, Heaton ParkGreater Manchester05.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun01 AprilAlexandra Park 5k Women's SeriesGreater Manchester 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun01 AprilBaildon Boundary Way (Walk), Shipley, BradfordYorkshire, West13.1 MultiFR/INF
Sun01 AprilBaildon Boundary Way (Run), Shipley, BradfordYorkshire, West13.1 MultiFR/INF
Sun01 AprilHartlepool Marina 5 Mile Road RaceCounty Durham05.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun01 AprilHornsea 1/3rd Marathon, HornseaYorkshire, East08.74 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Wed04 AprilBrenda & Colin Robinson's 5k Road Race, Littleborough, RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP
Wed04 AprilInter Club Race 1 - Blackpool 4 MileLancashire04.0 RoadFR/XL
Wed04 AprilChester Spring 5, Upton, nr. ChesterCheshire05.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Fri06 AprilSalford 10k Road RaceGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Fri06 AprilMermaid 5k, Marske by the SeaCleveland 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat07 AprilPendle Senior Fell Race, BarleyLancashire  RoadFR/PIX1/PIX2
Sat07 AprilPendle Under 18 Fell Race, BarleyLancashire  RoadFR/PIX1/PIX2
Sat07 AprilPendle Under 8 to Under 16 Fell Race, BarleyLancashire  RoadFR/PIX/PIX3
Sat07 AprilNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun08 AprilGuiseley Gallop Multi-Terrain, Guiseley, nr. LeedsYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF/MAP/VID
Sun08 AprilAir Products 10k & 5k Fun Run, CreweCheshire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun08 AprilRun the Bridge Halton 5, nr. RuncornCheshire05.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun08 AprilHull MarathonYorkshire, East26.2 RoadFR/INF
Wed11 AprilSteve Rothwell Memorial Road Race, RochdaleLancashire04.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Wed11 AprilSouth Yorkshire Road League - Silkstone 5, PenistoneYorkshire, South05.0 RoadFR
Sun15 AprilHyndburn 10k Trail Race, Clayton-le-Moors, AccringtonLancashire 10.0TrailFR
Sun15 AprilRadcliffe 10k MTGreater Manchester 10.0MultiFR/INF/MAP/PIX1/PIX2/PIX3
Sun15 AprilCatforth Village 7 Mile Road Race, CatforthLancashire07.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun15 AprilWakefield Hospice City 10kYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Sun15 AprilWhitley 10k & Fun Run, nr. WarringtonCheshire 10.0RoadFR
Sun15 AprilNSPCC Sandstone Trail 10k, Beeston Market, nr. BunburyCheshire 10.0TrailFR/INF
Wed18 AprilKen Taylor Cowm Reservoir Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Wed18 AprilStride Through the Woods 5k, HydeCheshire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri20 AprilChorley Park Series (1/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Fri20 AprilChorley Park Junior Series (1/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Fri20 AprilGerard Navan's 70th Birthday Bash MT 5k, Whitworth, nr. RochdaleLancashire 05.0MultiFR/MAP
Sat21 AprilSt. George's Day 10k & 3k Fun Run, Great Langdale (Day 1)Cumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun22 AprilRibby Hall Village Triathlon, nr. KirkhamLancashire  TriathFR/PIX
Sun22 AprilStonyhurst Sprint Triathlon, Hurst Green, nr. ClitheroeLancashire  TriathFR/INF/MAP
Sun22 AprilGarstang Gallop 10k, nr. PrestonLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun22 AprilSt. George's Day 10k & 3k Fun Run, Great Langdale (Day 2)Cumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun22 AprilBolton 10k & Fun RunLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun22 AprilBlackrod Half Marathon, nr. BoltonLancashire13.1 RoadFR
Wed25 AprilJohn Metcalfe Memorial Healey Dash, Whitworth, RochdaleLancashire03.0 MultiFR/MAP
Wed25 AprilSouth Yorkshire Road League - Bradfield 5, SheffieldYorkshire, South05.0 RoadFR
Thu26 AprilSalford 5k Road Race, Heaton ParkGreater Manchester 05.0RoadFR/VID
Thu26 AprilSalford Under 17 3k Road Race, Heaton ParkGreater Manchester 03.0RoadFR
Sat28 AprilWray Scarecrow 10k, Wray, nr. LancasterLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sat28 AprilNorth Wales 10 Mile Road Race, WrexhamWales, North10.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun29 AprilFleetwood 10 Mile Road RaceLancashire10.0 RoadFR/PIX
