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Priory Five, Nostell Priory, nr. Ackworth, West Yorkshire

29th July 2009

Results courtesy of Stewart Haigh for Ackworth Road Runners
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Cat: Club:
144Andrew JacksonMAckworth RR & AC28:30
226Simon NewtonMAskern DRC29:20
320Mick QuinnM40Barnsley Harriers30:56
431Robert TintingerM60Rotherham Harriers31:18
552Andy HolmesMUnattached31:28
624Keith LongM45Dewsbury RR31:35
715Joel GiddingsMValley Striders31:47
851Daren NockelsM40Kingstone Runners31:51
943Martin JamesMDoncaster AC32:02
10300Faye BanksFAckworth RR & AC32:33
1153James WilkinsonMAckworth RR & AC32:45
1213Mick FlahertyM45Ackworth RR & AC32:52
1334Richard WilkinsonMRothwell Harriers32:54
1410Nick BarnesMValley Striders33:36
1557Michael CollinsonM50Denby Dale Travellers34:03
1654Scott DalyMUnattached34:08
1745Mark SingletonM55Wakefield Harriers34:19
184Matt RipleyMSelby Striders34:50
1919Eric GreenM50Valley Striders35:06
2037Tony Richards-VardyM45Barnsley AC35:15
2117Terry MinettM50Rothwell Harriers35:21
22292Christine McCarthyF45Ackworth RR & AC35:22
2311Adrian LeachM40FERC35:27
2459Alan BoydM45Ackworth RR & AC35:38
2550Anthony AudsleyM55Wakefield Harriers35:54
26289Michaela SillFRothwell Harriers36:11
2739Barry TownsendM40Unattached36:49
281Ian CopleyM45Barnsley AC36:55
2958Nathan CollinsonMDenby Dale Travellers37:33
306Ian HillM55Ackworth RR & AC37:37
313John WroeM55Barnsley AC37:55
32296Julie MastermanF45Goole Viking Striders38:26
3336Keith LinleyM50Doncaster AC39:28
3438Ken ChapmanM65Kimberworth SRC40:43
3523George ArrowsmithM65Unattached40:48
3648Ian Robert WilsonMAckworth RR & AC40:55
3755Darren EvansMUnattached41:02
38283Emma SmithF35Vegetarian Running & Cycling41:05
3949Ron DaviesM65Ackworth RR & AC41:18
4018Paul SmithM60Askern DRC41:38
41284Janet DaviesF55Unattached41:54
428Peter WatlingM50Unattached42:00
4321Derek WhiteleyM50Unattached42:08
4433Lee HodgeMUnattached42:18
45287Amy CrossleyFRothwell Harriers42:47
4640David SimpsonM40Unattached43:47
4722Barry SinarM65Fell Runners44:03
4856Andrew NuutMAckworth RR & AC44:13
4941Alan TattersallM50Ackworth RR & AC44:58
50285Christine HallF50Ackworth RR & AC45:22
5160James CoxMUnattached45:35
522Ian HudsonM40Barnsley AC45:54
537Michael HardistyM40Rothwell Harriers46:55
54294Ruth MacleanF50Ackworth RR & AC47:55
5547Martin BatesM70Denby Dale Travellers48:35
569Peter JonesM55Crossgates Harriers48:41
5742Mark HannettM50Rodillian Runners48:52
5825Stuart ScottM50Wakefield Harriers49:41
59299Louise WoodallF45Unattached51:44
60288Nicky TrenorF40Unattached51:46
61293Dot CarrF60Unattached52:05
6246Kenneth BingleyM75Ackworth RR & AC52:40
63291Julie BridgeF40Unattached55:39
64290Emma ThorpeF35Unattached56:26
65298Zara SheltonFUnattached56:26
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