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Post Hill 5k Challenge, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire

30th May 2012

Results courtesy of Darryl Stead for Pudsey Pacers RC
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Cat: Club:
1Jamie NoonMPudsey and Bramley00:19:42
2Jon HolahM50Pudsey and Bramley00:22:10
3Jim CantwellM50Pudsey Pacers00:22:11
4Harry DalbyMPudsey and Bramley00:22:42
5Philip HewittMKirkstall Harriers00:23:17
6Adam ThompsonM 00:23:33
7Tahir AktarM50Valley Striders00:23:45
8David MageeM40Pudsey Pacers00:24:10
9Adam MogelMKirkstall Harriers00:24:21
10Sam CookMPudsey Pacers00:24:24
11Liam MealryMKirkstall Harriers00:24:31
12Martyn FinnM40Pudsey and Bramley00:24:47
13Rachel PillingFPudsey and Bramley00:24:50
14Sean CaseyM40Pudsey Pacers00:25:01
15Christopher GloverM50Kirkstall Harriers00:25:12
16Ed BattyMPudsey Pacers00:25:26
17Michelle TenwickFPudsey Pacers00:25:28
18Adam PartonM40Valley Striders00:25:47
19Matthew BrownM 00:26:06
20Richard AllenMPudsey Pacers00:26:21
21Edward NorfolkM 00:26:26
22Sharon WilliamsF45Abbey Runners00:26:28
23Martin GebbetM50Horsforth Fellandale00:26:58
24Robert SandersonM40 00:27:04
25Trish WardellF35 00:27:10
26Caroline HardingF35Pudsey and Bramley00:27:27
27Stephen DaltonM40Kirkstall Harriers00:27:29
28Thomas LawrenceM 00:28:46
29John DayM50 00:29:05
30Jonathan AtkinM40 00:29:21
31Andrew HargreavesM 00:30:03
32Jenny CooperF35Pudsey Pacers00:31:12
33Craig HolladawM40 00:31:56
34Stephen BrownM 00:31:56
35Alyson GloverF45Kirkstall Harriers00:32:06
36Mark SmithM40 00:32:20
37Anoob PakkerM40 00:32:26
38Gary PollardM40 00:32:31
39Katie MerrickF35 00:32:35
40Stella CrossFAbbey Runners00:32:48
41John HardmanM40 00:34:20
42Richard Hynes-CooperM 00:34:28
43Michael AndersonM40Horsforth Harriers00:34:48
44Andrew HibbertM40 00:36:20
45Daniel AlbertM50Horsforth Fellandale00:37:27
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