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Round the Park Relay for Team of 3, Blackpool

29th July 2011

Results courtesy of Dave Waywell
PosForenameSurnameCatTeam NameTime
1Steve LittlerMV35Out of our Heads13.30
2DavidThorntonSMLiveseys all backs14.30
3Chris BarnesSMLiveseys all backs14.54
4JasonBarlowMV40You're the one for me "fatty"14.56
5AndyVauseSMWe used to race Mick Edge - Now we beat him!!15.14
6RichardJonesSMWe used to race Mick Edge - Now we beat him!!15.29
7Chris WalesMV35Preston Fire Station15.42
8AlanMetcalfMV50Preston Fire Station15.43
9JohnHampsonMV50Preston Fire Station15.47
10PeteCruseMV45You're the one for me "fatty"16.00
11SarahRidehalghFV35Liveseys all backs16.05
12DarrenMcDermottMV40Novocaine for the Soul16.07
13GrahamWebsterMV55Top Slot16.14
14GeorgeKennedyMV50Pie, Peas & Gravey16.31
15MarkMidgleyMV40Scarey & Mongo & Midge16.35
16JamieMidgleyJMScarey & Mongo & Midge16.38
17PhilMortonSMThe Slugs16.49
18RoyUptonMV40Top Slot17.02
19GaryHeyworthSMWe used to race Mick Edge - Now we beat him!!17.05
20HelenLawrensonFV40Pie, Peas & Gravey17.12
21MickEdgeMV50Hey spotty bum bum, shall we do the fun run?17.28
22WillieRichmondMV45Top Slot17.30
23 =Steve MortSMNovocaine for the Soul17.50
23 =StaciaBlythSFCharlies Angels17.50
25SarahSherrattFV40Scarey & Mongo & Midge17.52
26LucindaProtheroSFFrisky, Fiesty Females17.59
27 =LesleyFisherFV50Out of our Heads18.04
27 =JackHornerSMScorton Handicaps18.04
29LouiseMcAuleySFThe Slugs18.17
30ClaireMcDermottFV40Novocaine for the Soul18.26
31AlanTaylorMV40Pie, Peas & Gravey18.38
32JuliaHartleySFThe Slugs18.51
33DavePearsonMV55Out of our Heads19.01
34Marc SaysellSMScorton Handicaps19.27
35AlisonTitteringtonFV50Charlies Angels19.32
36KathHoyerFV50Hey spotty bum bum, shall we do the fun run?19.48
37LauraLawlerFV40Charlies Angels19.57
38BecWillettesFV40Frisky, Fiesty Females20.28
39Dave YoungMV60I've just been beaten by two pensioners.com20.44
40JaneSherriffSFScorton Handicaps21.28
41FionaGeldhardFV45Frisky, Fiesty Females22.03
42BillLockMV65We Remember The 60's22.16
43NormanGreenwoodMV70You're the one for me "fatty"22.17
44GeorgeFlanaganMV60The Tortoise and the White Hairs22.30
45HugoMarshSMThe Tortoise and the White Hairs22.58
46MikeHutchinsonMV70We Remember The 60's23.27
47MikeWalshMV75I've just been beaten by two pensioners.com23.32
48RegChapmanMV60The Tortoise and the White Hairs24.00
49DaveJonesMV60Hey spotty bum bum, shall we do the fun run?24.11
50RobGoodallSMWe Remember The 60's24.40
51DawnLockFV65Were we supposed to be runners?29.12
52LinziYoungSFI've just been beaten by two pensioners.com30.06
Team results
PosTeam NameCombined Time
1Liveseys All Backs45.29
2Preston Fire Station47.12
3We used to race Mick Edge, now we beat him!!!47.48
4Out of our heads!!50.35
5Top Slot50.46
6Scarey & Mongo & Midge51.05
7Pie, Pies and Gravey52.21
8Novocaine for the Soul52.23
9You're the one for me "fatty"53.13
10The Slugs53.57
11Charlies Angels57.19
12Scorton Handicaps58.59
13Frisky, Fiesty Females60.30
14Hey spotty bum bum, shall we do the Fun Run?61.27
15The Tortoise & The White Hairs69.28
16We remember the 60's69.47
17I've just been beaten by two Pensioners.com74.22
18Were we supposed to be runners?79.12
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