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Ian Terry Memorial 5k, Littleborough, Lancashire

20th July 2010

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1B. Crowther Halifax Harriers16.35
2I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.59
3B. BrockV40Accrington Road Runners18.01
4R. BrewsterV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.11
5S. WilliamsV55Northern Veterans AC18.16
6R. LloydV40Greater Manchester Police18.24
7M. SeedV40Salford Harriers18.30
8M. Kelly Royton Road Runners18.40
9J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.47
10M. Taylor Unattached18.53
11M. Stork Todmorden Harriers19.20
12C. WaltonV40Low Fell Runners19.25
13C. Morgan Greater Manchester Police19.40
14G. BurrellJunHalifax Harriers19.42
15B. LawtonV40Greater Manchester Police19.48
16N. SchofieldV45Greater Manchester Police19.48
17K. FoxV50Rochdale Harriers19.49
18M. SmithV40Dallam Running Club19.52
19D. EmmanuelV45Royton Road Runners19.58
20N. HowarthV45Bolton United Harriers20.01
21M. WalkerV40Rochdale Harriers20.05
22M. Oldham Royton Road Runners20.06
23A. DoyleV40Bolton United Harriers20.07
24M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers20.10
25C. FordeV50Trans Pennine CC20.11
26C. McKenzieV50Bolton United Harriers20.12
27M. TomanV45Rossendale Harriers20.13
28T. Brewster Clayton-le-Moors Harriers20.14
29T. RobertshawV60Lancaster & Morecambe20.15
30D. Brady Greater Manchester Police20.22
31S. HareV45Halifax Harriers20.24
32D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners20.25
33Alison Molyneux Greater Manchester Police20.28
34R. GrahamV50Rossendale Harriers20.42
35J. Mayallv45Rochdale Harriers21.11
36S. LeakV45Rochdale Harriers21.33
37D. PhilipsV65Royton Road Runners21.41
38A. Thompson Unattached21.47
39M. Wakeman Greater Manchester Police21.47
40Louise McAuley Accrington Road Runners21.54
41Shelley Tattersall Rossendale Harriers21.55
42L. Roberts Unattached21.58
43E. Stone Royton Road Runners22.11
44D. ManningV40Oldham & Royton22.20
45S. Walton Greater Manchester Police22.24
46B. Brady Greater Manchester Police22.31
47J. Foster Greater Manchester Police22.39
48Karen MatherV45Greater Manchester Police22.42
49A. RobinsonV50Greater Manchester Police22.46
50G. HookV40Oldham & Royton22.53
51R. LeesjunUnattached22.53
52B. McGillv40Greater Manchester Police22.54
53D. Woodv45Manchester Harriers22.56
54Emily PillingjunGreater Manchester Police22.59
55A. Pillingv40Rochdale Tri Club23.22
56G. Hahn Unattached23.23
57R. Lawsonv65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.24
58Kath WilliamsV55Northern Veterans AC23.25
59D. FreerV40Royton Road Runners23.28
60Linda Edmondsonv45Wrekin Road Runners23.38
61S. Seniorv55Middleton Harriers23.58
62Carole Morrisv45ACCRR24.01
63J. Jungmayr Unattached24.27
64A. KaneV55Royton Road Runners24.29
65J. BridgesjunSalford Harriers24.30
66M. Almond Unattached24.32
67V. MurphyV65Salford Harriers24.33
68S. Giblinv45Unattached24.36
69G. Meynellv65Royton Road Runners24.42
70K. Brady Greater Manchester Police24.53
71Maggie Elliott Oldham & Royton24.54
72P. WilliamsV50Oldham & Royton24.55
73A. Diccheronv65Queensbury Running Club24.56
74J. Collins Greater Manchester Police24.58
75L. HughesjunDarwen Dashers25.00
76J. Griffithsv40Greater Manchester Police25.15
77D. Sutcliffev40Unattached25.20
78R. Bynertv50Unattached25.32
79I. Bellv40Unattached25.34
80S. Baileyv50Deestriders25.36
81R. Howarth Unattached25.39
82F. Murrayv65Salford Harriers25.42
83M. Buckv60Middleton Harriers25.51
84Melanie Robertsonv45Todmorden Harriers25.53
85T. Finchv65Northern Veterans AC25.58
86G. Fosterv40Greater Manchester Police26.03
