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Steel City Striders 10k, Sheffield, S. Yorkshire

3rd July 2009

Results courtesy of Dave Beech on behalf of Steel City Striders.
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Cat: Club:
1Stewart MaycockMSteel City Striders33:44
2Connor JohnsonMSteel City Striders35:41
3Dave SmithM40Steel City Striders36:07
4Simon BennettM40Steel City Striders37:16
5Phil CooperMSteel City Striders37:33
6Chris MaddocksM40Sheffield RC38:29
7Graeme SiddallM50Steel City Striders39:25
8Mel BeeversM40Steel City Striders39:39
9Andy MooreM40Totley AC40:15
10Barry GyteM50Steel City Striders40:18
11Gary BakerM40Sheffield RC40:25
12Colin WestM50Steel City Striders40:35
13Dave AnsellM40Steel City Striders40:44
14Louis WoodMSteel City Striders40:49
15Deborah RichardsF35Sheffield RC40:53
16Pete BrownM50Steel City Striders41:33
17Mike GreerMSteel City Striders41:37
18Kevin SibleyMSteel City Striders41:57
19Dennis CrosslandM50Steel City Striders42:08
20Terry WilliamsMGuest42:17
21Andy BuckM50Steel City Striders42:31
22Dave BeechM50Steel City Striders42:34
23Daniel BinghamMGuest42:38
24Oliver SwainMGuest42:45
25Tristian SwainM40Steel City Striders43:22
26Trevor BurtonM50Steel City Striders43:29
27Steve WattsM50Steel City Striders43:34
28Ricky BarnardMSteel City Striders43:47
29Phil HowsonM40Steel City Striders44:25
30Ian StinsonMSteel City Striders44:36
31Andy RowlandM40Steel City Striders44:47
32Steve FormbyM40Steel City Striders45:24
33Michael GunningMGuest45:27
34Dave NorrisM40Steel City Striders45:46
35Joanne WrightFSteel City Striders46:47
36Ian BlackburnM50Steel City Striders46:49
37Jim DelaneyM50Sheffield RC47:04
38Roger StevensonM60Steel City Striders47:11
39Helen CalderF35Steel City Striders47:33
40Richard BardwellM40Steel City Striders47:40
41Pat RossMGuest48:09
42Adrian MossM40Steel City Striders48:27
43Chris KirbyM40Steel City Striders48:35
44Stephanie StreetF45Steel City Striders48:42
45David WadkinM40Steel City Striders49:04
46Carol BeattieF55Steel City Striders49:50
47Vanessa DalyF35Sheffield RC50:34
48Luigi CazzattoM50Steel City Striders50:45
49Steven AshmoreM40Sheffield RC50:50
50Lucy SavageFSheffield RC50:51
51Dean YoungMSteel City Striders51:24
52Kevin RainesM40Steel City Striders51:58
53Amanda CattellF35Steel City Striders52:11
54Wayne WrightM40Steel City Striders53:21
55Dawn JacksonF45Steel City Striders53:40
56Ashley YoungMGuest54:15
57Bev BakerF35Sheffield RC54:25
58Jane HaltonF35Guest55:04
59Trevor BrownM60Steel City Striders55:55
60Peter ThomasM50Steel City Striders56:11
61Stella WardF45Steel City Striders58:04
62Cathy RowlandF45Steel City Striders58:28
63Tracey AshmoreF35Sheffield RC58:53
64Terri SandersonF35Sheffield RC61:02
65Alison LewisF35Guest61:15
66Wendy HemmingwayF35Guest61:36
67Kath FormbyF45Guest64:45
68Natalie ClaytonFGuest64:52
69Alison RobertsF45Sheffield RC65:22
70Grace OldingF35Guest65:55
71John BeardshawM60Steel City Striders66:54
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