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Comberbach Fete 5k, nr. Northwich, Cheshire

22nd May 2011

Results courtesy of Gillian Naylor
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1262Andrew Jones18:23
2240John Todd18:38
3245Chris Henry18:50
4204Adair Broughton18:56
5235Gareth Boyd19:39
6289Michael Dolan19:51
7288Nick Riding19:53
8239Gemma Barnett20:20
9251Graham Langton20:36
10236Jane Ashbrook20:51
11244Andy Smith20:53
12212Geoff Shaw20:56
13254Giles Cobley20:59
14225Daniel Bibby21:10
15231Anthony Dunn21:14
16243Matthew Jakeman21:42
17217David Talbot21:44
18215Liam Welsby21:48
19206Ian Wright21:55
20237Vanessa Griffiths21:58
21278Matt Lord22:00
22276Carol Shaw22:14
23209Chris Metcalfe22:15
24268Barry Chambers22:39
25259Kevin Holmes22:47
26205Louise Eden23:12
27283Jayne Lomax23:29
28253Luke Thornhill23:52
29210James Colaianni23:54
30213Sarah Green24:06
31220Mike McLoughlin24:07
32227David Nield24:18
33201Paul Riley24:19
34287Paul Worsley24:20
35238Liz Dobson24:26
36247Alison Meakin24:39
37263Sandy Cameron24:48
38242Stephanie Jakeman25:01
39250Brian Robinson25:14
40241Stuart Jakeman25:17
41269Al Elliott25:36
42211Janet Shaw25:57
43266James Cameron26:08
44218Daniel Hitchen26:11
45270Neill Fisher26:17
46222James Southart26:21
47246Peter Edwards26:31
48279Ruth Pawson26:39
49282Laura Mottram26:52
50284G Williams27:01
51277Clare Ryle27:40
52255Peter Naylor27:53
53271Alfie Doel28:01
54261Fiona Mcrear28:03
55291Don Mcrear28:03
56275Charlotte Southern28:21
57290Lyndsey Dobson28:37
58224Shaun Curtey28:38
59219Clare White28:40
60223Judith Southart28:44
61285Emma Williams30:28
62252Bethany Langton31:17
63228Lyndsey Reynolds31:29
64226Joanne Bibby31:29
65257Carys Mapleson31:37
66264Anna Cameron31:40
67267Jo Cameron31:41
68265Beth Harrison33:18
69280Richard Harrison33:20
70260Ruby Tomlinson33:51
71258Owen Mapleson34:10
72256Roger Mapleson34:11
73233Tom Hallsworth36:01
74221Stephen Lawson36:04
75273Jonathan Banks37:18
76274Hannah Banks37:22
77272Jane Banks37:22
78229Julie Mannion40:11
79230Samantha Mannion41:35
80286Ellie Oaks42:59
81292Logan Mann45:17
82 Molly45:18
83 Mia Latter45:58
84294Emily Heanshaw49:02
85293Chris Green49:39
86 Georgia Toy49:39
87207Clare Pollard54:42
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