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Steel City Striders/City of Sheffield Cross Country Championship 5k Race
Graves Park, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

30th December 2006

Results courtesy of Dave Beech for Steel City Striders
PositionName of RunnerAge CategoryClubTime
1Abdirisak AhmedMale Under 17City of Sheffield A.C.18:14
2Stuart MaycockMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders18:54
3John CoxMale Vet O/45Guest19:25
4Chris IrelandMale Vet O/45City of Sheffield A.C.19:45
5Rob CreaseySenior MaleCity of Sheffield A.C.19:49
6Dave AnsellMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders19:56
7Mike LeveryMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.20:04
8Jed TurnerMale Vet O/45City of Sheffield A.C.20:21
9Paul BlakeneyMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.20:36
10Gary PadmoreMale Vet O/45City of Sheffield A.C.20:53
11Pete BrownMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders21:46
12Nick ScottMale Vet O/40Steel City Striders22:21
13Dave BeechMale Vet O/50Steel City Striders22:24
14Simon WilesMale Vet O/40Steel City Striders22:48
15Trevor WatsonMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders22:51
16Jay SaxlbyMale Vet O/35Guest23:15
17Jenny HornSenior FemaleCity of Sheffield A.C.23:18
18Nick DugganMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.23:20
19Ian StinsonMale Vet O/35Steel City Striders23:34
20Trevor BurtonMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders24:28
21Roger StevensonMale Vet O/60Steel City Striders25:17
22Nigel KentMale Vet O/50City of Sheffield A.C.25:18
23Richard DunkSenior MaleSteel City Striders25:32
24Anthony BillinghurstMale Vet O/45Steel City Striders25:52
25Luigi CazzattoMale Vet O/550Steel City Striders25:54
26Dave NicolsMale Vet O/550Steel City Striders26:03
27Carol BeattieFemale Vet O/50Steel City Striders27:10
28Matt ZawadskiSenior MaleSteel City Striders28:10
29Linda BradshawFemale Vet O/55Steel City Striders29:45
30Mary HowarthFemale Vet O/55Steel City Striders29:45
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