Sun29 AprilSouth Cheshire 20, Shavington, CreweCheshire20.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun29 AprilFountains 10k, GrantleyYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR
Sun29 AprilCity of Durham DuathlonCounty Durham  DuathFR/INF
May (click column heading to sort)Top of page Go to top of page
DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Tue01 MayHilary Craft Action against Cancer Cowm Reservoir 5k, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Wed02 MayBuxworth 5 Road Race, Buxworth, High PeakDerbyshire05.0 RoadFR
Sat05 MayNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFRINF
Sun06 MayGreat Hameldon Hill Race, Accrington (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 1/15)Lancashire06.0 HillFR/INF/MAP
Sun06 MayScorton Bikes and Barrows 10k, nr. PrestonLancashire 10.0RoadFR
Sun06 MayAlexandra Park 5k Women's SeriesGreater Manchester 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun06 MayKirkbymoorside 10kYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun06 MayBluebell Trail 10, HalifaxYorkshire, West10.3 MultiFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Mon07 MayPreston Guild 5k and Junior 5k, PrestonLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/PIX
Mon07 MayIan Clegg Memorial Reservoir 5k, Whitworth, nr. RochdaleLancashire 05.0MultiFR/MAP
Mon07 MayWray Caton Moor Fell Races, nr. LancasterLancashire  FellFR
Mon07 MayTees Barrage 10k Road Race, Stockton-on-TeesTeesside 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Tue08 MayGeoff Doggett Memorial 5k Road Race, Littleborough, RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP
Wed09 MaySouth Yorkshire Road League - Pickburn 5, DoncasterYorkshire, South05.0 RoadFR
Wed09 MayTroon 10kScotland, Ayrshire 10.0RoadFR
Thu10 MayInter Club Race 2 - Lytham 5 MileLancashire05.0 RoadFR/XL
Fri11 MayPinhaw Fell Race, Earby (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 2/15)Lancashire05.0 FellFR
Sat12 MayBelmont Winter Hill Fell Race and Junior races, nr. BoltonLancashire04.5 FellFR/MAP
Sun13 MayMarket Drayton 10k Road RaceShropshire 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX1/PIX2/PIX3
Sun13 MayLong Marton Helm Winds 3 Villages Road/Ghyll 10k Run, 3k & 1.6k Fun Runs, nr. ApplebyCumbria 10.0MultiFR (pdf)
Sun13 MayRipon 10 Mile (approx)Yorkshire, North10.0 MultiFR/INF
Sun13 MayHall Construction Beverley 10k Road RaceYorkshire, East 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Tue15 MayMoorclose 10k, WorkingtonCumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF
Wed16 MayWholan Nook Trail Race, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley GP 3/15)Lancashire 08.3MultiFR
Wed16 MayAskern 10k, nr. DoncasterYorkshire, South 10.0RoadFR/INF
Thu17 MayIan Casey Memorial Cowm Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0MultiFR/MAP
Fri18 MayChorley Park Series (2/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri18 MayChorley Park Junior Series (2/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri18 MayChristleton 5k, nr. ChesterCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat19 MaySowerby Scorcher 10k Multi Terrain, Sowerby BridgeYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/MAP
Sun20 MaySt. Annes Triathlon (Adult) (race 2 of the Fylde Tri-logy Adult series)Lancashire  TriathFR/PIX
Sun20 MaySt. Annes Triathlon (Youths) (race 1 of the Fylde Tri-logy Youth series)Lancashire  TriathFR/PIX
Sun20 MaySt. Annes Triathlon (Children's entries) (race 1 of the Fylde Tri-logy Children's series)Lancashire  TriathFR/PIX
Sun20 MayYorkshire 10k & 2k Fun Run, Newby Hall, nr. RiponYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun20 MayEyam Half MarathonDerbyshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun20 MayComberbach Fete 5k Fun Run, nr. NorthwichCheshire 05.0RoadFR
Wed23 MayJack Betney Memorial Reservoir Race, Whitworth, RochdaleLancashire 05.0MultiFR/MAP
Wed23 MayDovestone Diamond 10k Multi-Terrain Race, Greenfield, OldhamLancashire 10.0MultiFR/MAP
Wed23 MayHarrock Hill Race (1/4), nr. Parbold, WiganLancashire05.3 HillFR
Fri25 MayDunham Massey Park 5k (race 1/2) (N. Ches GP 1/5), AltrinchamCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat26 MayIan Hesketh Memorial Duathlon, Rivington, BoltonLancashire  DuathFR/INF
Sun27 MayBlackpool Beach 10k Race, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0BeachFR
Sun27 MayBlue Light 5 Mile Race, Bispham, BlackpoolLancashire05.0 RoadFR/MAP
