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Mayor's Coporate Charity Challenge, Chorley, Lancs

20th September 2009

Results courtesy of Terry Dickenson
18Steve ParkerM The Flying FurlongsCharity18:42
29Simon TownsendMV45Townsend TrottersCharity18:43
31Paul WareingMV45Wareing's Wanderers Charity18:47
429Anthony RyderMHoly CrossersSchool Staff20:25
517Leo StonesMLeo's LionsCharity20:52
624Brian MoranMV45Pretty Fast BanditsCharity21:55
711Luke TownsendMJTownsend TrottersCharity22:02
87Abbie FurlongFThe Flying FurlongsCharity22:28
94Neal WareingMJWareing's Wanderers Charity23:16
1015Steve DawsonMV50The Pace MakersCharity24:15
1116Antony CunninghamMV50The Pace MakersCharity24:16
1233Caroline StevensonFV40Dante's Halfway HousePub24:47
1330Nick DunnMV40Holy CrossersSchool Staff00:57
145Gwynne FurlongMV60The Flying FurlongsCharity25:22
1523Anne ConchieFV40Pretty Fast BanditsCharity25:24
1622Richard HoughtonMV45Pretty Fast BanditsCharity25:32
173Dave MartinM50Wareing's Wanderers Charity25:55
1818Tom CorriganMLeo's LionsCharity25:58
1932Gill HandsFHoly CrossersSchool Staff26:26
2020Lynne CalsenFV50Leo's LionsCharity27:01
2112Anya TownsendFJTownsend TrottersCharity28:10
2219Bev CalsenFLeo's LionsCharity28:22
2328Nicki WebsdellFV45Balshaw's Beauties & 1 BeastSchool Staff28:48
2427Nick WebsdellMV45Balshaw's Beauties & 1 BeastSchool Staff28:49
256Jodie FurlongFThe Flying FurlongsCharity28:55
2626Jo MaxwellFV45Balshaw's Beauties & 1 BeastSchool Staff29:24
2714Helen CoulsonFThe Pace MakersCharity31:02
2825Sharon ElliottFV35Balshaw's Beauties & 1 BeastSchool Staff31:07
2936Sean EnnisMDante's Halfway HousePub31:08
3010Kath TownsendFV45Townsend TrottersCharity31:16
3121Claire WaddingtonFPretty Fast BanditsCharity31:30
3231Jenna TrickettFHoly CrossersSchool Staff31:58
332Julie WareingFV40Wareing's Wanderers Charity32:38
3434Jenni WalshFDante's Halfway HousePub34:09
3513Dave BarronMThe Pace MakersCharity36:09
3635Joanne GilfordFDante's Halfway HousePub40:32
Teams NameCatCategory PosPoints 
1 The Flying FurlongsCharity1st in Cat48 
2 Townsend TrottersCharity 60 
3 Wareing's Wanderers Charity 62 
5 Leo's LionsCharity 65 
4 Holy CrossersSchool Staff1st in Cat68 
6 Pretty Fast BanditsCharity 68 
7 The Pace MakersCharity 83 
9 Balshaw's Beauties & 1 BeastSchool Staff 101 
8 Dante's Halfway HousePub1st in Cat111 

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