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Round the Park Relay for Team of 3, Blackpool

31st July 2009

Results courtesy of Dave Waywell
PosForenameSurnameCategoryTeam NameTime
1ChrisDaviesMThey made Pete do it12.35
2DannyParkinsonMBack for more again!13.11
3MarkDalkinsMThey made Pete do it13.49
4BenHarrisonMBack for more again!14.03
5NigelThompsonMV40Park View Trio14.26
6ScottThwaitesMJ17Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers14.30
7JamieRobbinsMV35Back for more again!14.42
8PhilLeeMPleasant Pheasant Pluckers14.45
10SteveWaterhouseMV40Also Rans15.06
11GrahamAtkinsonMV35Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers15.21
12PeterCruseMV45You're the one for me .. Fatty!15.25
13GavinBrandieMPark View Trio15.33
14StuartWilliamsMV40Also Rans15.39
15LeeBarlowMV35You're the one for me .. Fatty!15.46
16GaryPendleburyMV55Peatfield Pedal Binners15.46
17TrevorRaynerMV45Peatfield Pedal Binners15.53
18RichardPowellMJ14Yorkshires Republican Army15.58
19DarrenMcDermottMWe don't do team names, but if we did they would probably be the best team names in the world16.06
20ThomasHowarthMPark View Trio16.09
21RichardJonesMGranny, Pops & Junior16.18
22GeorgeKennedyMV50You're the one for me .. Fatty!16.20
24CarolynRobbinsFV45Stans Angels16.22
25GrahamWebsterMV55Lancashire Rockets16.24
26MarkMidgleyMV40Mary, Mungo & Midgley16.32
27ThomasPowellMJ16Yorkshires Republican Army16.33
28GaryJohnstonMV50Also Rans16.34
29GemmaTitteringtonFSole Sisters16.35
31IanCloseMV50Dave 6116.42
32JamieMidgleyMJ13Misspent Youth16.50
33MartinBatesMV50Peatfield Pedal Binners16.51
34MollyBeatmeadFJ15Misspent Youth16.56
35ColinlaidlawMV50Lancashire Rockets17.00
36RoyUptonMV40Only Two Pints17.03
37LauraMountjoyFStans Angels17.07
38DaveDunnMV45Only Two Pints17.08
39TonyCroftMV50Lancashire Rockets17.19
40Dan WhitlockMJMisspent Youth17.36
41MichaelaDempseyFV40Mary, Mungo & Midgley17.48
42SusanUckerFBad Taste Blackpool Bitches17.58
43AnastasiaBlighFStans Angels18.04
44JessicaMcDermottFJ14We don't do team names, but if we did they would probably be the best team names in the world18.08
45SarahSherrattFV35Mary, Mungo & Midgley18.12
46ChrissieO'ConnorFV50Sole Sisters18.12
47NigelSimpkinMV50The (well) over Fifties Team18.17
48BobFaircloughMV50Thorntons Chocolates18.27
49ClaireMcDermottFV35We don't do team names, but if we did they would probably be the best team names in the world18.39
50RobertPowellMJ13Yorkshires Republican Army18.44
51KathHoyerFV45Rough & Ready for Amost Anything!!!18.46
52BevWrightFV45Just made it!18.50
53MelKothFV35Three Green Runner Beans18.58
54IdaLonghornF/M?Bad Taste Blackpool Bitches18.58
55LauraAshworthFThree Green Runner Beans19.06
56Lucinda McNivenFThree Green Runner Beans19.06
57KarenDunfordFV40The happy as Larry's19.12
58NicolaUnsworthFV35Just made it!19.18
59BobMasseyMV60The happy as Larry's19.26
60PaulMcAllisterMV40Only Two Pints19.33
61AlisonTitteringtonFV50Sole Sisters19.37
62MatthewBakerMJ13Long & Short Of It19.43
63TanyaAshworthFV35Just made it!19.50
64BettySwollocksF/M?Bad Taste Blackpool Bitches19.58
65PeterWynnMV55They made Pete do it20.40
66SarahTattonFV35The Second Fiddle Ladies Team20.42
67AlanTaylorMV40Rough & Ready for Amost Anything!!!20.47
68JulieMurphyFV40Fit, Fat & Fortyish20.49
69RegChapmanMV60Grumpy Old Men20.51
70LarryMcGeeMV55The happy as Larry's20.55
71GeorgeFlannaganMV60Grumpy Old Men21.02
72ChrisHollandMV50The (well) over Fifties Team21.04
73MalcSherwoodMV55Thorntons Chocolates21.16
74PamHardmanFV50The Second Fiddle Ladies Team21.40
75HowardHenshawMV65Grumpy Old Men21.50
76SusanBakerFV50Long & Short Of It22.23
77BillLockMV65The (well) over Fifties Team22.50
78DaveJonesMV60Dave 6122.57
79SharonCooperFV35Rough & Ready for Amost Anything!!!23.05
80BernardElkingtonMV70Granny, Pops & Junior23.08
81DaveWoodMV60Dave 6124.00
82SteveBurgessMV45Thorntons Chocolates24.10
83GwenJamesFV45Fit, Fat & Fortyish25.19
84EvelynElkingtonFV70Granny, Pops & Junior26.49
85KirstyWaywellFFit, Fat & Fortyish27.02
86DawnLockFV60The Second Fiddle Ladies Team28.46
87MargaretBakerFV70Long & Short Of It30.53
Team results
PosTeam NameCombined Time
1Back for more again!41.56
2Phleasant Pheasant Pluckers44.36
3Park View Trio46.08
4They made Pete do it!46.54
5Also Rans47.19
6You're the one for me Fatty!!47.31
7Racers TC47.51
8Yorkshire Republican Army48.15
9Peatfield Pedal Binners48.30
10Lancashire Rockets50.43
11Misspent Youth51.22
12Stans Angels51.33
13Mary, Mungo & Midgley52.32
14We don't do team names, but if we did they would probably be the best team names in the world52.53
15Only Two Pints53.44
16Sole Sisters54.24
17Three Green Runner Beans56.08
18Bad Taste Blackpool Bitches56.54
19Just Made It!!57.58
20The Happy as Larry's59.33
21The (well) Over Fities Team62.11
22Rough & Ready for Almost Anything!!!!!62.38
23Dave 6163.39
24Grumpy Old Men63.43
25Thorntons Chocolates63.53
26Granny, Pops & Junior66.15
27The Second Fiddle Ladies Team71.08
28Long & Short Of It72.59
29Fit, Fat & Fortyish73.10
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