Sun27 MayRaby Castle 10k, Staindrop, DarlingtonCounty Durham 10.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun27 MayRaby Castle 5k Fun Run, Staindrop, DarlingtonCounty Durham 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun27 MayMucky Duck 8.5 Mile Multi-Terrain & Fun Run, DriffieldYorkshire, East08.5 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun27 MaySinfin RC Classic 10k, ElvastonDerbyshire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun27 MayCrosby Lakeside Aquathlon, Waterloo, LiverpoolMerseyside  AquathFR/INF/MAP
Mon28 MaySkye's Syke and Healey Dash, Whitworth, RochdaleLancashire 05.0MultiFR
Wed30 MayPost Hill 5k Challenge, PudseyYorkshire, West 05.0MultiFR/INF
Thu31 MayApperley Bridge Canter MT, Apperley Bridge, BradfordYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat02 JuneKelbrook Fell Race (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 5/15)Lancashire03.4 FellFR
Sat02 JuneDallam Dash 10k Road Race & 2k Family Run, MilnthorpeCumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat02 JunePeter Lowe Memorial Hollins Green 5k, nr WarringtonCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat02 JuneNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat02 JuneWincle Trout Run, nr. MacclesfieldCheshire 09.0FellFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sat02 JuneStranraer Half Marathon and supporting racesScotland, Galloway13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun03 JuneEdenfield Fell Race, RossendaleLancashire07.5 FellFR
Sun03 JuneRossendale Triathlon, RawtenstallLancashire  TriathFR/INF/MAP
Sun03 JuneThe Mulgrave Castle 10k, Lythe, WhitbyYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR
Mon04 JuneBowley Hill Trail Race, Great Harwood, nr. BlackburnLancashire05.5 TrailFR/MAP/PIX
Mon04 JuneIlkley Trail RaceYorkshire, West06.9 TrailFR/INF/MAP
Tue05 JuneGairloch 2 Lochs 10k Road Race, Wester RossScotland 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Wed06 JuneDennis the Menace 5 Mile Multi Terrain Race & 2 Mile Junior Run, AudenshawGreater Manchester05.0 MultiFR/INF
Wed06 JuneChevin Fell Race, GuiseleyYorkshire, West  FellFR
Thu07 JuneCuerden Valley Badger 10k Trail Race (1/3), Bamber Bridge, PrestonLancashire 10.0TrailFR/MAP
Thu07 JuneBowdon 5k, AltrinchamCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Fri08 JuneBarley Classic Fell Race, Barley (Pendle & Burnley GP 6/12)Lancashire04.0 FellFR
Fri08 JuneRochdale Harriers 6 Mile Road Race (3 Day Event 1/3), Norden, RochdaleLancashire06.0 RoadFR/INF
Sat09 JuneRochdale Harriers 6 Mile Multi-Terrain (3 Day Event 2/3), Norden, RochdaleLancashire06.0 MultiFR/INF
Sun10 JuneFun Fest 5k & 2k Fun Run, SouthportMerseyside 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun10 JuneBurnley Boys Club 10k, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley GP 7/15)Lancashire 10.0MultiFR/MAP
Sun10 JuneRochdale Harriers 6 Mile 'Knowl Hill' Fell Race (3 Day Event 3/3), Norden, RochdaleLancashire06.0 FellFR/INF
Sun10 JuneHanley Building Society Potters Arf Marathon, Stoke on TrentStaffordshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun10 JuneDechmont Law 10k Trail Race & 2.5k Fun Run, LivingstonScotland, Lothian 10.0TrailFR/INF
Wed13 JuneTwo Towers Fell Race, Holcombe Brook, nr. BuryLancashire04.0 FellFR
Wed13 JuneInter Club Race 3 - Preston 4.9 MilesLancashire04.9 RoadFR/XL
Wed13 JuneGosforth 10 Mile & Fun RunCumbria10.0 RoadFR/INF
Wed13 JuneOtley 10 Mile Road Race, nr. LeedsYorkshire, West10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Thu14 JuneWalsh Two Lads Fell Race, Horwich, nr. BoltonLancashire05.25 FellFR/INF/PIX
Thu14 JuneDunham Massey Park 5k (race 2/2) (N. Ches GP 4/5), AltrinchamCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Fri15 JuneThe Severn Loop 5km Race, ShrewsburyShropshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/INF2
Sat16 JuneChorley Great Hill Fell Race, Brinscall, nr. ChorleyLancashire05.75 FellFR/INF
Sat16 JuneWhite Bear Way, Adlington, nr. ChorleyLancashire21.0 MultiFR
Sat16 JuneWhite Bear Way, Adlington, nr. ChorleyLancashire10.0 MultiFR
Sat16 JuneBendrigg 10k, Old Hutton, nr. KendalCumbria 10.0RoadFR
Sat16 JuneThe Stray 5k and Interschools Cup 2.5k & Fun Run, HarrogateYorkshire, North 05.0MultiFR/
Sat16 JuneSilkstone Shuffle Multi-Terrain Race Series (2/4), BarnsleyYorkshire, South04.507.0MultiFR/INF
