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Harry Kelly Brownhouse Reservoir Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

1 June 2011

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1A. WhittamSMCalder Valley Fell Runners17.46
2N. SchofieldV45Rochdale Harriers18.05
3S. ClawsonV40Rochdale Harriers18.21
4S. JohnsonV45Bingley Harriers18.35
5J. StewardJMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside18.36
6A. PooleV45East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside19.41
7S. RobinsonV45East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside19.50
8A. HartshorneSMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside19.56
9M. ShawV40East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside20.00
10M. FageJMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside20.03
11O. FlageSMOldham & Royton Harriers20.07
12A. LeeV40Rochdale Harriers20.26
13D. BamberSMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside20.54
14A. FarleyV50East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside21.23
15J. WardSMRochdale Tri21.36
16Jaclyn DavisonJFRochdale Harriers21.54
17A. CombsV40Bush.V21.59
18P. KennyV50East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside22.11
19G. LewisJMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside22.22
20S. VarleyV40Unattached22.39
21Stella BoamV45East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside22.39
22A. ReynoldsSMUnattached23.01
23Carole FryerV45Calder Valley Fell Runners23.10
24J. WhittakerJMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside23.34
25Rhiannon WickhamJFUnattached23.40
26K. RobinsonV40Rochdale Harriers23.45
27Janet GrintV40East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside23.48
28M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers23.59
29Linda CrabtreeV50Halifax Harriers24.07
30S. SeniorV55Middleton Harriers24.10
31G. MatthewsV50East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside24.13
32Jill ButterworthV35Rochdale Harriers24.27
33J. SloughJMRochdale Harriers24.49
34C. SloughV40Rochdale Harriers24.51
35E. HartshorneJMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside25.35
36R. WlodarczykV55East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside25.36
37Niamh HartshorneJFEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside25.49
38J. SutcliffeV45Northern Veterans AC25.55
39P. JepsonV65Rochdale Harriers25.56
40I. HowarthV45Unattached25.57
41M. MiddletonV40Unattached26.00
42644 ??  26.03
43Jackie CrowtherV50East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside26.23
44L. BuckleySMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside26.38
45G. LawlerV60East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside26.43
46H. Bamber V55East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside26.46
47S. TomlinsonV50Andems26.48
48Sue ExonV55Trafford AC26.51
49Linda Edmondson V45Wrekin Road Runners27.10
50Elaine HelmeV40East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside27.47
51C. TimpsonV60East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside28.04
52Danielle SillenceV35Unattached28.59
53J.MaxwellSMEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside29.06
54D. SalmonV60East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside29.21
55Denise SutcliffeV50Northern Veterans AC29.40
56Yvonne WickhamV45Unattached29.57
57Dawn RowlandV40Unattached31.53
58Brenda RobinsonV65Rochdale Harriers32.10
59Yvonne TomlinsonV40Andems33.36
60Megan LewisJFEast Cheshire Harriers & Tameside34.36
61M. LewisV40Unattached34.36
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