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Norman Poole Cowm Reservoir 5k Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

5th May 2010

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1N. Brooks (Course Rec) Sale Harriers Manchester15.13
2J. Bailey Sale Harriers Manchester15.17
3D. Proctor Rochdale Harriers15.19
4T. Lancashire Bolton United Harriers15.29
5D. Norman Altrincham & District AC15.33
6N. Leigh Altrincham & District AC15.40
7D. LockettV40Salford Harriers16.05
8T. Atkinson Sale Harriers Manchester16.38
9A. Holt Rossendale Harriers16.49
10S. JohnsonV40Bingley Harriers16.59
11P. HallV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.07
12S. Heaton East Cheshire Harriers17.08
13G. Raven Sale Harriers Manchester17.10
14K. Jackson Rochdale Tri17.30
15I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.43
16I. StainthorpeV45Rochdale Harriers17.55
17D. Mead Rochdale Tri18.01
18J. WalshJunRochdale Harriers18.02
19M. Bond Sale Harriers Manchester18.44
20J. HalliganV40Andems18.50
21I. Dalev45Unattached18.53
22D. Wormaldv40Rochdale Tri18.58
23N. Walshv40Rochdale Harriers19.06
24M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers19.09
25M. Kelly Royton Road Runners19.14
26M. Kay Rochdale Tri19.31
27C. Fordev50Trans Pennine CC19.39
28D. Murphyv40Rossendale Harriers19.40
29I. Douglas Unattached19.41
30D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners20.00
31R. WormaldV45Unattached20.02
32J. Riley Todmorden Harriers20.16
33N. CanhamV60Trafford AC20.18
34C. EaversV55Rossendale Harriers20.41
35P. LyonsV60Rossendale Harriers20.51
36R. Dalbyv55Rochdale Harriers21.08
37S. Wildv45Rochdale Harriers21.30
38Lucy MooreJuniorRochdale Harriers21.31
39T. Richardsonv40Rochdale Harriers21.44
40L. ThirskJuniorRochdale Harriers21.48
41M. Clawson Unattached22.16
42Nikki Lavinv35Road Runners Club22.18
43Mel SaiddallV45Todmorden Harriers22.20
44Natalie MurphyV40Rossendale Harriers22.26
45I. Digweedv40Andems22.27
46Anna Blomfieldv45Rochdale Harriers22.35
47Siobhan HalliganV40Andems22.44
48Isabella LewisJuniorRossendale Harriers22.51
49J. Lambev45Royton Road Runners23.09
50J. Hope Unattached23.17
51S. Seniorv55Middleton Harriers23.23
52C. Hardmanv45Unattached23.42
53Beth GreenwoodJuniorRochdale Harriers23.43
54G. Navanv65Rossendale Harriers23.45
55Naomi RichardsonJuniorRochdale Harriers23.47
56Eileen Wadsworthv50Rossendale Harriers23.53
57S. Tomlinsonv50Unattached24.10
58A. Kasprowiczv40Andems24.13
59D. Lewisv45Rossendale Harriers24.14
60Susan Lewisv45Rossendale Harriers24.14
61Collette Shipleyv40Andems24.20
62C. MoorejuniorRochdale Harriers24.28
63L. Boswellv45Rochdale Tri24.41
64S. Baileyv50Deestriders24.46
65Sue Exonv55Trafford AC24.53
66T. Finchv65Northern Vets AC25.00
67Samantha HankinsonjuniorRochdale Harriers25.03
68L. MoorejuniorRochdale Harriers25.19
69Sophie ThirskjuniorRochdale Harriers25.21
70J. Taylorv60Darwen Dashers25.38
71Fern RobinsonjuniorRochdale Harriers26.23
72Michaela Kasprowiczv40Andems26.29
73T. Kasprowiczv45Road Runners Club26.30
74Pauline CooperV50Andems26.31
75Lorraine Learyv45Rochdale Harriers26.42
76J. Connollyv55Rossendale Harriers26.47
77Jane Hughesv40Rossendale Harriers26.49
78Christine NavanV65Rossendale Harriers26.55
79Joanne Walshv40Rochdale Harriers27.00
80Lou Gilchristv75Valley27.18
81Brenda Robinsonv65Rochdale Harriers27.26
82Amanda Thirskv40Rochdale Harriers28.36
83Yvonne Tomlinsonv40Unattached28.41
84Janet Proctorv55Rochdale Harriers29.24
85Joanne Reidv35Greater Manchester Police31.28
86Ria Brightv40Saddleworth Runners33.00
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