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Ian Casey Memorial Cowm Reservoir Race, Whitworth, Lancashire

20th May 2010

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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1M. Mannings Oldham & Royton16.47
2R. TuddenhamV40Serpentine Runners16.52
3S. ClawsonV40Rossendale Harriers16.58
4I. JacksonV40Salford Harriers17.43
5S. WilliamsV55Nortern Veterans AC17.50
6D. McGuireV40HPRR17.58
7S. Carroll Royton Road Runners18.07
8J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.45
9D. Mead Rochdale Tri18.51
10B. BalmerV40Royton Road Runners18.59
11B. ParkinsonV60Bingley Harriers19.03
12O. Flage Oldham & Royton19.05
13M. Kay Rochdale Tri19.09
14D. WormaldV40Rochdale Tri19.11
15B. GoodwinV40Royton Road Runners19.12
16D. EmmanuelV45Royton Road Runners19.16
17M. Harrison Royton Road Runners19.20
18J. HigginsV55Royton Road Runners19.24
19B. LawtonV40Royton Road Runners19.30
20M. Kelly Royton Road Runners19.31
21P. ByrneV50Middleton Harriers19.33
22P. McHugh Royton Road Runners19.35
23J. Trollope Royton Road Runners19.36
24S. McVeyV50Unattached19.47
25Carole MaddenV45Royton Road Runners19.49
26R. KellettV40Royton Road Runners19.50
27D. ThorpeV45Royton Road Runners19.58
28D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners20.01
29M. TomanV45Rossendale Harriers20.02
30J. Riley Todmorden Harriers20.07
31K. Foxv45Rochdale Harriers20.11
32D. CiapaJunUnattached20.24
33M. Walkerv45Rochdale Harriers20.25
34W. Greaves Unattached20.54
35S. ShawV50Royton Road Runners20.54
36Nicola LavinV35Royton Road Runners21.03
37C. EaversV55Royton Road Runners21.05
38D. ManningsV40Oldham & Royton21.08
39D. PhilipsV65Royton Road Runners21.10
40L. ThirskJunRochdale Harriers21.11
41R. DalbyV55Rochdale Harriers21.17
42A. Tucker Unattached21.25
43B. GreavesV50Royton Road Runners21.39
44Debbie ShawV45Royton Road Runners21.57
45S. WildV45Rochdale Harriers22.02
46J. Holdaway Royton Road Runners22.06
47J. Williamson Royton Road Runners22.07
48S. Reading Royton Road Runners22.08
49Debbie FiddlingV45Royton Road Runners22.14
50Mel SiddallV45Todmorden Harriers22.22
51R. QuinnV55Royton Road Runners22.25
52C. SmithJunRochdale Harriers22.29
53J. CordwellV60Royton Road Runners22.32
54D. BurgessV40Royton Road Runners22.41
55J. LambeV45Royton Road Runners22.41
56R. Rands Unattached22.45
57D. SmithV55Royton Road Runners22.46
58A. WolfeV50Unattached22.49
59Anna BlomfieldV45Rochdale Harriers22.53
60M. Clawson Unattached23.03
61Sophie ThirskJunRochdale Harriers23.03
62S. SeniorV55Middleton Harriers23.06
63Beth GreenwoodJunRochdale Harriers23.25
64Sheila WaiteV45Saddleworth Runners23.28
65C. SloughV40Unattached23.29
66A. CiapaV45Greater Manchester Police23.55
67L. Higginbottom Royton Road Runners23.58
68L. Boswell Rochdale Tri23.58
69S. TomlinsonV50Unattached23.58
70Catherine Daly Unattached24.04
71G. MeynellV65Royton Road Runners24.06
72Theresa HollinsV55Middleton Harriers24.14
73Valerie KilburnV40Royton Road Runners24.20
74Helen KnightV35Royton Road Runners24.26
75C. MooreJunRochdale Harriers24.34
76Jenny Newell Royton Road Runners24.45
77T. FinchV65Nortern Veterans AC24.49
78L. MooreJunRochdale Harriers24.55
79Naomi RichardsonJunRochdale Harriers24.55
80J. SloughJunUnattached25.00
81Elaine Blades-Jordan Middleton Harriers25.03
82Natalie ManningsJunOldham & Royton25.28
83Pauline CooperV50Andems25.48
84P. Smith Rossendale Harriers25.49
85T. Hunkingv55Royton Road Runners25.50
86Angela Tucker Unattached26.18
87Julie Greenwoodv40Royton Road Runners26.21
88J. Green Unattached27.16
89Emma Smith Rossendale Harriers27.30
90Lou GilchristV75Valley Striders27.53
91D. Webb Royton Road Runners28.33
92Carole MorrisonV40Oldham & Royton28.39
93Yvonne TomlinsonV40Unattached28.43
94Liz Philips Royton Road Runners28.51
95J. RobinsonJunRochdale Harriers29.20
96J. MooreJunRochdale Harriers29.26
97Kay FittonV40Royton Road Runners29.52
98June AlliganV65Royton Road Runners30.05
99Carolyn Holdaway Unattached30.23
100S. Hill Unattached30.25
101I. StansfieldV65Todmorden Harriers31.22
102I. SloughJunRochdale Harriers32.02
103Sophie NorburyJunUnattached32.38
104Ellie MorrisonJunOldham & Royton32.38
105Ria BrightV40Saddleworth Runners34.02
106J. NewbyV75Todmorden Harriers37.05
107B. HurstV70Royton Road Runners42.35
108Marilyn HurstV55Royton Road Runners45.05
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