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NBM Challenge Races, Carleton, nr. Penrith, Cumbria

22nd June 2006

Results courtesy of Ron Kenyon for Eden Runners
Girls - Under 10 - 1000 metres
1st4.11.58Georgia Birley9Eden Runners
2nd4.12.78Millie Holder8Eden Runners
3rd4.18.99Alice McKillop8Skelton
4th4.32.78Olivia Leslie9Eden Runners
5th4.33.21Heather Carr8Ivegill School
6th4.33.22Connie Hurton7Eden Runners
7th4.33.3Isabel Lowther8Eden Runners
8th4.46.99Tiffany Heaviside9Eden Runners
9th5.05.01Emma Peacock8Eden Runners
10th5.15.01Hannah Craig7Ivegill School
11th5.19.20Rhiannon Fisher8Ivegill School
12th5.40.50Annabel May8Eden Runners
13th5.44.34Emma Dunham7Stainton
14th6.00.22Ruby Key6Beaconside Juniors
15th6.00.23Daisy Tallis6Lowther
Girls - Under 12 - 1650 metres
1st7.03Matilda Lowther10Eden Runners
2nd7.06Cara Banks11Eden Runners
3rd7.07Laura Holliday11Eden Runners
4th7.18Chloe Atkinson10Carlisle/Aspatria
5th7.57Alice Clasper11Eden Runners
6th8.02Alex Pottinger11 
7th8.09Gemma Glen11Eden Runners
8th8.10Katy Aris10Eden Runners
9th8.30Laura Howe10Eden Runners
10th8.30Emily Heaviside10Eden Runners
11th9.19Lily Street10Langwathby
12th9.20Megan Liddle10Langwathby
13th9.38Kathryn Routledge11Ivegill School
14th10.02Henrietta Leslie10Eden Runners
Girls - Under 14 - 2650 metres
1st10.04Vicky Johnston13Eden Runners
2nd10.56Jodi Hebson12Eden Runners
3rd11.18Lorna Johnston13Eden Runners
4th11.19Catherine Kenyon12Eden Runners
5th13.29Kelly Carruthers12Eden Runners
6th13.46Helen Peacock13Eden Runners
7th14.05India Vollans13UCC
8th15.27Melissa Isles13UCC
Girls - Under 16 - 3300 metres
1st15.05Holly Marshall14Eden Runners
2nd15.42Caitlin Ripley14Eden Runners
3rd18.44Joely Thomas14Eden Runners
Girls - Under 18 - 5000 metres
1st21.33Melanie Andrews16Eden Runners
2nd Rhiannon Silson17Ullswater CC
Boys - Under 10 - 800 metres
1st2.52Luke Graham9Ivegill School
2nd2.56Samauel Routledge9Ivegill School
3rd3.02Harry Land9Beaconside Juniors
4th3.03William Towson9Eden Runners
5th Taylor Balmer9Eden Runners
6th Ged Key9Beaconside Juniors
7th Niall McGleenan9Eden Runners
8th Robbie Hebson8Eden Runners
9th ?  
10th Luke Wooldridge9Ivegill School
11th Callum Clark7Yanwath
12th Josh Nicholson9Beaconside Juniors
13th Richard Woods8Ivegill School
14th ?  
15th ?  
16th ?  
17th ?  
18th Jeroen Van den Branden8Eden Runners
19th Finn Donovan9Eden Runners
20th Keran Carruthers9Eden Runners
21st Peter Connelly9Penruddock
22nd Hamish Leslie8Penruddock
23rd Joseph Connelly5Penruddock
  ? Positions not known  
Position Lewis Green8Ivegill School
  Alistair Jeal7Unattached
  Andrew Jeal7Unattached
  Connor Fisher9Ivegill School
  Laurie Tallis8Eden Runners
  Oliver Tallis9Lowther
  William Holliday8Hunter Hall
Boys - Under 12 - 1650 metres
1st6.06Alastair Weymouth11Eden Runners
2nd6.18Cameron MacLagan11Eden Runners
3rd6.2Aiden McGleenan11Eden Runners
4th6.24Daniel Richardson10Eden Runners
5th6.3Sam Dudson10Eden Runners
6th6.54Cameron Jeal10Eden Runners
7th7.08George Burne11Eden Runners
8th7.12Henry Hadfield-Tilly10Eden Runners
9th7.16JJ Key10Beaconside Juniors
10th7.19Max Laszlo10Eden Runners
11th7.26Alex Watts10Eden Runners
12th7.52Robbie Carr11Ivegill School
13th8.09Jake Isles10Lazonby
14th8.11Wouter Van den Branden10Eden Runners
Boys - Under 14 - 2650 metres
1st9.3Lee Savage13Eden Runners
2nd9.45Joe Aris13Eden Runners
3rd10.22Simon Walker13Eden Runners
4th10.35Richard Cossins12Eden Runners
5th10.52Jamie Howe13Eden Runners
Boys - Under 16 - 3300 metres
1st12.14Michael Kenyon15Eden Runners
2nd12.58Stuart Aris14Eden Runners
Boys - Under 18 - 5000 metres
1st19.33Mark Nixon16Eden Runners
Senior Men - 5000 metres
1st17.01Steve Murdoch45Eden Runners
2nd19.04Alan Marshall49Eden Runners
3rd22.46Ron Kenyon55Eden Runners
4th23.21Paul Saager54Eden Runners
5th24.10Dave Peacock44Eden Runners
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