87Jemma Turner Unattached26.06
88Jane Duxburyv35Unattached26.20
89Julie Addison Unattached26.22
90D. Stuckreyv45Greater Manchester Police26.24
91M. McAllister Unattached26.30
92M. Bearshawv45Unattached26.40
93J. DaviesjunGreater Manchester Police26.53
94B. McKendry Unattached26.55
95L. Cookv40Unattached26.57
96S. Thompsonv40Unattached27.05
97P. Rogers-Thomas Unattached27.11
98Grace Atherton Oldham & Royton27.15
99Tara Cookv40Unattached27.17
100Donna Griffithsv40Greater Manchester Police27.21
101A. Kellyv40Greater Manchester Police27.26
102M. Nutterv40Unattached27.34
103D. Lumb Greater Manchester Police27.35
104A. Fairfoot Greater Manchester Police27.36
105J. TaylorV60Darwen Dashers27.37
106C. Kinson Unattached27.43
107P. FahyV50Greater Manchester Police27.46
108Bridget Richardsonv50Queensbury Running Club27.54
109N. Crookv50Unattached27.59
110Joanne Reidv35Greater Manchester Police28.10
111Christine Leathleyv60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers28.20
112S. Shepperdv45Greater Manchester Police28.22
113?  28.22
114P. Berryv40Greater Manchester Police28.23
115B. Handleyv45Unattached28.24
116Heather Mitchellv55West Yorkshire Police28.25
117P. Webbv45Greater Manchester Police28.27
118Myra Wellsv50Todmorden Harriers28.34
119Joanne Waltonv40Unattached28.41
120S. Smithv45Greater Manchester Police28.46
121H. Jonesv40Unattached30.00
122Gail Whittickv45Unattached30.01
123G. Williamsv50Greater Manchester Police30.04
124N. Barkerv45Royton Road Runners30.07
125J. Fletcher Unattached30.09
126M. Russell Greater Manchester Police30.10
127R. Marvellv40Greater Manchester Police30.36
128S. Clarkev40Greater Manchester Police30.47
129D. Pawseyv45Greater Manchester Police30.49
130A. Spillanev45Unattached30.57
131Helen Ward Greater Manchester Police31.10
132D. Salisburyv50Unattached31.11
133I. Stansfieldv65Todmorden Harriers31.41
134B. Earnshaw Unattached31.48
135Joanne Greavesv40Greater Manchester Police31.49
136M. Gallagherv40Greater Manchester Police31.54
137Louise Salisburyv50Unattached31.59
138Helen Knott Unattached32.00
139S. Bowden Unattached32.15
140J. MutchJunMaleUnattached32.16
141Samantha Wright Unattached32.17
142Sarah Fairfoot Greater Manchester Police32.20
143Carina Smith Unattached32.36
144Joanne Terry Unattached32.37
145Elaine Sutcliffev40Unattached32.38
146Jemma Turner Unattached32.39
147Katie Hurst Unattached32.44
148Toni Darcy Unattached32.59
149Ria Brightv40Saddleworth Runners33.00
150Helen RyanV35Greater Manchester Police33.56
151K. Burdahy Unattached34.03
152C. McGilljunUnattached34.09
153Ann Daviesv40Greater Manchester Police34.17
154I. Daviesv40Greater Manchester Police35.04
155Joanne Kearsleyv35Unattached35.04
156Denise Worthv45Unattached35.04
157K. Ward Greater Manchester Police35.14
158I. Tanner Unattached35.49
159No 41  35.52
160Cath Holtv40Greater Manchester Police37.14
161Rhianna SkeltonJunGreater Manchester Police38.09
162Kathy SkeltonV45Greater Manchester Police38.09
163I. Wilkinson Unattached39.50
164C. Slater Unattached39.57
165I. Mutch Unattached40.01
166T. Gallagherv55Unattached40.14
167Eleanor Goudle Unattached40.43
168J. Goudlev40Unattached40.44
169N. Thompson Unattached40.45
170S. Almondv40Greater Manchester Police40.46
171C. Yates Unattached41.12
172Claire Derraven Unattached41.58
173Jessica MutchjunUnattached41.59
174Charlotte Earnshaw Unattached42.00
175Louise Hindle Unattached42.58
176Claire Holden Unattached43.00
177Susan Terryv55Unattached44.36
178Cathy BurdahyJunUnattached50.15
179Alison BurdahyV35Unattached50.15
180Chloe MutchJunUnattached56.23
181I. Mutch Unattached56.23
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