Sun17 JuneFreckleton Half Marathon, nr. PrestonLancashire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun17 JuneHendon Brook 13.5 Miles, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley GP 8/15)Lancashire13.5 FellFR
Sun17 JuneThe Sweatshop Castle Howard 10k Trail Race, nr. YorkYorkshire, North 10.0TrailFR/INF/MAP
Sun17 JuneThe Sweatshop Castle Howard 6k Trail Race & 1k Children's Dash, nr. YorkYorkshire, North 06.0TrailFR/INF/MAP
Sun17 JuneChesterfield Community 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFRINF
Wed20 JuneWarrington 10kCheshire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Fri22 JuneChorley Park Series (3/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri22 JuneChorley Park Junior Series (3/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sat23 JuneLymm 5k, nr WarringtonCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun24 JuneSotos 10k, FleetwoodLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun24 JuneTrawden 7 Mile Trail Race, nr. Burnley (Pendle & Burnley GP 9/15)Lancashire07.0 MultiFR
Sun24 JunePenny Lane Striders 10k, Aigburth, LiverpoolMerseyside 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun24 JuneHepworth Dryad MT, nr. HolmfirthYorkshire, West05.0 MultiFR/INF/PIX
Sun24 JuneStone St. Michael's 10k Road Race, StoneStaffordshire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun24 JuneLancaster Castle Marathon, LancasterLancashire26.2 RoadFR/INF
Wed27 JuneEddie's Revenge Fell Race, Shaw, OldhamLancashire03.8 FellFR
Wed27 JuneHarrock Hill Race (2/4), nr. Parbold, WiganLancashire05.3 HillFR
Fri29 JuneBurnley Lions 10k, Colne (Pendle & Burnley GP 4/15)Lancashire 10.0RoadFR
Sat30 JuneComptons Cross Fell Race, RossendaleLancashire09.0 FellFR
Sat30 JuneSafaricom Lewa Marathon, Lewa DownsKenya26.2 TrailFR/INF1/INF2
Sat30 JuneSafaricom Lewa Half Marathon, Lewa DownsKenya13.1 TrailFR/INF1/INF2
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sun01 JulyKeep on Ticking 5k Fun Run, MorecambeLancashire 05.0RoadFR
Sun01 JulyAmberswood 10k Trail Run, WiganLancashire 10.0TrailFR/INF
Sun01 JulyThe Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race, Llyn AlwenWales, Denbigh 11.0TrailFR/INF
Tue03 JulyRochdale 10k Road Race, RochdaleLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Tue03 July20 Barriers Race, CarnforthLancashire05.0 MultiFR/INF
Tue03 JulyJane Tomlinson Canal Race, Methley, LeedsYorkshire, West 05.0MultiFR/INF
Wed04 JulyOfferton 10k Road Race & YA 1 Mile, Offerton, StockportCheshire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Wed04 JulyForest Park Ladies 5k, WarringtonCheshire 05.0TrailFR/INF
Wed04 JulyHelen Windsor 10k Road Race, Greetland, HalifaxYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Thu05 JulyCuerden Valley Badger 10k Trail Race (2/3), Bamber Bridge, PrestonLancashire 10.0TrailFR/MAP
Fri06 JulyChorley Park Series (4/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri06 JulyChorley Park Junior Series (4/4), ChorleyLancashire 05.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Fri06 JulyThe Golf Ball Fell Race (Hapton Windmills), Burnley (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 11/15)Lancashire05.0 FellFR
Fri06 JulyAirkool Walkington 10k & Warners Fun Run, nr. BeverleyYorkshire, East 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sat07 JulyNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun08 JulyCatforth 10k Road Race, CatforthLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun08 JulyDebdale Park 7k "Eddie Cheetham Memorial" Trail Race, nr. StockportGreater Manchester 07.0MultiFR/INF/MAP/VID
Sun08 JulyDebdale Park Under 17 3k, nr. StockportGreater Manchester 03.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun08 JulyTowneley Park 5k Road Race, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 10/15)Lancashire 05.0RoadFR
Sun08 JulySouth Lakes Half Marathon, AllithwaiteCumbria13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun08 JulyCheadle 4 Mile Road Race & Fun Run, Stoke-on-TrentStaffordshire04.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun08 JulyKilburn Feast 7 Road Race, nr. ThirskYorkshire, North07.0 RoadFR
Wed11 July'Royton Trail' Multi-Terrain Race, Royton, nr. OldhamLancashire05.5 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Thu12 JulyBull Hill Fell Race, (Race 1/3 Radcliffe AC 3 Day Challenge) Hawkshaw, BuryGreater Manchester05.5 FellFR/INF
