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Pennington Flash 5 Mile Trail Race, Leigh, Lancashire

9th September 2012

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Cat: Club:
1N LeighMAltrincham26.43
2L ThompsonMLeigh27.49
3L MooreMJLeigh27.58
4S WalkerM40Bolton UH28.10
5S NolanM50Burnden Road Runners28.13
6G BoothM40Horwich28.29
7N PendleburyMLeigh28.40
8A MurrayMHorwich28.44
9A FosterMAstley & Tyldesley RR28.57
10J KnowlesM40Burnden Road Runners29.01
11D JacksonM40Horwich29.08
12P RiceM45Horwich29.25
13J HowarthM45Leigh29.32
14A TownsendM45Horwich29.37
15S SharpMRadcliffe29.41
16S FordMAstley & Tyldesley RR29.42
17A GouldingM40Leigh29.44
18D AllenFLeigh29.57
19L RichesFJLeigh30.03
20S DoxeyM50Swinton30.06
21M RichesM50Astley & Tyldesley RR30.15
22I NewcombeM50Astley & Tyldesley RR30.38
23A UrmstonMLeigh30.39
24T HendersMLeigh30.49
25A StaveleyM50Burnden Road Runners30.54
26M PollittM50Burnden Road Runners31.06
27S MoramM50Astley & Tyldesley RR31.16
28J GarmoryMJBolton UH31.46
29D SwiftMBurnden Road Runners31.47
30G LeckFJLeigh31.57
31K FowlerM55Bolton UH32.00
32I GregoryMBolton UH32.14
33M JonesMLeigh32.15
34D CapnerM45Astley & Tyldesley RR32.21
35C PoveyMBolton UH32.25
36K NormantorF40Burnden Road Runners32.27
37A HiltonM40Astley & Tyldesley RR32.31
38D CookM50Astley & Tyldesley RR32.58
39D KenyonMAstley & Tyldesley RR33.00
40G DuttonM45Leigh33.04
41P HopleyM45Burnden Road Runners33.08
42M StebbingsM45Unattached33.09
43R ShielsM50Radcliffe33.18
44P WareingM45Chorley AC33.19
45J MaleyFAstley & Tyldesley RR33.21
46E RanicarM60Bolton UH33.24
47D BurkeM40Swinton33.32
48T GardinerM45Astley & Tyldesley RR33.47
49P GarsideM55Swinton33.48
50P ChristieM55Burnden Road Runners33.51
51D JohnsonMBolton UH34.00
52G JonesM50Bolton UH34.08
53R ShortMBurnden Road Runners34.11
54A HowarthM45Leigh34.15
55A SmithM50Leigh34.22
56M TaylorM40Burnden Road Runners34.31
57S RiddleM40Burnden Road Runners34.36
58G ChaddertonM50Horwich34.44
59I KnealeF45Burnden Road Runners34.46
60D BentleyM40Bolton UH34.48
61M WalkerM65Burnden Road Runners34.53
62P RutherfordM45Swinton34.56
63B JonesFJLeigh34.59
64A HayesMJLeigh35.11
65S HoughtonMBolton UH35.23
66L FisherF50Burnden Road Runners35.33
67K BoardmanM50Northern Mets35.33
68N HowarthM45Bolton UH35.34
69C BradenM40Astley & Tyldesley RR36.01
70P WilsonM40Swinton36.07
71P RobinsonM45Swinton36.14
72N BurkeM50Unattached36.17
73S FosterM50Astley & Tyldesley RR36.27
74C ScholeMAstley & Tyldesley RR36.34
75M SwindellM40Horwich36.46
76K CraggsFBurnden Road Runners37.04
77M LevoryMChorley AC37.05
78R TaylorM55Astley & Tyldesley RR37.06
79C BainesF45Astley & Tyldesley RR37.15
80P DaleM40Swinton37.24
81I HamiltonM60Astley & Tyldesley RR37.56
82D WaywellM65Wesham38.24
83D PearsonM55Burnden Road Runners38.27
84D CraineM45Astley & Tyldesley RR38.30
85J DickensonF35Bolton UH38.31
86S BoothF45Burnden Road Runners38.32
87P StupplesM45Unattached39.04
88J BoardmanF45Northern Mets39.09
89M MolloyM45Warrington RR39.20
90T FosterM50Unattached39.28
91J DuffyMAstley & Tyldesley RR39.30
92K WarburtonF35Burnden Road Runners39.37
93M ButlerM45Burnden Road Runners39.48
94D WallMWigan Ph39.56
95I BushrodM50Astley & Tyldesley RR40.15
96C O'BrianM50Horwich40.16
97L ChristieMJBurnden Road Runners40.45
98S GregoryF35Astley & Tyldesley RR40.48
99L DobsonF35Astley & Tyldesley RR40.52
100D AltonM55Burnden Road Runners41.04
101A SmithMSwinton41.07
102E CastledineF55Leigh41.24
103P BoardmanM60Bolton UH41.36
104P JohnsonM45Burnden Road Runners41.39
105J LomaxFBolton UH41.40
106A DonnellyM40Bolton UH41.42
107G BainesM55Astley & Tyldesley RR41.43
108C JonesF50Bolton UH42.04
109L AlexanderF35Leigh42.15
110S ExonF55Trafford42.18
111T McArdleM40Leigh42.20
112E RoyleF60Radcliffe42.25
114M EmmetM50Radcliffe42.27
113L OttiwellF35Swinton42.27
115M LilleyM55Swinton42.29
116G KnowlesM50Bolton UH42.33
117M FullerFAstley & Tyldesley RR42.38
118B BlackburnF40Astley & Tyldesley RR42.49
119A RidyardF35Leigh43.25
120H WarburtonFLeigh43.49
121G JonesM60Burnden Road Runners44.29
122J HallM55Burnden Road Runners44.34
123P TurnerM50Bolton UH44.54
124C HodgettsF40Astley & Tyldesley RR45.01
125U MellorFLeigh45.32
126R ThompsonM55Unattached45.45
127I MaddrellMAtherton45.50
128C WolfendenFSwinton46.09
129G JackettM60Leigh46.18
130B TickleF35Astley & Tyldesley RR46.51
131Y LomaxFUnattached47.01
132L BoylinF50Astley & Tyldesley RR47.06
133E MoleM55Atherton47.15
134B WayneF50Astley & Tyldesley RR47.30
135L HopleyF45Burnden Road Runners48.32
136D WaltonM65Altrincham48.33
137D CurryM60Swinton48.43
138A PikeF55Leigh50.44
139E BilsburyFLeigh50.47
140P JacksonM50Leigh51.51
141C UnsworthF35Astley & Tyldesley RR52.34
142H McEwenF35Bolton UH52.52
143D DenneyF35Leigh54.24
144J ForestF50Burnden Road Runners57.18

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