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Knype Pool Charity Race, Biddulph, Staffordshire

21st February 2010

Results courtesy of Steve Jones for Biddulph Running Club.
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1Jack Ross1st MaleSMAC31:17
2Julian Goodwin2nd MaleBoalloy32:08
3Jason Burgess3rd MaleSMAC32:41
4Dean Windsor Mow Cop Runners34:14
5Matthew Jackson Newcastle AC36:35
6Anthony Derbyshire Boalloy37:14
7Lee Campbell Boalloy37:15
8Steve Ball Mow cop Runners37:40
9Andrew Stephens Boalloy37:54
10Guy Aartse-Tuyn Mow Cop Runners38:18
11Geoff Pettengell Mow Cop Runners38:27
12Mark Cornes Mow Cop Runners38:54
13Kevin Shufflebottom Biddulph RC39:03
14Simon Walker South Cheshire Harriers39:16
15Nigel Hopper Biddulph RC39:20
16Andrew Barlow Boalloy40:39
17Ian Coates SMAC40:52
18John Green SMAC40:54
19Alan Williams Altrincham & District AC40:57
20Simon Bolton Cheshire Hill Racers41:37
21Harry Stubbs Congleton Harriers41:39
22Benjamin Hurst SMAC42:28
23Clare Holdcroft1st LadyMow Cop Runners42:30
24Angela Jacquemart2nd LadySMAC42:44
25Connie Ceuppens Boalloy43:07
26Dave Bible UA43:11
27Mike Walker UA44:08
28Ruth Goreham3rd ladySMAC44:14
29Lisa Brown Boalloy44:28
30Lisa Riches Congleton Harriers45:26
31Lee Brookes UA45:35
32Adrian Lees UA45:46
33Jan Bettany Biddulph RC46:00
34Mike Cutler South Cheshire Harriers46:33
35Elizabeth Baker SMAC46:49
36Judith Newham Congleton Harriers47:34
37Susan Farrall UA48:16
38Alison Farrall UA48:32
39Dianne Lapworth Mow Cop Runners48:42
40Felicity Doyle Congleton Harriers49:16
41Pete Doyle Congleton Harriers49:18
42Emma Brookes UA49:37
43Malcolm Rushton Trentham50:02
44Martin Stirna South Cheshire Harriers53:04
45Allan Bourne SMAC53:10
46Ray Maskell Boalloy53:23
47John Shufflebotham UA54:33
48Nick Bowler UA55:38
49Claire Challinor UA56:28
50Andy Davies UA58:28
51Laura Sadler UA59:14
52Tracey Brown UA59:15
53Dave Davies UA59:30
54Nicola Davies UA68:43
55Lawrence Chambers UA72:10
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