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Castleton Show 10k (approx), nr. Guisborough, North Yorkshire

13th September 2008

Results courtesy of Chris Wright for North York Moors AC
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1Andrew Minister1 SeniorDurham Fell Runners37.14
2Dez Fielden2 SeniorNorth York Moors AC37.52
3Andrew Henderson1 Vet 40Durham Fell Runners38.04
4Brian Roberts1 Vet 50North York Moors AC38.42
5Aly Raw1 Female (V1)Bingley Harriers39.59
6Aly Welsh2 Vet 40Bowland40.25
7Neil Ridsdale2 Vet 50Driffield40.57
8Gordon Brown3 Vet 50North York Moors AC41.08
9Rob Williamson3 Vet 40Loftus & Whitby AC41.21
10Brendan Anglim3 SeniorNorth York Moors AC41.37
11Paul Kelly4 Vet 50Durham Fell Runners41.53
12Julian Barwick5 Vet 40North York Moors AC42.29
13Martin Randall4 SeniorNewton Aycliffe43.28
14Paul Morton5 SeniorBowland44.29
15Philip Mogridge6 SeniorRoyal Navy AC42.20
16Martin Dietrich6 Vet 40North York Moors AC44.43
17Philip Banks7 SeniorU/A44.56
18Andrew Johnson5 Vet 50U/A44.58
19Sue Haslam2 Female (V2)Scarborough AC45.31
20Alan Ayres 8 SeniorU/A45.57
21Julia Atkinson-Tait3 Female (V1)Newton Aycliffe46.13
22Phil H-Narborough7 Vet 40Wednesday AC46.45
23Eddie Meehan6 Vet 50North York Moors AC47.32
24Sam H-Narborough1 Junior U/A47.52
25Shelli Gordon4 Female (S)New Marske Harriers48.03
26Ged Dixon7 Vet 50U/A48.30
27Barry Manning9 SeniorNorth York Moors AC48.39
28Tony Wilkinson8 Vet 40North York Moors AC48.56
29Barry Moody1 Vet 60North York Moors AC48.57
30Mark Steventon9 Vet 40U/A49.13
31Mark Behrens10 SeniorNorth York Moors AC49.27
32Kath Blakey5 Female (V1)North York Moors AC49.31
33Jane Hamp6 Female (V2)Scarborough AC49.56
34Clive Summersgill10 Vet 40New Marske Harriers50.14
35Rupert Dunn11 Vet 40U/A50.40
36Janet Cordingley7 Female (V1)Knavesmire Harriers51.31
37Fiona Clacherty8 Female (S)U/A51.58
38Lawrence McAnelly12 Vet 40U/A51.55
39Paul Goad13 Vet 40Richmond & Zetland Harriers51.59
40Trish Kay9 Female (V1)Newton Aycliffe53.00
41Dave Parke8 Vet 50Scarborough AC53.15
42Ian Robinson14 Vet 40North York Moors AC55.20
43Andrew Hart11 SeniorNew Marske Harriers55.57
44Josie Lefevre10 Female (S)North York Moors AC56.02
45Phil Meadows15 Vet 40U/A56.03
46Patrick Heagney9 Vet 50Loftus & Whitby AC57.10
47Martin White10 Vet 50New Marske Harriers57.19
48Abi Topliss11 Female (S)New Marske Harriers57.37
49Viv Matthews12 Female (S)North York Moors AC58.36
50Dave Murphy16 Vet 40North York Moors AC59.02
51Barry Sinar2 Vet 60Ackworth RR59.42
52Clare Williams13 Female (S)North York Moors AC63.40
53Sandra Main14 Female (V3)North York Moors AC67.06
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