Thu12 JulyLancaster Summer 5k, LancasterLancashire 05.0RoadFR
Fri13 JulyRadcliffe Giants Seat Cross Country, (Race 2/3 Radcliffe AC 3 Day Challenge), RadcliffeGreater Manchester05.0 XCFR/INF
Fri13 JulyThe Barlow Carnival 10k, BarlowDerbyshire 10.0RoadFR
Sat14 JulyWoodcocks 5 Mile Trail Race (Race 3/3 Radcliffe AC 3 Day Challenge), RadcliffeGreater Manchester05.0 TrailFR/INF
Sun15 JulyHurst Green 5 Mile Trail Race (Pendle & Burnley GP 12/15)Lancashire05.0 TrailFR
Sun15 JulyWindmill Half Marathon, Lytham St. AnnesLancashire13.1 RoadFR
Sun15 JulyRing Automotive Eccup 10 Mile Race, LeedsYorkshire, West10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun15 JulyNHS Fun Triathlon (Solo entries), BoltonLancashire  TriathFR/INF
Sun15 JulyNHS Fun Triathlon (Relay entries), BoltonLancashire  TriathFR/INF
Sun15 JulyBurton Pidsea 10k Fun Run & 2 Mile Fun Run, nr. HullYorkshire, East 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun15 JulyHamsterley Forest 10kCounty Durham 10.0MultiFR
Tue17 JulyIan Terry Memorial 5k Road Race, Littleborough, RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Wed18 JulyThe Priory 10k, Nostell Priory, AckworthYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF
Thu19 JulyThe Joan Rhodes & Fred Norris Memorial 5k, RadcliffeGreater Manchester 05.0MultiFR/INF
Sat21 JulyWarton Crag Fell Race, Warton, nr. CarnforthLancashire06.0 FellFR
Sat21 JulyBurtonwood 5 Mile Road Race & Fun Run, Burtonwood, nr. WarringtonCheshire05.0 RoadFR/INF
Sat21 JulyYorkshire Wolds Half Marathon & Fun Run, Bishop Wilton, nr. YorkYorkshire, East13.1 RoadFR
Sun22 JulyThe Moonraker 10k, Bowlee, nr. MiddletonGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX/VID
Sun22 JulyBentham Beagles Bash 10k Road Race, High Bentham, nr. LancasterYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun22 JulyPuma Pudsey 10k, nr. LeedsYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun22 JulyHarrogate Town Centre 10kYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Wed25 JulyRochdale Observer 30th Anniversary Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Wed25 JulyHarrock Hill Race (3/4), nr. Parbold, WiganLancashire05.3 HillFR
Fri27 JulyLancashire Fire AC Round the Park 3 Person Relay, BlackpoolLancashire  RelayFR/MAP
Sun29 JulyCliviger 6, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley GP 13/15)Lancashire06.0 RoadFR
Sun29 JulyIdle Trail Race, Apperley Bridge, BradfordYorkshire, West 10.0TrailFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun29 JulyBlue Bell Trail, MostonGreater Manchester03.5 TrailFR
Sun29 JulyJames Herriot Country Trail Run, Castle BoltonYorkshire, North09.014.0TrailFR/INF
Tue31 JulyMorpeth 10kNorthumberland 10.0RoadFR
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Thu02 AugustCuerden Valley Badger 10k Trail Race (3/3), Bamber Bridge, PrestonLancashire 10.0TrailFR/MAP
Sat04 AugustMeerbrook 15k & Junior Run, nr. LeekStaffordshire 15.0RoadFR/PIX
Sat04 AugustNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun05 AugustWorsthorne Moor Fell Race, Burnley (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 14/15)Lancashire07.0 FellFR
Sun05 AugustWagon & Horses 10, Lancaster (Lancaster Series 2/3)Lancashire10.0 RoadFR/MAP
Wed08 AugustJoe Ashcroft Saddleworth 6, Greenfield, OldhamLancashire06.0 RoadFR/INF
Sat11 AugustArncliffe Fete "4"Yorkshire, North04.0 RoadFR
Sun12 AugustBoulsworth Fell Race, Trawden (Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Race 15/15)Lancashire07.5 FellFR
Sun12 AugustSherwoods Vauxhall Darlington 10k Road RaceCounty Durham 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Sun12 AugustN.V.A.C. 10k, Bispham, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun12 AugustMillbrook Monster 10k, Millbrook, StalybridgeGreater Manchester 10.0MultiFR/INF/MAP
Wed15 AugustCinnamon Lodge Chase, Meltham, HuddersfieldYorkshire, West06.0 MultiFR/INF/PIX
Sun19 AugustEscrick 10k, nr. YorkYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun19 AugustPenistone 10k Road Race, nr. SheffieldYorkshire, South 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun19 AugustHilton Puckrup Hall 5 Mile Road Race, nr. TewkesburyGloucestershire05.0 RoadFR
Wed22 AugustHarrock Hill Race (4/4), nr. Parbold, WiganLancashire05.3 HillFR
Wed22 AugustUrenco Capenhurst 5kCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Thu23 AugustStan Curran Birthday Charity Reservoir Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Thu23 AugustThe Dave Clarke 5, TrenthamStaffordshire 05.0MultiFR/INF
