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The Gun Run, Swythamley, Macclesfield, Cheshire

14th July 2009

Results courtesy of Graham Anderson
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Cat: Club:
1D NichollsMWilmslow RC35.02
2R DownsMV40Wilmslow RC36.21
3M FowlerMV40Wilmslow RC36.50
4S HardingMMacclesfield Harriers36.55
5G BriggsMStaffs Moorlands AC37.12
6M HattonMV40S Cheshire Harriers38.48
7T AnnableMV40Vale Royal39.07
8R WhiteMBuxton & District AC39.56
9N PlattsMStaffs Moorlands AC40.07
10P HudsonMS Cheshire Harriers40.14
11C MeirMV40Staffs Moorlands AC40.22
12S JacksonMV40Congleton Harriers40.27
13P NewhamMCongleton Harriers40.29
14J MooneyMV40Macclesfield Harriers40.29
15C BentleyMMacclesfield Harriers40.29
16V BoothMV40Cheshire Hill Racers40.35
17P MallisonMS Cheshire Harriers40.38
18M BigleyMMacclesfield Harriers40.39
19R GilbertMV40Wilmslow RC41.03
20W HeatonMV40Wilmslow RC41.03
21K BaileyFMerrionydd RC41.18
22J WheelerMWilmslow RC41.31
23N JonesMV40S Cheshire Harriers41.44
24J WhilockMV40Staffs Moorlands AC41.46
25R FernyhoughM 41.52
26D KeelingMV40Cheshire Hill Racers41.58
27A GrayMV40Macclesfield Harriers42.02
28T MillerMBoalloy42.07
29J BrownMV40Macclesfield Harriers42.09
30A BeresfordM 42.18
31J HollandMStone MM42.20
32M CooperMV40Wilmslow RC42.32
33G HodgesMSandbach Striders42.49
34J SewellMBuxton & District AC43.02
35C HuntM 43.07
36T EvansMV40Congleton Harriers43.15
37N BrawnMV40Stone MM43.16
38M FairsMV50Wilmslow RC43.19
39D HindleyMV40S Cheshire Harriers43.29
40D BulloughMV50Wilmslow RC43.37
41J SimpsonMS Cheshire Harriers43.38
42C HoldenMMacclesfield Harriers43.39
43M HarringtonMVale Royal43.40
44V MckinnonFWilmslow RC43.43
45D HallMV40Macclesfield Harriers43.50
46A GrayMV40 43.52
47T HulmeMV50Wilmslow RC43.54
48S DawsonMV40S Cheshire Harriers44.00
49G TrimbleMWilmslow RC44.10
50S SmithMV40Wilmslow RC44.20
51A MayersMV40S Cheshire Harriers44.49
52M ByrneMCongleton Harriers44.55
53C WilshawMV40Pennine44.58
54M CromptonMV40Vale Royal45.04
55T ArcherMV50Vale Royal45.17
56A PainterMS Cheshire Harriers45.29
57P SellarsMV40Congleton Harriers45.51
58S LomasMV40Macclesfield Harriers45.57
59G LuznyjM 45.57
60A BainsMStaffs Moorlands AC45.59
61P FortonMStone MM46.02
62J BarryMV50Congleton Harriers46.11
63S MasseyMV40Staffs Moorlands AC46.14
64G GilbertMV50 WWilmslow RC46.17
65C HarbronMMacclesfield Harriers46.18
66A WattsMV50Wilmslow RC46.28
67D EdgeMV50Staffs Moorlands AC46.32
68C RowlandsMV40S Cheshire Harriers46.37
69K GreenFWilmslow RC46.46
70P OliverMV40 47.01
71S PooleMStaffs Moorlands AC47.05
72S RussellMV50Wilmslow RC47.09
73J Booth MV50S Cheshire Harriers47.32
74D WalkerMV40 47.33
75J MaylandFStaffs Moorlands AC47.58
76R MayersMV40S Cheshire Harriers47.59
77C GreenMV50Staffs Moorlands AC48.01
78G DaviesM 48.08
79A BakerMS Cheshire Harriers48.12
80P CliffMV40S Cheshire Harriers48.14
