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Geoff Doggett Memorial 5k, Littleborough, Lancashire

8th May 2012

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Results courtesy of Bryan Moore for Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. GrimeM40Newham & Essex Beagles16.10
2M. GraceMJSalford Harriers16.28
3S. MadenMJUnattached16.44
4D. LockettM45Salford Harriers16.46
5M. FlatleyM40Middleton Harriers17.02
6I. JacksonM40Salford Harriers17.16
7B. McCartneyMJSalford Harriers17.40
8C. MerchantMJRochdale Harriers18.02
9L. BrowneMJEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside18.07
10A. FellMJRossendale Harriers18.13
11P. BennettMJRochdale Harriers18.24
12M. SeedM40Salford Harriers18.30
13G. BillingtonMJUnattached18.44
14P. JibsonM40Middleton Harriers18.46
15A. CastilleM40Salford Harriers18.51
16G. ChestersM50Salford Harriers18.56
17A. BodellM45Royton Road Runners19.07
18D. S. WindleMJRossendale Harriers19.10
19J. O'ConnorM40Salford Harriers19.11
20Tania HernandezFSalford Harriers18.12
21D. WilliamsM45Middleton Harriers19.15
22S. CordellM40Salford Harriers19.25
23G. BrowneMJEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside19.27
24N. BartonMJRochdale Harriers19.40
25M. HarperM40Todmorden Harriers19.45
26S. McVeyM50Kestrel Super Flyers19.48
27M. BostockM50Middleton Harriers19.50
28J. ReillyM60Middleton Harriers19.54
29M. WalkerM45Rochdale Harriers20.02
30B. DempseyM40Salford Harriers20.05
31C. JonesMJSalford Harriers20.08
32R. LeeM50Spenborough AC20.29
33O. NewtonMJDarwen Dashers RC20.37
34N. WilliamsMJUnattached20.38
35D. HirstMJUnattached20.48
36T. HartM45Oldham & Royton Harriers20.56
37K. FoxM55Rochdale Harriers20.57
38Shelley TattersallFRossendale Harriers21.09
39R. WarrenderM50Salford Harriers21.12
40S. CurranM60Salford Harriers21.14
41P. WilliamsM55Oldham & Royton Harriers21.35
42M. GriffithsMJManchester YMCA Harriers21.46
43S. BowmanM40Unattached21.57
44D. AthertonM55Oldham & Royton Harriers22.01
45S. SymonsM45Manchester YMCA Harriers22.02
46Debbie ShawF45Middleton Harriers22.05
47M. O'BrienM50Manchester YMCA Harriers22.12
48T. DanielsM60Salford Harriers22.20
49Nicola S. WindleFRossendale Harriers22.32
50Rebecca MurphyFMiddleton Harriers22.44
51M. CatherallM55Rochdale Harriers22.55
52V. MurphyM65Salford Harriers22.59
53D. MoranM65Salford Harriers23.10
54J. ParamorM60Manchester YMCA Harriers23.17
55Emma ParkinFManchester YMCA Harriers23.19
56Catherine FoxF45Darwen Dashers RC23.20
57M. MullenMJUnattached23.38
58D. SharpMJGlossopdale24.00
59S. SeniorM55Middleton Harriers24.03
60Megan MurphyFJMiddleton Harriers24.04
61R. HorrocksM65Middleton Harriers24.18
62K. YeomanM55Unattached24.37
63Caroline BroderickFSalford Harriers24.39
64Angie HartF35Oldham & Royton Harriers24.45
65Sara BottF45Oldham & Royton Harriers24.51
66Karen AthertonF50Darwen Dashers RC24.54
67Kyrinda H. MooreF45Middleton Harriers24.59
68B. TullM65Darwen Dashers RC25.02
69M. BuckM65Middleton Harriers25.26
70F. MurrayM65Salford Harriers25.29
71D. FogartyM45Unattached25.30
72Marie CollettF50Unattached25.51
73Sissel L. BuryF45Rossendale Harriers25.52
74Mary MurphyFJUnattached25.53
75Catherine MurphyF45Middleton Harriers25.58
76Christine BrooksF50Middleton Harriers26.15
77Grace AthertonFOldham & Royton Harriers26.31
78Maggie ElliottFOldham & Royton Harriers26.53
79A. BowcockM45Middleton Harriers27.48
80D. BuryM70Middleton Harriers27.42
81Sarah PoshitFUnattached29.24
82J. PlattM60Unattached30.08
83I. StansfieldM65Todmorden Harriers35.16
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