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Ian Casey Memorial Cowm Reservoir 5k, Whitworth, nr. Rochdale

21st May 2009

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
"I would sincerely like to thank everyone involved in this event. The high turnout reflected the esteem in which Ian was held." Andy
1I. Grime (record) Newham & Essex Beagles15.50
2M. Flatley Middleton Harriers16.53
3D. Shaw Bolton United Harriers17.04
4E. WylieJunRossendale Harriers18.01
5A. Lye Unattached18.02
6O. Flage Oldham & Royton AC18.03
7P. WhiteheadV50Royton Road Runners18.10
8D. Kershaw Royton Road Runners18.12
9B. GoodwinV40Royton Road Runners18.23
10S. Hulme Royton Road Runners18.36
11R. StottV45Rossendale Harriers18.42
12D. Mead Rochdale Tri Club18.49
13J. CookV50Rochdale Harriers18.58
14S. Holt Unattached19.13
15M. Harrison Royton Road Runners19.15
16C. Green Royton Road Runners19.24
17B. LawtonV40Royton Road Runners19.26
18I. DaleV45Unattached19.29
19D. WhittamV45Royton Road Runners19.30
20D. EmmanuelV45Royton Road Runners19.32
21J. Trollope Royton Road Runners19.34
22N. WalshV40Rochdale Harriers19.37
23J. HigginsV55Royton Road Runners19.39
24R. SmithJunOldham & Royton AC19.41
25Rebecca Fordham Bolton United Harriers19.42
26J. WalshJunRochdale Harriers19.44
27D. HallV45Royton Road Runners19.46
28M. Kay Royton Road Runners19.52
29J. StringfellowJunRossendale Harriers19.54
30Jennie RansomeV45Road Runners Club19.55
31D. HebdenV50Rossendale Harriers19.56
32A. Smithson Unattached20.00
33B. GreavesV50Royton Road Runners20.03
34D. Bentley Bolton United Harriers20.11
35N. ShawV55Rochdale Harriers20.19
36J. Holdaway Royton Road Runners20.28
37K. SmithV45Oldham & Royton AC20.33
38J. WylieV45Rossendale Harriers20.38
39R. DalbyV50Rochdale Harriers20.39
40R. KellettV40Royton Road Runners20.43
41E. NolanV45Royton Road Runners20.47
42D. PhilipsV65Royton Road Runners20.51
43S. SeniorV55Middleton Harriers20.54
44S. ShawV50Royton Road Runners21.02
45D. Freer Unattached21.09
46R. Cawdron Unattached21.12
47P. MurphyV50Darwen Dashers21.13
48J. Riley Todmorden Harriers21.14
49C. EversV55Royton Road Runners21.25
50S. SzkwarokV50Unattached21.26
51A. Nuttall Royton Road Runners21.27
52S. Varley Unattached21.29
53M. FernsV45Sale Harriers21.30
54M. EmmettV50Radcliffe AC21.31
55A. Tucker Unattached21.33
56Ginny Willey Middleton Harriers21.34
57M. CoxV50Rochdale Harriers21.40
58P. WorkmanV45Rossendale Harriers21.44
59J. CordwellV55Royton Road Runners21.45
60Emily Hughes Middleton Harriers21.49
61Debbie ShawV45Royton Road Runners21.53
62A. Wolfe Unattached22.00
63Anna BlomfieldV45Rochdale Harriers22.04
64E. OwenV55Unattached22.05
65T. HindsonV45Redcar Runners22.06
66R. LawsonV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.12
67F. GreenV60Unattached22.15
68C. ClancyV45Unattached22.16
69Vanessa HamletV35Rossendale Harriers22.17
70Nicola LavinV35Road Runners Club22.18
71D. WoodV45Manchester Harriers22.24
72G. LawlerV55East Cheshire Harriers22.25
73Sue FiddesV40Andems22.26
74M. Fiddes Andems22.27
75Dawn RichardsV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers22.28
76Jennifer Brown Rochdale Harriers22.34
77J. Carey Unattached22.35
78D. BurgessV45Royton Road Runners22.43
79G. MeynellV60Royton Road Runners22.46
80A. KaneV55Royton Road Runners22.51
81S. HeyesV50Royton Road Runners23.00
82I. HollowayV55Rochdale Harriers23.05
83S. PorterV45Unattached23.07
84M. WalkerV40Unattached23.09
85Sheila WaiteV45Saddleworth Runners23.11
86Elaine Blades Middleton Harriers23.13
87L. Higginbottom Royton Road Runners23.18
88G. NavanV65Rossendale Harriers23.23
89Diane FlemingV55Rossendale Harriers23.29
90A. BowcockV45Middleton Harriers23.39
91T. Harrop Unattached23.46
92D. WoodV45Unattached23.50
93Karen AthertonV45Darwen Dashers23.50
94I. DigweedV40Unattached23.53
95S. HartV50Swinton Running Club24.12
96A. Astley Unattached24.25
97Sophie Marshall Unattached24.33
98J. Taylor Unattached24.33
99T. HunkingV55Royton Road Runners24.38
100Kate Instone Unattached24.45
101M. Newall Unattached24.45
102Susan RatcliffeV50Saddleworth Runners24.50
103Julie KeysV40Rossendale Harriers25.03
104A. Fryer Swinton Running Club25.05
105N. WilliamsV60Unattached25.17
106Lou GilchristV75Valley Striders25.18
107Joanne WalshV40Rochdale Harriers25.25
108E. BradburyV55Unattached25.33
109N. Barker Royton Road Runners25.40
110A. LordV40Unattached25.53
111T. GrundyV65Royton Road Runners25.54
112Vicky BramleyV40Royton Road Runners25.55
113P. JordonV40Middleton Harriers26.06
114Janice GuestV55Saddleworth Runners26.12
115Leah MurphyJunDarwen Dashers26.31
116Julie GreenwoodV40Royton Road Runners26.33
117Liz WhitworthV40Oldham & Royton AC26.36
118D. JordonJunMiddleton Harriers26.43
119Louise Taylor Rochdale Harriers26.46
120Caroline FortnumV35Unattached26.47
121Michaela KasprowiczV40Unattached26.51
122Christine NavanV60Rossendale Harriers26.55
123S. BuckleyV50Middleton Harriers27.02
124Angela BellV40Radcliffe AC27.28
125Pam JohnstonV45Rossendale Harriers27.49
126Linda RhodesV55Middleton Harriers27.54
127D. SmithV50Royton Road Runners28.04
128Natalie Yates-BoltonV40Royton Road Runners28.11
129No. 694? n/a28.11
130T. KasprowiczV45Road Runners Club28.53
131Lynn WilleyV40Unattached28.54
132Brenda RobinsonV65Rochdale Harriers29.00
133Janet WylieV45Rossendale Harriers29.18
134Lindsay StringfellowV45Rossendale Harriers30.06
135Sandra HutchinsonV45Middleton Harriers30.50
136June AllinganV65Royton Road Runners31.51
137Kay FittonV40Royton Road Runners31.51
138I. StansfieldV65Todmorden Harriers32.13
139Belinda BaguleyV40Unattached32.57
140G. Davy Unattached32.57
141Allison BrettV45Middleton Harriers33.09
142J. NewbyV75Todmorden Harriers34.46
143Ria BrightV40Saddleworth Runners35.50
144B. HurstV70Royton Road Runners37.42