Thu23 AugustSessay Swift 6k, Sessay, nr. ThirskYorkshire, North 06.0RoadFR/INF
Sat25 AugustPendleton Fell Race, nr. ClitheroeLancashire  FellFR
Sun26 AugustFleetwood Half MarathonLancashire13.1 RoadFR/MAP
Sun26 AugustBrampton Brewery Chesterfield Spire 10 Mile Road Race, ChesterfieldDerbyshire10.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun26 AugustBrampton Manor 2 Mile Fun Run, ChesterfieldDerbyshire02.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun26 AugustCancerCare Cockerham Village Triathlon, nr. LancasterLancashire  TriathFR/PIX
Sun26 AugustArundel Castle 10k, ArundelSussex, West 10.0MultiFR/INF
Mon27 AugustChipping Show Fell Race, nr. PrestonLancaashire  FellFR
Mon27 AugustSpofforth Gala Trail Race 10k, nr. HarrogateYorkshire, North  TrailFR
Mon27 AugustAskern 10 Mile, nr. DoncasterYorkshire, South10.0 RoadFR/INF
Tue28 AugustLittleborough Lions 5k Fun Run, Littleborough, nr. RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/INF
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat01 SeptemberBlackpool Hilton Illuminations 10k, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sat01 SeptemberNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat01 SeptemberLincolnshire Wolds 10 Mile Road Race, Rothwell, nr. Market RasenLincolnshire10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun02 SeptemberBlackpool Hilton Half Marathon, BlackpoolLancashire13.1 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun02 SeptemberTameside 10k, Ashton-under-LyneLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun02 SeptemberStainland 7, nr. HalifaxYorkshire, West07.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun02 SeptemberRyedale 10 Mile Road Race, Old MaltonYorkshire, North10.0 RoadFR
Sun02 SeptemberTholthorpe 10k, nr YorkYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun02 SeptemberKirkwood Hospice 10k Trail Run, Dalton, HuddersfieldYorkshire, West 10.0TrailFR/PIX
Wed05 SeptemberGraham Wright Cowm Reservoir Multi-Terrain, Whitworth, nr. RochdaleLancashire04.2 MultiFR/MAP
Thu06 SeptemberHades Hill 5 Miler, Whitworth, nr. RochdaleLancashire05.0 MultiFR
Sat08 SeptemberThe Leeds 'Golden Mile', LeedsYorkshire, West01.0 TrackFR/INF
Sun09 SeptemberAutumn 5k Road Race, BlackpoolLancashire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun09 SeptemberPennington Flash 5 Mile Trail Race & Fun Trail Run, LeighLancashire05.0 TrailFR/INF/MAP
Sun09 SeptemberBurton in Kendal 10kCumbria 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun09 SeptemberLake Vyrnwy Half MarathonWales13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun09 SeptemberThe Wetherby Run 10k & Fun RunYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF/PIX
Sun09 SeptemberSedgefield Serpentine RaceCounty Durham06.5 MultiFR/INF
Sun09 SeptemberBawtry Forest Trail Run, nr. RotherhamYorkshire, SouthTrail07.0 FR/INF
Wed12 SeptemberThe "Come on Eileen" Ingham Multi Terrain Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.00MultiFR/MAP
Sat15 SeptemberWhitehaven Harbour 5kCumbria 05.0RoadFR
Sat15 SeptemberSilkstone Shuffle Multi-Terrain Race Series (3/4), BarnsleyYorkshire, South04.507.0MultiFR/INF
Sat15 SeptemberLlyn Brenig Trail Race, nr. CorwenWales, North09.0 MultiFR/INF
Sun16 SeptemberBoggart Chase 10k, Boggart Hole CloughGreater Manchester 10.0MultiFR/ MAP
Sun16 SeptemberBoggart Chase 3k Under 17 Road Race, Boggart Hole CloughGreater Manchester 03.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun16 SeptemberGarstang Half Marathon, nr. PrestonLancashire13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sun16 SeptemberSutton Six 10k, Guilden Sutton, ChesterCheshire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun16 SeptemberSt. Thomas' 7 Mile Road Race, Upper TeanStaffordshire07.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun16 SeptemberCity of Stirling 10k & 2kScotland 10.0RoadFR/INF
Thu20 SeptemberRon Hill 74th Birthday 5k Road Race, Littleborough, RochdaleLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP
Sat22 SeptemberMcCain's Mountain Challenge International Open Uphill Fell Races, MelmerbyCumbria 10.0FellFR/INF
