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Ken Taylor Cowm Reservoir Race, Whitworth, nr. Rochdale

20th June 2009

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1I. Grime Newham & Essex Beagles15.51
2A. Buttery Rossendale Harriers16.22
3P. Williams Rochdale Harriers16.41
4M. Flatley Middleton Harriers16.50
5C. Fell Unattached17.10
6R. HaworthV50Horwich RMI Harriers17.52
7S. Duxbury Rossendale Harriers18.09
8T. TaylorV50Rossendale Harriers18.15
9R. Lindsay Unattached18.33
10J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.48
11I. AitchisonV50Rochdale Harriers18.56
12C. CarverV45Otley AC19.08
13J. Lane Rochdale Harriers19.13
14P. WaltonV45Rossendale Harriers19.14
15A. Fell Unattached19.16
16J. Ealing Rossendale Harriers19.21
17R. TurnerV45Rossendale Harriers19.33
18I. DaleV45Unattached19.35
19A. BodellV45Royton Road Runners19.42
20S. Ashworth Unattached19.47
21D. HebdenV50Rossendale Harriers20.06
22J. HalliganV40Andems Runners20.07
23J. LavelleV45Rossendale Harriers20.09
24P. MorleyV50Rossendale Harriers20.16
25Julie HaworthV40Horwich RMI Harriers20.25
26R. DalbyV50Rochdale Harriers20.28
27J. CoatesV45Northern Vets AC20.31
28R. HallV60Halifax Harriers20.33
29G. WrightV55Rossendale Harriers20.51
30Clare McKennaV35Unattached20.54
31C. DavidsonJunRossendale Harriers20.55
32Davina RaidyV40Rossendale Harriers21.00
33M. ProctorV55Longwood Harriers21.01
34I. RobinsonV55Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.04
35Shelley Tattersall Rossendale Harriers21.07
36A. McAllisterV55Darwen Dashers21.13
37P. BlagboroughV40Unattached21.39
38M. CatherallV50Rochdale Harriers21.46
39Vanessa HamletV35Rossendale Harriers22.02
40A. CorbishleyV55Unattached22.04
41R. Stone Unattached22.06
42I. HollowayV55Rochdale Harriers22.13
43Heather Corbishley Rossendale Harriers22.36
44J. HignettV55Rossendale Harriers22.41
45Siobhan HalliganV40Andems Runners22.51
46R. HirstV55Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.08
47D. CashV55Unattached23.15
48G. NavanV65Rossendale Harriers23.54
49R. Stone  24.05
50Marie RolliV45Rossendale Harriers24.23
51B. Jefcoate Unattached24.53
52D. Wright Unattached24.57
53M. Moppett  25.14
54Susan Heaney Unattached25.22
55D. DicksonV65Rossendale Harriers26.12
56Christine NavanV60Rossendale Harriers26.21
57S. BuckleyV50Middleton Harriers27.12
58Rebecca Bentley Unattached27.28
59D. Barlow Unattached27.34
60J. Stansfield Rossendale Harriers28.06
61C. StansfieldV40Todmorden Harriers28.07
62Cath HignettV50Rossendale Harriers28.26
63Laura Miller Unattached28.44
64Kathryn WillisV45Rossendale Harriers28.47
65Melanie EdmondsonV35Rossendale Harriers29.10
66Joanne HowarthV35Rossendale Harriers29.12
67A. Boardman Unattached29.14
68Susan Hallv55Unattached29.17
69H. Willis Rossendale Harriers29.51
70Lindsey Heaney Unattached30.31
71Gay DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers31.13
72Ken TaylorV60Rossendale Harriers31.40
73Jane WaltonV40Rossendale Harriers31.56
74John NewbyV75Todmorden Harriers35.04
75Carol Blinkhorn Unattached38.38
76K. Blinkhorn  38.38
77R. Bradshaw Unattached49.49
78Lisa Bradshaw Unattached50.27
79Michelle Schofield Unattached50.27

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