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Bassingham Bash 5 Mile Road Race, Lincoln, Lincs.

7th August 2010

Results courtesy of Mike Theobald
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NB Some runners went off course, and are therefore further down the field than they should have been. These results must be considered provisional until the Race Referee considers if they should be included in the result.
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Cat: Club:
1Jonathan HobbsM40Lincoln & Dist28.49 
2Kaoru ShimadaSMLincoln & Dist29.02 
3Stephen WhiteleyM45Barnsley H29.10 
4Linton TaylorSMNewark AC29.15 
5Nick MarshM45Louth AC29.32 
6Neil ConeyM40Lincoln Wellington29.37 
7Ian ConeyM45Lincoln & District29.39 
8Richard VandermarkSMAbbey Runners29.53 
9Michael SavageM45Steel City Striders30.07 
10Shaun DimelowM40Barnsley H30.12Ran off course
11Mick HillSMTipton H30.18 
12Andy OwenM40London Heathside30.29 
13Mark JenkinsSMMansfield Harriers30.37Ran off course?
14Mark AndersonM40Lincoln & Dist30.37 
15Pete BrownM50Steel City Striders30.59 
16Graham ChapmanM50Ely Runners31.16 
17Paul ButcherM45Southwell RC31.27Ran off Course?
18David BellSMYaxley Runners31.32 
19Mike LeveryM50Sheffield RC31.50 
20Sarah WilliamsF40Met Police AC32.07 
21Peter BurgonM45Lincoln & Dist32.36 
22Andrew BaseySMNotts AC32.37 
23Peter WassM40Lincoln Wellington33.02 
24Steve FroggattM40Lincoln & Dist33.10 
25Owen Bryant M40Unattached33.14 
26Peter RawnsleyM60Skyrac33.19 
27Geoff HallM55Lincoln Wellington33.21 
28Adam RunacresSMSleaford Striders33.48 
29Dean ButlerSMUnattached34.25 
30Matt SmithSMUnattached34.29 
31Terry GrantM50Sleaford Striders34.40 
32Natasha CendrowiczF40Highgate Harriers35.29 
33David FosterM40Unattached35.41 
34Robert McArdleM50Grantham AC35.46 
35Gareth BryantM40Unattached35.55 
36Eugene RybinskiM60DPFR36.08 
37Mark WilkinsonSMUnattached36.47 
38Chloe HubbardFNewark AC37.02 
39Stephen SuttonM45Royal Sutton AC37.07 
40Heather ThorntonF40Unattached37.15 
41 ? TaylorSMNotfast RC37.25 
42John CookM55Wolds Veterans37.25 
43Paul AllisonM40Lincoln & Dist37.26 
44Mike TheobaldM65Hallamshire H37.30 
45Rachel EllisFSleaford Town37.40 
46Nicola TroopFSleaford Runners37.51 
47Ros TreadwellF45Lincoln & Dist38.11 
48Keith AllenM50Unattached38.12 
49Mary MillsF45Holme Pierpoint38.28 
50Patrick PorterM45Hartsholme38.33 
51Diana FlintF45Unattached39.21 
52Phillippa WilsonFLincoln & Dist39.23 
53Anne GilroyF50Lincoln Wellington39.24 
54John BainbridgeM50Grantham AC39.43 
55Nick SwindinM40Unattached39.51 
56Maureen RunacresF45Sleaford Striders39.52 
57Allan JohnsonM50Lincoln Lakeside40.07 
58Luke MilnerM45Unattached40.16 
59Joy WilliamsF45Doss AC40.43 
60Des ButlerM50Unattached41.13 
61Denis ReesonM60Redhill RR41.21 
62Peram PrabaSMUnattached41.37 
63Helen SmartFUnattached41.41 
64Ian StubbsM50Shepshed43.24 
65Nick MilnerM45Unattached43.55 
66Ben ForsterSMUnattached44.08 
67Graham WinstanleyM45Unattached44.23 
68Laura BinzFUnattached45.18 
69Nick BinzM50Unattached45.20 
70Neil LitchfieldM50Unattached46.42 
71Caz ThompsonF50Sleaford Runners48.45 
72Sue LitchfieldF45Unattached54.13 
DNFPaul SamwaysSMLincoln Wellington  
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