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Mayor's Corporate Charity Challenge, Chorley, Lancs

19th September 2010

Results courtesy of Terry Dickenson
1501Paul WareingMV45Wareing's Wanderers Charity18.22
2532Dave KershawM50One Step BeyondLA Sports Dev18.34
3507Steve ParkerMThe Flying FurlongsCharity19.00
4531Emma PerrinFOne Step BeyondLA Sports Dev19.50
5524Marco SciaccaMBeauty and the BeastsCharity20.34
6523Joanathan BettsMBeauty and the BeastsCharity20.56
7525Craig BradshawMCCH StridersBusiness22.22
8520Helena KetpeFV55No LycraBusiness22.50
9506Abbie ParkerF The Flying FurlongsCharity23.11
10528A CunninghamM50CCH StridersBusiness23.41
11522Anya TownsendFJBeauty and the BeastsCharity24.43
12521Simon TownsendM45Beauty and the BeastsCharity24.44
13505Gwynne FurlongM60The Flying FurlongsCharity26.20
14504Dave MartinM50Wareing's Wanderers Charity26.29
15519Richard HurtMJNo LycraBusiness26.52
16503Stephen HodgkinsonMV45Wareing's Wanderers Charity27.00
17526Richard HoughtonM50CCH StridersBusiness27.37
18516David SeedM60Withnell Pharmacy TooCharity29.43
19517Cathy PriceFV50No LycraBusiness30.26
20518Alan HurtM50No LycraBusiness30.26
21502Julie WareingFV40Wareing's Wanderers Charity31.35
22508Jodie FurlongFThe Flying FurlongsCharity32.28
23527Tammie MetarFV35CCH StridersBusiness32.50
24514Leanne NewittFWithnell Pharmacy TooCharity46.00
25515Jane JacquesFV40Withnell Pharmacy TooCharity46.10
26513Dannielle SeedFWithnell Pharmacy TooCharity46.11
27510Nikki PearsonFWithnell PharmacyBusiness58.17
28511Tracey AshtonFWithnell PharmacyBusiness58.21
29512Rick AshtonMWithnell PharmacyBusiness58.24
30509Michelle NaylorFV40Withnell PharmacyBusiness 
31529Rachel ElmsleyFOne Step BeyondLA Sports Dev 
32530Lee BoyerMOne Step BeyondLA Sports Dev 
 34Beauty and the Beasts 1st Charity Team  
 47The Flying Furlongs    
 52Wareing's Wanderers     
 57CCH Striders 1st Business Team  
 62No Lycra    
 68One Step Beyond No Complete Team  
 93Withnell Pharmacy Too    
 119Withnell Pharmacy No Complete Team  

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