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Ward Green Six, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

26th December 2009

Results submitted by Keith Binney
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Sex: Club:
1D MiddletonMBarnsley AC30.48
2S DimelowMBarnsley AC32.18
3P BanganiMSalford32.59
4H WoodMCity Sheff33.01
5J BriscoeLWakefield Harriers33.47
6B HomerMWakefield Harriers33.54
7T MasseyM45Nidd Valley Road Runners35.23
8K WilliamsM60Rotherham Harriers35.45
9R WhiteMUnattached36.17
10P BuchananMKimberworth Striders36.35
11D LancasterMYork Ac36.44
12M O’ConnorMWakefield Harriers36.25
13A VernonLRotherham Harriers37.38
14M HurrellM40Barnsley AC37.56
15B CoomberL45Denby Dale Travellers38.01
16L HardwickL40Barnsley AC38.17
17S WhiteleyM40Barnsley Harriers38.25
18C ElfernikMSerpentine RC38.27
19L LeggettL50Denby Dale Travellers38.42
20G BatesonM50Barnsley AC39.08
21C WhiteMUnattached39.16
22N GreenL35Unattached39.18
23R BoothM55Sheffield RC39.24
24D HarlingM40Unattached39.27
25I MasonM40Askern DRC39.32
26I MicklethwaiteMKingstone Runners39.38
27J GrayM45Billingham Marsh House Harriers39.39
28R McArthurM55Meltham AC39.55
29A BraddockMUnattached40.15
30J LingrallL35Barnsley Harriers40.32
31L WaltonL40Barnsley Harriers40.47
32D AllembyM50Wombwell SAC40.58
33I NevilleM40Unattached41.14
34M HavenhandM40Unattached41.15
35T LonsdaleMKingstone Runners41.16
36S SwallowM40Barnsley Harriers41.21
37A BuckM50Steel City Striders41.27
38T SowerbyMUnattached41.30
39J MorrisMDenby Dale Travellers41.37
40R HartM55Barnsley AC41.49
41M CroftsMBarnsley AC41.57
42P StottM40Unattached42.06
43M DoddM40Unattached42.16
44A SowerbyMUnattached42.24
45E TownendMDenby Dale Travellers43.08
46J FowlerM40Barnsley Harriers43.17
47K StorrarL35Barnsley AC43.29
48D TownendM55Denby Dale Travellers43.33
49G DimelowM55Penistone Footpath Runners44.10
50J SpencerM50Hallamshire Harriers44.56
51G BeaumontM40Unattached45.06
52L WestlakeL50Barnsley AC45.21
53K RushforthL45Barnsley AC45.34
54N CarleyM45Unattached46.10
55E CarleyLUnattached46.10
56J MorrisM55Denby Dale Travellers46.24
57R WestcottM50Unattached46.39
58J BoltonL40Wakefield Tri46.42
59D EnglishM50Totley AC46.54
60M RamsdenM40Kingstone Runners47.00
61G HayesM60Barnsley Harriers47.42
62Y TwelvetreeL55Totley AC48.12
63K BatesL35Unattached48.14
64T WadeM50Kingstone Runners48.18
65L WoodM65Unattached48.48
66N GreavesMBarnsley Harriers49.00
67J LingardMUnattached49.26
68Z BrainLRotherham Harriers49.28
69B CooperM40Kingstone Runners49.38
70B WilkesM65Valley Striders49.43
71I ChristophersonM60Barnsley Harriers49.52
72G GoddardM45Unattached50.00
73D LunnMUnattached50.10
74A HughesMUnattached50.13
75E BartonLUnattached50.15
76M HarrisonL50Barnsley AC50.20
77B MainM55Unattached50.40
78M SwiftM45Basel Dragons51.25
79H YoungL35Totley AC51.52
80S AndersonM70Wakefield Harriers53.33
81S JacksonMUnattached53.39
82A BennettL50Barnsley AC53.46
83G WolfL65Penistone Footpath Runners54.00
84H JacksonLUnattached54.39
85A YatesM55Unattached54.48
86F McArthurL55Meltham AC54.55
87R DodsonLUnattached55.28
88A DysonMUnattached56.13
89J AllenL40Unattached57.04
90R ArcherM45Barnsley AC57.25
91S PickersgillLUnattached64.54
92D BozzoM40Unattached72.23

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