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John Metcalfe Memorial 3 Mile Dash (approx) MT, Healey, nr. Rochdale

28th April 2010

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. Grime(NCR)Newham & Essex Beagles15.35
2S. ClawsonV40Rossendale Harriers16.10
3M. FlatleyV40Middleton Harriers16.17
4P. TaylorV50Rossendale Harriers16.34
5A. McVey Horwich RMI Harriers16.47
6K. Jowett East Cheshire Harriers16.50
7S. JohnsonV40Bingley Harriers17.20
8I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.42
9I. StainthorpeV45Rochdale Harriers17.58
10D. Mead Rochdale Tri18.01
11J. WalshJunRochdale Harriers18.07
12I. DaleV45Unattached18.59
13M. TomanV40Rossendale Harriers19.23
14M. WalkerV40Rochdale Harriers19.32
15R. Kyme Rossendale Harriers19.35
16D. MurphyV40Rossendale Harriers19.42
17J. Riley Todmorden Harriers19.48
18R. Wormaldv45Unattached19.55
19D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners20.06
20I. JohnsonV50Salford Harriers20.45
21C. BarlowV50Saddleworth Runners21.20
22Linda Clarksonv40Darwen Dashers21.30
23C. SmithjunRochdale Harriers21.36
24M. Prestonv45Stainland Lions21.46
25Natalie MurphyV40Rossendale Harriers22.21
26W. Murgatroydv55Unattached22.28
27Lucie MooreJunRochdale Harriers22.34
28G. Lawlerv60East Cheshire Harriers22.36
29D. Woodv45Manchester Harriers22.48
30M. Clawson Unattached23.05
31R. Shawv40Unattached23.16
32C. Hardmanv45Unattached23.21
33P. Clarke Unattached23.24
34P. Jepsonv65Rossendale Harriers23.59
35S. Tomlinsonv50Unattached24.26
36Elaine Blades-Jordan Middleton Harriers24.28
37Lindsay Noble Unattached24.45
38Catherine Daly Unattached24.48
39Sue Exonv55Trafford AC24.59
40T. Finchv65Northern Veterans AC25.39
41J. Taylorv60Darwen Dashers26.39
42J. Connollyv55Rossendale Harriers27.17
43D. Dicksonv65Rossendale Harriers27.29
44Yvonne Tomlinsonv40Unattached30.19
45Christine Johnsonv50Rossendale Harriers30.40
46Gay Dicksonv60Rossendale Harriers30.45
47Emma Fenwick Unattached31.09
48Ian Stansfieldv65Todmorden Harriers32.46
49Ria Brightv40Saddleworth Runners33.25
50Sharon Hopkinson Unattached42.26
51Paula Smith Unattached42.26
52Alex Gledhill Unattached42.26
n/aA. BaronJun 1 LapARC21.27
n/aA. JacksonJun 1 LapARC22.01
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