Sat22 SeptemberGreat Langdale Marathon, nr AmblesideCumbria26.2 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat22 SeptemberGreat Langdale Half Marathon, nr AmblesideCumbria13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun23 SeptemberRun the Lanes 10 Mile Road Race, Lea Town, nr. PrestonLancashire10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun23 SeptemberWatergrove 5k Run, Wardle, RochdaleLancashire 05.0MultiFR
Sun23 SeptemberRun4alife 10k Run & Family 5k Fun Run/Walk, WiganGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun23 SeptemberStockport 10k RunGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR
Sun23 SeptemberRochdale Kingsway 10kGreater Manchester 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun23 SeptemberRochdale Kingsway 5kGreater Manchester 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun23 SeptemberSpen Greenway 10k, CleckheatonYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR
Sun23 SeptemberNetherthong 10k Road Race, HolmfirthYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Sun23 SeptemberWhite Swan Foston & Thornton Le Clay 10k, nr. YorkYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun23 SeptemberHarewood House 10k Trail Race & Fun Run, nr. LeedsYorkshire, West 10.0TrailFR/INF
Sun23 SeptemberFleetwood TriathlonLancashire  TriathFR (XL)/PIX
Tue25 SeptemberDawn Taylor Cowm Reservoir Race, WhitworthLancashire 05.0TrailFR/MAP
Sat29 SeptemberOrton Autumn Fair Fell Race, PenrithCumbria 10.0FellFR
Sat29 SeptemberLancaster 5k Race Series (5/5), Salt Ayre, LancasterLancashire 05.0RoadFR
Sun30 SeptemberMacclesfield Half Marathon & Junior Fun RunCheshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun30 SeptemberMacclesfield 5kCheshire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun30 SeptemberHorsforth 10k, Apperley Bridge, BradfordYorkshire, West 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun30 SeptemberRun Preston 10kLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun30 SeptemberRun Preston 5k inc. Workplace ChallengeLancashire 05.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Wed03 OctoberAndy O'Sullivan 3 Mile Cowm Race, WhitworthLancashire03.00 TrailFR
Sat06 OctoberNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun07 OctoberBlackpool to Fleetwood Pier 10 Mile Race, FleetwoodLancashire10.0 RoadFR
Sun07 OctoberLytham Hall Autumn 5k, LythamLancashire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sun07 OctoberAsics Southport Seaside 10k & Fun Run, SouthportMerseyside 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun07 OctoberBurnley Fire Station 7Lancashire07.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun07 OctoberSutton 10k, Sutton-on-the-Forest, nr. YorkYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun07 OctoberCongleton Half MarathonCheshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun07 OctoberCongleton Quarter MarathonCheshire06.55 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat13 OctoberCumbria Cross Country Series (Race 1), CockermouthCumbria  XCFR
Sun14 OctoberHilly Clothing Richmond Castle 10k, RichmondYorkshire, North 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun14 OctoberAutumn Breaker 10k Road Race, BlackpoolLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/VID/PIX
Sun14 OctoberLea Town 10k Road Race, nr. PrestonLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun14 OctoberPenrith Rotary Club 10k Trail Run & 4k Fun Run/Walk, PenrithCumbria 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun14 OctoberWistow 10k, SelbyYorkshire, North10.0 RoadFR/INF
Sat20 OctoberStandish Hall Trail Race, nr. WiganLancashire 10.0TrailFR/INF/MAP
Sat20 OctoberCumbria Cross Country Series (Race 2), PenrithCumbria  XCFR/PIX
Sun21 OctoberGreen Drive Five, LythamLancashire05.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun21 OctoberHelwith Bridge Duathlon, nr. SettleYorkshire, North  DuathFR/INF/MAP
Sun21 OctoberAccrington 10k Road RaceLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun21 OctoberShaun Lee Johnstone Memorial Multi Terrain 10, BoroughbridgeYorkshire, North10.0 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun21 OctoberBridlington Half Marathon & Fun RunYorkshire, East13.1 RoadFR/INF
Sat27 OctoberCumbria Cross Country Series (Race 3) (also Masters Champs), MaryportCumbria  XCFR
Sun28 OctoberHalloween Hellraiser 9 Mile (approx) MTCheshire09.0 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun28 OctoberPickering & Moors 10k MT, PickeringYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun28 OctoberWorksop Half MarathonNottinghamshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/PIX
