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Colin & Brenda Robinson 5k, Littleborough, nr. Rochdale

4th April 2012

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1W. SmithMKeighley & Craven AC16.02
2G. BoothM40Horwich RMI Harriers16.27
3M. BellM40Horwich RMI Harriers17.03
4D. SimpsonMRochdale Harriers17.32
5D. JacksonM40Horwich RMI Harriers17.54
6D. ColeMHalifax Harriers18.03
7O. FlageMOldham & Royton Harriers18.12
8M. ChalfontM40Chorley18.16
9C. MerchantMRochdale Harriers18.30
10N. DunnMJKeighley & Craven AC18.35
11J. WalshMJRochdale Harriers18.41
12C. HillMRochdale Harriers19.09
13D. WilliamsM45Middleton Harriers19.16
14P. BoardmanM50Horwich RMI Harriers19.18
15D. KimberleyMOldham & Royton Harriers19.25
16E. StoneMMiddleton Harriers19.38
17D. TaylorMTodmorden Harriers19.51
18M. HallinanMStainland Lions RC19.52
19I. AitchisonM55Rochdale Harriers20.06
20P. WickhamM45Accrington Road Runners20.08
21G. DoddMStainland Lions RC20.16
22M. WalkerM45Rochdale Harriers20.25
23C. FordeM50Rochdale Tri Club20.29
24R. RobsonM55Middleton Harriers20.31
25S. LeakM50Rochdale Harriers20.33
26D. WhartonM40Rochdale Harriers20.34
27N. HirstM40Rochdale Harriers20.35
28I. StainthorpeM50Rochdale Harriers20.42
29M. LawsonMMiddleton Harriers20.55
30Hazel CarruthersFRochdale Harriers20.56
31G. BalmerM40Clayton le Moors Harriers21.00
32M. GriffithsMManchester YMCA Harriers21.11
33D. HirstMUnattached21.15
34Rhiannon WickhamFJBlackburn Harriers21.18
35P. WilliamsM55Oldham & Royton Harriers21.27
36R. BrownMRochdale Tri Club21.29
37L. CainMMiddleton Harriers21.43
38Sarah TomsFRossendale Harriers21.44
39M. TomsM45Clayton le Moors Harriers21.45
40S. HigginsMUnattached21.46
41D. ManningsM40Oldham & Royton Harriers21.56
42S. SymonsM45Manchester YMCA Harriers21.58
43Debbie ShawF45Middleton Harriers22.01
44K. RobinsonM40Rochdale Harriers22.07
45N. Hindle M55Unattached22.21
46Jayne DickinsonF35Bolton United Harriers22.26
47D. BentleyM40Bolton United Harriers22.28
48Lynne HigginsFMiddleton Harriers22.29
49Rebecca MurphyFMiddleton Harriers22.44
50S. VasilouM50Middleton Harriers22.48
51C. SutherlandM55Middleton Harriers22.49
52A. WoodMRossendale Harriers22.57
53Nicola S. WindleFRossendale Harriers23.09
54Sally CowtonF45Halifax Harriers23.16
55Melanie StangerF35Unattached23.17
56Emma ParkinFManchester YMCA Harriers23.21
57S. SeniorM55Middleton Harriers23.24
58M. WinstanleyM60Rochdale Harriers23.27
59P. MurrayMSalford Harriers23.50
60P. BuckleyM45Rochdale Tri Club23.56
61Jill ButterworthF35Rochdale Harriers24.10
62I. DigweedM45Andems Runners24.19
63Lindsey NobleF35Unattached24.21
64KR PealinM60Middleton Harriers24.24
65Lorraine LearyF45Rochdale Harriers24.30
66Steph GoodchildF45Manchester YMCA Harriers24.32
67Jennifer AdamsF60Northern Veterans AC24.33
68G. MayMUnattached24.35
69Teresa HollinsF55Middleton Harriers24.36
70M. BuckM65Salford Harriers24.37
71P. JepsonM65Rossendale Harriers24.38
72Linda EdmondsonF50Wrekin Road Runners24.49
73J. ParamorM60Manchester YMCA Harriers25.21
74G. DavyM50Calder Valley Fell Runners25.34
75Angie HartF35Oldham & Royton Harriers25.36
76Kyrinda H. MooreF45Middleton Harriers25.39
77P. RobertsM65Rochdale Harriers25.42
78M. AndersonM45Horsforth Harriers25.43
79S. KandaMUnattached25.45
80G. NavanM65Rossendale Harriers26.00
81Rachel DidgiunatisFUnattached26.12
82Jenny PooleF55Middleton Harriers26.14
83F. MurrayM65Salford Harriers26.16
84R. ChappellM60Clayton le Moors Harriers26.41
85Donna HowatsonF35Middleton Harriers26.43
86Nikki GreenF45Rochdale Harriers26.51
87Christine EckersleyF65Middleton Harriers26.53
88Pat WilliamsF55Middleton Harriers27.20
89A. O'DonnellM45Calder Valley Fell Runners27.30
90Yvonne WickhamF45Clayton le Moors Harriers27.34
91Angela KerslakeF40Oldham & Royton Harriers27.38
92R. LeeM80Middleton Harriers28.21
93Ruth HareF55Middleton Harriers28.41
94Christine NavanF65Rossendale Harriers29.32
95Sam MorrisF35Rochdale Harriers29.52
96P. BlackledgeM60Accrington Road Runners30.05
97Brenda RobinsonF65Rochdale Harriers30.34
98Bernadette CainFUnattached31.00
99Dawn ParryF35Rochdale Harriers31.15
100Emma WhiteFUnattached32.57
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