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Alan Brocklehurst Brownhouse Reservoir Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

15 June 2011

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1W. SmithSMKeighley & Craven AC17.31
2C. BarnesSMUnattached17.32
3D. BrocklehurstSMSalford Harriers17.39
4L. SpencerSMKeighley & Craven AC17.57
5O. FlageSMOldham & Royton Harriers18.04
6I. IrelandV45Middleton Harriers18.10
7S. EdgeV45Unattached18.25
8D. MeadSMRochdale Tri Club18.37
9I. AitchisonV55Rochdale Harriers19.05
10K. TaylorV40Rochdale Tri Club19.16
11I. DaleV45Unattached19.23
12J. WardSMRochdale Tri Club19.27
13Jaclyn DavisonJFRochdale Harriers19.34
14A. BrocklehurstV50Middleton Harriers19.37
15M. ClawsonSMUnattached20.14
16T. HartV40Northern Veterans AC20.17
17S. Leak V45Rochdale Harriers20.30
18M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers20.51
19J. CollinsV40Unattached20.56
20Rhiannon WickhamJFUnattached21.18
21J. KershawV60Middleton Harriers21.26
22K. RobinsonV40Rochdale Harriers21.35
23L. HughesJMDarwen Dashers21.58
24Jill ButterworthVF35Rochdale Harriers22.08
25Nikki LavinVF35Road Runners Club22.13
26Alexis MolyneuxSFMiddleton Harriers22.26
27P. BuckleyV40Rochdale Tri Club22.51
28D. WoodV45Rochdale Tri Club23.00
29D. KendrickSMChes Uni23.03
30N. RobertsV40Stockport Harriers23.06
31C. HardmanV45Unattached23.35
32Megan SmithJFRochdale Tri Club24.03
33P. JepsonV65Rossendale Tri24.10
34S. Stansfield SMClayton le Moors Harriers24.12
35G. NavanV65Rossendale Tri24.38
36S. TomlinsonV50Andems24.41
37G. LawlerV60East Cheshire Harriers24.51
38R. LawsonV70Clayton le Moors Harriers24.54
39G. TaylorJMUnattached25.07
40P. LeakSMRochdale Harriers25.21
41L. BoswellV45Rochdale Tri Club25.22
42Kim MolyneuxVF55Middleton Harriers25.25
43Lorraine LearyVF45Rochdale Harriers25.34
44Kath RedfernVF40Unattached25.42
45Michelle NichollsSFUnattached26.10
46T. FinchV70Northern Veterans AC26.11
47Karen StoneVF45Rochdale Tri Club26.37
48Yvonne WickhamVF45Unattached26.47
49J. DaltonSMUnattached26.54
50Angie HartVF35Northern Veterans AC26.56
51Anita SmithVF45Rochdale Tri Club26.57
52J. TaylorV60Darwen Dashers27.15
53Christine NavanVF60Rossendale Tri28.19
54D. CantrillJMDarwen Dashers29.22
55F. MallettV65Unattached30.07
56Brenda RobinsonVF65Rochdale Harriers30.38
57Yvonne TomlinsonVF40Andems30.58
58Lisa SkinnerVF35Unattached31.06
59Karen BottomleyVF45Unattached33.35
60Alex SawkillVF55Unattached33.45
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