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Alderley Edge Trail Race, Cheshire

30th July 2008

Results courtesy of Malcolm Fowler for Wilmslow Running Club
This event raised 423 for the NSPCC - the organising committee wish to thank all runners.
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Cat: Club:
1Matt CullenMSt Helens Sutton AC28.24
2Malcolm FowlerM45Wilmslow Running Club28.58
3Tom BushMAltrincham AC29.07
4Jim PendrillMWilmslow Running Club29.16
5Rob DownsM40Wilmslow Running Club29.26
6Gary MatthewsM45East Cheshire29.48
7Mike HarringtonMVale Royal AC30.04
8Neil WalkerMAltrincham AC30.11
9Olivia WalwynFCity of Norwich30.19
10Mark NortonMAltrincham AC30.22
11Bill HeatonM40Wilmslow Running Club30.44
12Dave GoughM40Vale Royal AC31.20
13Jeff KettleMSwansea Harriers31.24
14Joseph DooleyM40East Cheshire31.30
15James WheelerMUnattached31.34
16Chris ChandlerM45Unattached31.39
17Sean BollandMBowland Fellrunners31.55
18Adair BroughtonMHelsby Running Club32.11
19John StockdaleMUnattached32.31
20John ToddM45Vale Royal AC32.35
21Mark BaleMWilmslow Running Club32.40
22James GrahamMUnattached34.20
23Adrian ThiemickeM40City of Stoke34.21
24Matthew MaloneMWinston Runners34.30
25James HindeMUnattached34.58
26Helen WhitbyFVale Royal AC35.04
27Dave WallM40Wigan Phoenix35.27
28Tristan PocockMDragons RC35.37
29Oliver JohnstoneMMacclesfield Harriers35.49
30John CoatsM45Northern Vets35.50
31Sam ScottM93 Sutton35.52
32Michael DochertyM55Unattached35.53
33Steve BunyanMBelle Vue36.04
34Keith HattonM45Liverpool Harriers36.31
35Michael BrownMStockport Harriers36.36
36Dave PreeceMUnattached36.44
37Dave SmithM60Dark Peak36.50
38Kevin CurranM40Radcliffe AC36.57
39Kirsten GormanFUnattached37.01
40Ron GormanM60Unattached37.01
41Martin HallworthM50Unattached37.08
42Robin SwainbankMUnattached37.11
43Thomas ScreenMUnattached37.19
44David MaddockM45Unattached38.12
45Andy RobertsM40Belle Vue38.16
46Owen AshcroftMWilmslow Running Club38.31
47Elizabeth GlennonFUnattached38.47
48Ian AshcroftM60Wilmslow Running Club39.14
49Gary WennM40Royal Navy 39.27
50Penny HinkeF45Wilmslow Running Club39.32
51Stewart BaileyMCheshire HHH39.33
52Alison CoulsonF45Stockport Harriers39.35
53Huma RahmanF35Wilmslow Running Club39.41
54Martin HamiltonMUnattached39.43
55Michael BarryMUKNetRunner39.45
56Joanne HealeyFDragons RC39.46
57Deane LambMLiverpool Running Club39.49
58Jo MolyneauxF45Vale Royal AC39.52
59Des MilesM40Unattached39.53
60Neil MurphyM45Macclesfield Harriers39.56
61Victoria MaloneFWinston Runners39.58
62Mike CutlerM50South Cheshire Harriers40.00
63Paul AyresM50Wilmslow Running Club40.19
64Anne BrindleyF40Wilmslow Running Club40.36
65Edward JacksonM40Unattached40.42
66Phil ArmittM55Unattached40.43
67Dave WoodM45Manchester Harriers40.45
68Peter BreamM40Wilmslow Running Club40.55
69Catriona MarshallF40Wilmslow Running Club40.57
70John RileyM65Northern Vets41.12
71Alex DinsmorF55Stockport Harriers41.36
72Andy ToddM60Helsby Running Club41.54
73Simon FentonM65Wilmslow Running Club42.01
74Brian JoyceM40Unattached42.09
75Barrie AinscowM45Dragons RC42.36
76James AshtonMUnattached42.37
77Jon MartinM50Unattached42.52
78Gary CookeMUnattached42.54
79Liam GlennonMUnattached43.21
80Steve LowndesMUnattached43.48
81Rebecca GlenFGoyt Valley Striders43.53
82Martin StirnaM55South Cheshire Harriers43.55
83Mike KendrickM55East Manchester44.19
84Dean LewisM40Unattached44.44
85Maggie JonesF45Altrincham AC44.47
86Cliona PreeceF35Unattached45.28
87Steven FeberM55Wilmslow Running Club46.16
88Ian BurrowsMUnattached46.20
89Nicole Vanden WittenboerF40Dragons RC46.31
90Ian TownsendMUnattached46.40
91Daniel KirschenM50Unattached47.09
92Paul StringerM55Unattached47.29
93Dominique ClarkF45Unattached48.04
94Phoebe DickinsonFSpectrum Striders48.41
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