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Emily Hughes Healey Reservoir Dash, Rochdale, Lancashire

28th July 2010

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1K. Jowett East Cheshire Harriers16.38
2D. McGuireV40LHPH17.33
3I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.40
4R. BrewsterV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.13
5J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.23
6M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers18.52
7M. WalkerV40Rochdale Harriers19.00
8M. TomanV45Rossendale Harriers19.06
9M. SaltV50Unattached19.16
10C. FordeV50Trans Pennine CC19.23
11Alison Molyneux Unattached19.24
12D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners19.32
13R. ButterwickV45Todmorden Harriers20.21
14Ginny WilleyV35Middleton Harriers20.26
15S. LeakV45Rochdale Harriers20.36
16N. Stansfield Unattached21.22
17T. KasprowiczV45Road Runners Club21.38
18Emily PillingJunUnattached21.53
19A. PillingV40Rochdale Tri21.54
20S. WildV45Rochdale Harriers21.55
21Nicola Lavinv35Road Runners Club21.57
22S. SeniorV55Middleton Harriers22.19
23D. WoodV45Rochdale Tri22.27
24M. Chalinor Unattached23.17
25G. SkeltonV45GM Police23.22
26S. HandforthV55Middleton Harriers24.07
27P. EhrhardtV60Todmorden Harriers24.41
28T. FinchV65Northern Vets AC25.05
29J. Burke-TomlinsonV40 25.40
30J. BridgesJunSalford Harriers25.48
31D. Hughesv45Unattached27.47
32Alice Brewster Unattached27.51
33D. DicksonV65Rossendale Harriers28.03
34Myra Wellsv45Todmorden Harriers28.40
35Kathy SkeltonV45GM Police28.55
36Les PaulV60Chorley29.05
37Andrea Brewsterv50Unattached30.18
38Gay Dicksonv60Rossendale Harriers31.06
39I. Stansfieldv65Todmorden Harriers32.26
40Ria Brightv40Saddleworth Runners34.20
41Demonia CantrilljmUnattached34.20
42J. Geldardv40Unattached35.21
43B. Millsv65Rochdale Harriers35.21
44J. Newbyv75Todmorden Harriers37.09
45Dev CantrilljunUnattached43.24
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