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Striders Championship 10km Race, Yorkshire Bridge, Bamford, S. Yorks

7th July 2006

Results courtesy of Dave Beech for Steel City Striders
PosNameAge categoryClubTime
1Darren NewboldSenior MaleCity of Sheffield A.C.33:49
2Stuart MaycockMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders34:31
3Jon CrookSenior MaleSteel City Striders35:26
4Robin DuffySenior MaleFat Boys37:22
5Mike LeveryMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.37:33
6Mel BeeverMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders37:47
7Colin WestMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders38:12
8Bob PringleMale Vet O/55Sheffield Tri Club38:26
9Barry GyteMale Vet O/50Steel City Striders38:54
10Andrew MooreMale Vet O/45Fat Boys39:21
11Andy HartleyMale Vet O/45Fat Boys39:31
12Nigel KentMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.39:46
13David McGuinnessMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders39:53
14Dave BeechMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders40:40
15Nick ScottMale Vet O/40Steel City Striders41:14
16Greame SiddallMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders41:17
17Simon BennettMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders41:28
18Mike GreerSenior MaleSteel City Striders41:39
19Maggie WatkinsFemale Vet O/40Sheffield Tri Club42:51
20Kavin RainsMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders43:28
21Phil HowsonMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders43:36
22Mike SmithSenior MaleSteel City Striders43:41
23Trevor BurtonMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders44:02
24Brian EnglishMale Vet O/40Dark Peak45:05
25Dave NichollsMale Vet O/55Steel City Striders45:40
26Murray ScottMale Vet O/40Unattached45:46
27Alison BentSenior FemaleSteel City Striders46:04
28Anthony BillinghurstMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders46:10
29Phil BarrattMale Vet O/40Steel City Striders46:50
30Roger StevensonMale Vet O/55Steel City Striders47:28
31Luigi CazzattoMale Vet O/55Steel City Striders48:57
32Carol BeattieFemale Vet O/50Steel City Striders49:10
33Stephanie StreetFemale Vet O/45Steel City Striders49:24
34Ian BlackburnMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders49:24
35Richard HarperMale Vet O/40Unattached50:36
36Mandy MooreFemale Vet O/40Totley A.C.50:46
37Sue SarbinerFemale Vet O/40Unattached50:53
38Rachel SmithFemale Vet O/35Steel City Striders52:08
39Veronique EnglishSenior FemaleDark Peak53:03
40Julie BirchFemale Vet O/50Steel City Striders54:13
41Dave BirchMale Vet O/50Steel City Striders54:14
42Matt SurgeonMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders54:31
43Elizabeth ScottSenior FemaleSteel City Striders55:57
44Liz SkinnerFemale Vet O/40Steel City Striders58:10
45Marie MillerFemale Vet O/45Steel City Striders63:49
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