81A GrayMLincln Harriers48.21
82J ClemensMV50Mercia48.22
83R HironsMV40Wilmslow RC48.32
84C WattsMWilmslow RC48.39
85M JacksonMV40Congleton Harriers48.54
86N MowattFV50Wilmslow RC48.57
87A ReevesFCongleton Harriers48.58
88L GrantMV40Goyt Valley Striders48.59
89G LamploughMV40Staffs Moorlands AC49.38
90D HillFV40Congleton Harriers49.55
91S KennerleyMV40Congleton Harriers50.07
92R ParkinMCongleton Harriers50.22
93C ArdronMV50Macclesfield Harriers50.32
94I CoatesMV50Staffs Moorlands AC50.35
95I AshcoftMV50Wilmslow RC50.42
96N MurphyMV40Macclesfield Harriers50.46
97S WallerMV40S Cheshire Harriers50.52
98H StubbsMV50Congleton Harriers50.54
99M EscolmeMSandbach Striders50.56
100M HortonMV50Boalloy50.59
101D WilneFStaffs Police51.00
102N HopperMV40NRSSA51.04
103G EvansFV40Congleton Harriers51.13
104M BarryMStockport Harriers51.19
105S WhincupMV40S Cheshire Harriers51.31
106S MoorhouseMV40Buxton & District AC51.36
107A JacquemartFV40Staffs Moorlands AC51.44
108S SmithFV40Macclesfield Harriers52.03
109S JacksonFV50Congleton Harriers52.04
110P HinkeFV50 52.33
111P ClutterbuckMV40Vale Royal52.37
112T SmithMV50Congleton Harriers52.44
113N PlayfordMCongleton Harriers52.47
114O AshcroftM Wilmslow RC52.51
115J MilesFV40Macclesfield Harriers52.58
116D DaleMV50Congleton Harriers53.02
117F ShepleyMV50Stone MM53.08
118C MarshallFV40Wilmslow RC53.15
119M ArmstrongMV50Staffs Moorlands AC53.22
120C BrumbyMV40Sandbach Striders53.31
121S KussmanFV40Macclesfield Harriers53.35
122A BrindFV40Stone MM53.36
123M CalverleyMV40Stone MM53.37
124B FergusonMV50S Cheshire Harriers53.45
125S DayMV40 54.00
126D StewartMV40 54.27
127C CannonMV50 54.36
128P WalkerMV40 54.41
129D BurnsMV40Fell Ponies54.42
130R CoombsMV50Wilmslow RC54.45
131R PownallMV50Wilmslow RC54.56
132D TaylorMV50Congleton Harriers55.03
133L ShepleyFV50Stone MM55.06
134N PrattenMV50Wirral AC55.10
135A CurryMV50Staffs Moorlands AC55.21
136B StaniardMV40Wilmslow RC55.23
137T HillsMV40Wilmslow RC55.29
138S SperringFWilmslow RC55.33
139S SewellMV40Macclesfield Harriers55.35
140J NewhamFV40Congleton Harriers55.37
141J FischerMV40Macclesfield Harriers55.48
142D HintonMStaffs Moorlands AC56.06
143J AshtonMV40 56.13
144B MouldMV50Staffs Moorlands AC56.30
145M CrosbyFV40Stone MM56.47
146J LucasFV40Wilmslow RC56.58
147P WatsonMV50Wilmslow RC57.05
148S MasonFV40Wilmslow RC57.32
149S MilesFWilmslow RC57.56
150L StoneFStaffs Moorlands AC59.21
151C DownFS Cheshire Harriers60.41
152J NormanFV40Staffs Moorlands AC62.19
153D TaylorMV50Staffs Moorlands AC64.30
154M CutlerMV50S Cheshire Harriers64.37
155M CopeM 64.49
156E ConnorFV40Macclesfield Harriers65.50
157S DydeFV40S Cheshire Harriers66.06
158R JonesFS Cheshire Harriers66.07
159A DydeMV40S Cheshire Harriers66.08
160M TaylorMStaffs Moorlands AC68.08
161C MorrissetteFV50Staffs Moorlands AC68.52
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