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Hilary Craft Action against Cancer Cowm Reservoir 5k, Whitworth, Lancashire

1st May 2012

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. McBrideMRoyton Road Runners15.53
2A. ButteryM40Rossendale Harriers16.34
3M. FlatleyM40Middleton Harriers17.03
4B. McCartneyMSalford Harriers17.42
5M. ChalfontM40Chorley18.06
6C. MerchantMRochdale Harriers18.07
7M. SeedM45Salford Harriers18.23
8P. BoardmanM50Horwich RMI Harriers18.40
9B. WhittamM45Royton Road Runners18.47
10J. CookM50Rochdale Harriers18.59
11A. ButterworthMPendle AC19.10
12M. TomanM45Rossendale Harriers19.26
13I. AitchisonM55Rochdale Harriers19.45
14J. MayallM45Rochdale Harriers20.14
15R. ButterwickM40Todmorden Harriers20.24
16Anna BlomfieldF50Rochdale Harriers20.29
17K. FoxM55Rochdale Harriers20.39
18S. VarleyM40Unattached20.48
19Kirsty WhiteF35Royton Road Runners20.53
20D. FreerM40Royton Road Runners22.01
21B. ButterworthM40Pendle AC22.28
22S. RoweMUnattached22.38
23C. EtherdenM60Saddleworth Runners22.58
24R. LawsonM70Clayton le Moors Harriers23.04
25J. MurrayM40Unattached23.40
26Charlotte HartleyFUnattached23.53
27P. JepsonM65Rossendale Harriers24.00
28S. TomlinsonM50Andems Runners24.01
29A. KaneM55Royton Road Runners24.03
30R. LewellinM60Rochdale Harriers24.57
31Angie HartF35Oldham & Royton Harriers25.30
32T. HartM40Oldham & Royton Harriers25.31
33S. BaileyM55Deestriders25.35
34R. HirstM60Clayton le Moors Harriers26.14
35I. HollowayM60Rochdale Harriers26.20
36T. FinchM70Northern Veterans AC26.30
37Yvonne TomlinsonF40Andems Runners26.52
38S. LandMUnattached27.28
39B. HartleyM65Unattached27.49
40G. DunbarM50Unattached28.19
41Jenny HydeFUnattached28.24
42Mary FreerF35Royton Road Runners28.51
43Susan LewellinF55Rochdale Harriers29.51
44Helen CavanaghF45Andems Runners31.32
45Claire OggF40Unattached34.31
46M. WilliamsonM45Unattached34.31
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