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat03 NovemberNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat03 NovemberStranraer 10k Road RaceScotland, Galloway 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun04 November29th Sweatshop Through the Villages Race, Wheelton, nr. ChorleyLancashire08.45 RoadFR/MAP
Sun04 NovemberUp & Running Guy Fawkes 10, Ripley, nr. HarrogateYorkshire, North10.0 MultiFR/INF
Sun04 NovemberLancaster Half Marathon (Lancaster Series 3/3)Lancashire13.1 RoadFR/MAP
Sun04 NovemberCop Hill Fell Race, Meltham, nr. HuddersfieldYorkshire, West07.0 FellFR/INF
Sun04 NovemberConductive Education 10k Road Race, Moseley, Birmingham West Midlands 10.0RoadFR/MAP
Sat10 NovemberCumbria Cross Country Series (Race 4), CarlisleCumbria  XCFR
Sat10 NovemberMad Jack's Five, Attingham Park, nr. ShrewsburyShropshire05.0 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Sun11 NovemberWindmill 10k, Lytham St. Anne'sLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX/VID
Sun11 NovemberMaltby Road Race, nr. ThornabyTeesside07.0 RoadFR/INF
Sun11 NovemberDalby Dash 10k, Dalby ForestYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
Sun18 NovemberPreston 10 Mile Road RaceLancashire10.0 RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Sun18 NovemberBarnsley 10k Road Race, Royston Leisure Centre, nr. BarnsleyYorkshire, South 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sat24 NovemberWesham 10k Road Race, Lea Town, nr. PrestonLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun25 NovemberDavid Staff Memorial Fell Race, DarwenLancashire05.0 FellFR/INF
Sun25 NovemberThe Best 5k Fun Run, PrestonLancashire 05.0RoadFR/MAP
Sun25 NovemberClowne Half Marathon, nr. ChesterfieldDerbyshire13.1 RoadFR/INF/MAP
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DayDateRace TitleCounty/CountryMilesKmsTypeLinks
Sat01 DecemberThe Pain Barrier, Tong, BradfordYorkshire, West 10.0AdventFR/INF/PIX
Sat01 DecemberNo Walk in the Park 5k, ChesterfieldDerbyshire 05.0RoadFR/INF
Sat01 DecemberSilkstone Shuffle Multi-Terrain Race Series (4/4), BarnsleyYorkshire, South04.507.0MultiFR/INF
Sun02 DecemberFiona Bone and Nicola Hughes Fallen Heroes Memorial 5k Race, LittleboroughLancashire05.0 RoadFR/MAP
Sun02 DecemberGuys 10, Bilsborrow, nr. PrestonLancashire10.0 RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun02 DecemberUlverston Christmas Pudding 10k Road Race & Fun Run, UlverstonCumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun02 DecemberBradford City Run 10kYorkshire, West 10.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Sun02 DecemberBradford City Run 5kYorkshire, West 05.0RoadFR/INF/PIX
Sun02 DecemberPercy Pud 10k, SheffieldYorkshire, South 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun09 DecemberLongridge 7 Mile Road Race, nr. PrestonLancashire07.0 RoadFR/PIX
Sat15 DecemberGreat Langdale Christmas Pudding Run, nr. Ambleside (race 1)Cumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun16 DecemberHurst Green Turkey TrotLancashire04.92 TrailFR/PIX
Sun16 DecemberGreat Langdale Christmas Pudding Run, nr. Ambleside (race 2)Cumbria 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP/PIX
Sun16 DecemberLynne Edmondson Memorial & Christine Navan's Cowm Reservoir Race, WhitworthLancashire 06.655MultiFR/MAP
Sun16 DecemberDerby Runner Bolsover 10k, nr ChesterfieldDerbyshire 10.0RoadFR/INF
Sun16 December29th Loftus & Whitby Poultry RunCleveland08.0 MultiFR/INF
Sun23 DecemberRudolf's Red Nose Race, BlackpoolLancashire05.0 MultiFR/MAP
Wed26 DecemberBoxing Day 10k Road Race, LeylandLancashire 10.0RoadFR/MAP/PIX
Wed26 DecemberEssar Chester Round the Walls Race, ChesterCheshire04.5 MultiFR/INF/MAP
Thu27 DecemberFestive 4k Fun Run, LancasterLancashire 04.0MultiFR/INF
Sat29 DecemberEARLY New Year Relay, YorkYorkshire, North  RelayFR
Sat29 DecemberSheffield Open Cross Country RacesYorkshire, South  XCPDF/INF
Sun30 DecemberRibble Valley 10k, ClitheroeLancashire 10.0RoadFR/INF/MAP
Sun30 DecemberAdlington Winter Warmer, MacclesfieldCheshire 10.0MultiFR
Sun30 DecemberWard Green 6, BarnsleyYorkshire, South06.0 RoadFR/MAP
Sun30 DecemberJolly Holly Jog & Fun Run, RiponYorkshire, North 10.0MultiFR/INF
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