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Dorothy Croston Memorial Healey Dash, Rochdale

21st April 2010

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1M. Proctor Rochdale Harriers16.27
2S. ClawsonV40Rossendale Harriers16.37
3P. TaylorV50Rossendale Harriers16.33
4T. Davies Oldham & Royton Harriers17.02
5I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.48
6T. ChewV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.02
7P. BoardmanV45Horwich RMI Harriers18.09
8D. McMillanV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.21
9J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.23
10P. Bairstow Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.35
11I. DaleV45Unattached18.53
12M. CatherallV55Rochdale Harriers18.59
13D. MurphyV40Rossendale Harriers19.10
14Lisa HeyesV35Horwich RMI Harriers19.13
15S. MaughanV40Unattached19.55
16J. Dowdall Darwen Dashers20.00
17J. Riley Todmorden Harriers20.08
18M. Spencer Unattached20.24
19S. BoltonV40Cheshire Hill Racers20.31
20Bethan Faulkner Horwich RMI Harriers20.46
21Linda ClarksonV40Darwen Dashers20.53
22R. DalbyV55Rochdale Harriers21.05
23Juliet SmithV35Unattached21.11
24M. HillV55Dallam Running Club21.17
25Karen TaylorV50Rossendale Harriers21.38
26C. SmithJunRochdale Harriers21.59
27Natalie MurphyV40Rossendale Harriers22.02
28S. HarveyV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.25
29Nicola LavinV35Road Runners Club22.33
30Lucy MooreJunRochdale Harriers22.34
31R. CleggV50Unattached22.38
32Anna BlomfieldV45Rochdale Harriers22.51
33C. HardmanV45Unattached22.57
34Deborah RiddingV35Salford Harriers23.05
35J. BrooksV55Middleton Harriers23.13
36P. JepsonV65Rossendale Harriers23.35
37Lisa DuffyV40Unattached23.41
38G. NavanV65Rossendale Harriers23.57
39D. Fenwick Unattached24.16
40A. Molloy Unattached24.26
41M. SmithV40Unattached25.05
42T. KasprowiczV45Road Runners Club25.18
43A. KasprowiczV40Andems25.19
44Kyrinda Hurst-MooreV40Middleton Harriers25.21
45S. BaileyV50Deestriders25.39
46Pauline CooperV50Andems25.51
47Jane ShortV50Unattached25.52
48T. FinchV65Northern Veterans AC26.26
49S. GormanV40Unattached26.27
50M. WorsleyV45Unattached26.36
51Kim MolyneauxV55Middleton Harriers26.45
52Christine BrooksV55Middleton Harriers26.45
53Christine NavanV65Rossendale Harriers26.55
54D. DicksonV65Rossendale Harriers27.41
55Linda RhodesV55Middleton Harriers27.54
56Becky MooreJunRochdale Harriers28.36
57Janet ProctorV55Rochdale Harriers28.51
58Val RothwellV45Unattached28.59
59Jilly Cooper Andems29.25
60Georgina SpencerV35Unattached31.08
61Sue Babbsv50Unattached32.12
62Ria BrightV40Saddleworth Runners33.31
63Susan BishopV65Middleton Harriers34.06
64Emma Fenwick Unattached34.09
65Heather Beesley Unattached34.09
66S. Newton Unattached35.06
67A. Hurst Unattached35.12
68John Johnson Walker 
68Pat Harding Walker 
68Lynn McOwen Walker 
68Hazel Mills Walker 
68Christopher Johnson Walker 
68Deborah Johnson Walker 
68Geoff Williams Walker 
68Cora Williams Walker 
68Sandra Shepherd Walker 
68Joanne Melville Walker 
68Gillian France Walker 
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